Saturday, 22 November 2014

Nasi Kukus Mama - Marvelous & Cheap


this is the long overdue entry that was promised to you guys before...hehe...sorry guys, was super busy these few weeks =D

so as I mentioned in my Kuantan trip, one of the main reason I wen for that trip was to go and eat this particular cuisine that I was craving for when I was in UK!

Nasi Kukus Mama!!! (steam rice)

I still remember how this business expand so quickly from just a small stall that the owner open at Casper Restaurant and then they shift to Bilal Restaurant and then they open their own shop at Shahputra College building...I used to go to the stall version since that's where I knew about them from my classmates...and everytime I went there, if you come later than 3pm, usually the Nasi Kukus will be out of stock!from there you can actually evaluate how delicious the Nasi Kukus is! ^_^v

when they open their own restaurant at Shahputra College, I didn't have the opportunity to experience it myself and so, while I was in UK, from the whatsapp group as well as in FB group of IIUM Kuantan, I came across to know that they have already expand their business with the opening of a new branch just infront of IIUM Kuantan!! what!!! such a heaven thing for the current students...I'm super jelly!

One of the branch infront of IIUM Kuantan that I mentioned above...with the tagline "Murah & Marvellous" (Cheap & Marvellous)

they have upgraded their menu with variety of SETS MENU that was unavailable before and the set menu is considerably cheap...they sell solely nasi kukus before without set! ...with just RM7.00, you can get Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah plus with any drink of either Oren Sunquick/Teh O/Sirap and many more sets that you can read on the! thumbs up to the owner for such an improvements in terms of their addition in the menu ^_^v

the story line of the establishment of the restaurant is also portrayed in the restaurant...with just from a small stall, they have expanded with more than 10 branches in East Coast area within 5 years! (clap..clap...)

with new packaging as well~ before this they use normal wrapping paper that can be found in the market but now they have their own! ^_^


inside view!
oh myyyy...I'm drooling already!! huhu
why is it KL is so far from Kuantan -_-"  

I can't say how delicious it is! You need to try words to describe...speechless~~


the view inside of the restaurant

the same concept is still being applied by the owner of the restaurant which actually being a hot topic among the customers...from the beginning of the establishment of the restaurant (from just a small stall), they didn't have any staff that entertain their customers at the table (ie taking orders)...the method that they use is you pay at the counter, take your order and eat at the table, and once you are done, they will clean up the table...thats how it goes...and somehow I came across an interview article with the owner clearing up the issue...he said that thats how they operate to minimise the cost and actually that is one of the greatest idea that maybe I will not came across if I am not a business minded person...kudos to the owner! ^_^v

so whoever in the East Coast of Malaysia and still haven't eaten here yet, come and taste it for sure will not regret...hehe...and as for me, will there be another foodtrip to Kuantan? stay tuned! hehe (hope so! :D)


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