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I am a newbie to blogging world...and so I had quite a few difficulties while trying to come out with a fancy blog myself...I Google and search thru internet from various sources to adjust my blog...with that, I come out with an idea to compile every tutorials that I had done on my blog...ngee~~

some of the tutorials may seems simple...but anyhow maybe someday I myself may forgot some of it and I can just turn on my tutorials section...kah3!! anyway hope you guys enjoy transforming your blog using some of the tutorials here~~ ^_^v
(more tutorials is coming~~)

How to Add Your Signature to Your Blog

How to Change Background Color of Your Post Section

How to Add Background Color to Your Gadget

How to Centered Your Header

How to Diasble Larger View Photo in Your Blog

Cool New Gadget - Daisypath

How to Add Search Gadget in Your Blog

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