Saturday, 12 September 2015

Easter Break | Keukenhof Gardens


its a must if you come to Amsterdam during spring to come and visit Keukenhof for its Tulips! Tulips only bloom during the summer in certain part of the world and Holland is one of the well known country for its Tulip during spring...

our plan for the next morning was to Keukenhof


we woke up quite early and took some photos of the beautiful scenery at our accommodation area...Subhanallah...

then we continue our journey to Keukenhof which took only 30 minutes from our accommodation....we reached there around 9.30am

there were only one full row of cars and buses at the car park thankful that there were not so many people when we arrived...haha

the first photo with Tulip ^_^v (my profile pix for the blog as well...hee~)

check out the scenery inside...

its so unfortunate for us because that was not the optimal time for the Tulip to bloom...most of the Tulips were still in budding form when we came -_-"

the optimal time where the tulips will reach full blossom is between late of April to middle of May

since the flowers at the park mostly still in the buddy form, there is one building called Willem-Alexander building where they showcase variety of flowers which of course Tulip were the most abundant :D


we then have a quick snack just outside this building with the windmill as the background

finish eating, we went up the windmill...its free!!!


the windmill was built on 4th April 1957...the year of Malaysia independence day :D

wefie picture is a must! we conquer the windmill...haha...

we then walk around the park...there is small boat cruise that you can try along the river that opens in May...since its so romantic, we took the picture on the boat! looks like in Venice...haha

and there is lots of decoration using the different kind of lowers...just amazing and so colourful~

and a small petting zoo with sheeps, goats, peacock, chicken and of course piglets!

the park is huge...since we don't have much time since we were rushing to go to another place, we didn't cover the whole park...maybe you need one whole day if you are not rushing and take your own sweet time to cover the whole park...

there are lots of souvenir shops here as we were walking back to our car, we stop buy at a flower shop...they sell numerous different types of flowers either it be the full bloom flowers or the me and my bestie go for 2 pots of Tulips seeds with each 5 seeds inside the pot...we bought 2 different colours; white and purple with Euro5...according to the owner of the shop, it will bloom next year during spring but, the flower already full bloom last May during my master graduation! haha...but I was so sad because I didn't take the full bloom Tulips since I was busy with my mom and my bestie family during their visits to London -_-" they were sooo beautiful~  


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