Friday, 2 May 2014

UK Blood Donor Card ^.^


after a month I donate my blood and today, I receive a thank you letter from NHS >_<

ur welcome~~ ur welcome~~

it comes together with a leaflet ^^,

right after I donate my blood the other day, a few days later NHS text me and inform that they will let me know the results of my blood together with my blood first I thought they just gonna inform me thru text messages as well...but it turn out they send a letter...Im so touched...ahakkss! ^_^'

and so in the letter they stated my blood group and Rh...

since I am a donor in Malaysia as well, so I knew my blood type already...this shows that my blood type still hasn't change...kah3! lol...

according to the leaflet that they provide to me together with the letter, B+ blood type is 8 in 100 people...woaahhh! it means B+ is also quite rare in the statistic in UK only?? erm...not sure either... :D

the most important thing is that, I receive a donor card...ihiks! love it!

this card is for donor who already donated 1-4 times...inside the leaflet that I received, they stated as well if let say I have donated more than 5 times, than they will change the card to................

different colours...hehe...I dont think so that I can make it even to the blue card~ huhu

in Malaysia, there are benefits for those who donate blood regularly or become a regular donor...the benefit that I can still remember is that if you donate more than 100 times, if you are admitted to the hospital, you will receive 1st class ward in government hospital...but I am not sure whether UK hold the same policy...hehe

anyone of you have donated more than 10 times? I really wana reach that stage...he~~

Bye~ ^_^ 

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