Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cable Cars, Coit Tower & Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco


me and my other 3 colleagues have plan ahead that we want to try the Cable Cars to go to Coit Tower right after my poster presentation =D

while waiting for the Cable Cars ^_^ - super excited!


the Cable Car approaching the stop


inside the Cable Car
the fees is $6 for one ride :)

when first I realise that there was no one infront of the Cable Car navigating it, I was wondering who's controlling the Cable Car until I realise the man in the red hoodie in the middle of the Cable Car ^_^

he is the one controlling it with the break at his feet and a lever at his hand navigating the Cable Car


the view while riding the Cable Car =D



can you see the road???! thats the road that we need to climb to reach the tower! pfftt~
whenever I watched any movie where the scene is at San Francisco, I alwayz wonder how that feels to climb such a hilly road to reach your destination...now I know how that feels! its tiring tho! -_-"

eventhough you can see as if its sunny in the picture, but actually its quite windy and cold...but in the middle while climbing the road, I need to take off my jacket...im sweating! haha


not only the road, on top of that, we need to climb this stairs to reach the tower...not one, but 2 of the same kind of height! pffttt again~! but, its soooo worth it! 

they say that you can see the whole San Francisco from this tower...


(left) part of the whole San Francisco picture that I snap and (right) the Bay Bridge   


(left) the famous Alcatraz prison and (right) the famous Golden Gate Bridge  

as well as this road (after I zoom it) they call it as The Most Crookedest Road in the world ie Lombard Street

my plan is to go near to the Golden Gate Bridge as near that I went for the Bay Bridge, but somehow its quite far from our area which took us around 1 hour by bus...and since there is no one had the vision same as me, and people who knew me would know how bad I am with direction plus my bestie already advice me in advance not to do anything that will put me in trouble, so I had to cancel my plan...so thats the nearest view I had with Golden Gate Bridge ^_^v

infront of Coit Tower >.<

it was nice indeed to experience myself San Francisco view from this tower...I could see the whole town of it from here...till we meet again somehow-someday-maybe Coit Tower!


Monday, 27 April 2015

Poster Presentation | San Francisco


on the 3rd day of the conference, thats when my part came in for the conference...it was presentation day!! ^_^

my poster presentation started at 9am - 11am....on each day during the conference, hundreds of poster will be presented and evaluated by the appointed judges...out of that, only 20 posters will receive the best poster award at the end of the conference...since I am only representing my supervisor, so my presentation was not counted for the award...

during the registration, we were given a bag and in the bag, there were pen, tentative book and a very thick book that consist of all the abstracts for the poster presentation for the conference...and this was mine! F-123 means that my poster presentation was on Friday with the board no. 123 >.<

the photo was snap by my colleague -_-"

quite a few people came and ask me regarding our project...some I manage to answer and some I cant and my default answer would be "you can email the main author for the details" haha :p

it was indeed such a good exposure for me, could be that I am going to present my own paper next year InsyaAllah ^_^

right after the presentation, me and my other 3 colleagues went to Pier 39!!! stay tune for the next story!


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Limousine in USA! | San Francisco


if on the first day of the conference I skip half of the conference to go for a walk to see the Bay Bridge, on the second day on the other hand, the topic that were being discussed intrigue me sooo much that I stay until the end...muahaha,,.proud of myself! >.<

on that day itself, the other group of preterm labour lead by Mark Johnson group invited us for a party at their house since they rent a house and stay there with the whole team which consist of 12 people...the party starts in the evening but since me and my supervisor went to the pharmacy to get some medicine for me, so we were left behind by the other labmates from our group...lucky us that my main supervisor still haven't left us behind and ask us to go together with him...

we gather at Hilton hotel at 8pm...upon reaching at the hotel, we discussed on our mode of transportation since there were 7 of us...the initial discussion that I heard pointing out that we will take few taxi and will depart together...but somehow when we left the hotel, while I was busy playing with my phone and talking to other people, we were walking towards this!!!



I was soooo excited as I alwayz wana experienced myself sitting inside the limousine...it actually happen! and some more, its in San Francisco!!! 

feeling sooo like an artist! haha...and thats the guy that is responsible making my dream comes true...this is the only best shot that were taken by my labmate...sigh~ its blurry but when he said that the blurry effects gave the idea that you are actually in the limousine and not in a car model, it makes sense...hahaha...fine! =D

it was supposed to be a short journey but the driver got lost because he thought that we were going to a restaurant and so he was searching a restaurant instead of a house from the name that was given to him...when we still haven't reach our destination within that 15 minutes, we ask him again and thats the point he knew that he went to the wrong direction...haha! >.<

while waiting for him to bring us to the right house, he told us something regarding the house around the area when we were actually guessing of the design of the house there which resembling the houses in UK in Queen Victoria era...he told us that when they were planning the city years ago, the houses there were scattered without proper landscape...so when they were rearranging the city, instead of destroying or abolishing the houses, they carry over the house from one area to another with the aim of preserving the design and the history...I have no idea at all that we can carry a house! another chapter of SF that I learned that day! such a fruitful journey


the party~ (need to cover the face as I didn't ask their permission)  

I left the party early, around 11pm with my main supervisor...and the rest stayed until 2am...pfftt! now I know how Brits partying...haha :D

this were waiting for us when I step out from the house! yeah you saw that! the same limo that send us to the house fetch us back to send us to our hotel ^_^ haha

I am super happy! feels like so diva :p
manage to make new friend at the party as well as bonding with my colleague...should do this more in the future~


Monday, 6 April 2015

Bay Bridge | San Francisco


continuation from my trip to San Francisco, the next day after I check in into Prescott Hotel, it was the first day of the conference at Hilton Hotel which was just 5 minutes walk from my hotel to O'Farrell Street...the first talk was given by my main supervisor and then it continues with the speech from other people...


the conference was straight from 8am-5pm everyday...but since the topic wasn't that attractive to me during the first day of the conference, after the first half of the conference I went out with 2 of my labmates to check out the scenery around the area...since one of them been there before, so he became our GPS on that day ^_^


while walking I realise that most of the buildings will have the fire escape stairs outside of the building just like in the movie! I once told my supervisor that I love it with no reason...haha


posing with the zero emission bus & the famous cable cars


we walk until we reach PIER 14 from where we can see the 2nd famous bridge in San Francisco after Golden Gate Bridge which is Bay Bridge


The bridge can be seen from the jetty

there were few local elderly were fishing at the end of the jetty with lots of seagull flying over the head..just feel wana stay there a bit longer with the breeze of the sea and the lovely and relaxing scenery~


the scenery around the jetty~  
we stayed there for a while before heading back to continue with the seminar...

thought that I am not going to see the bridge again when my supervisor's cousin who's living in LA came all the way to meet my supervisor in SF on our last day there...she brought me along with her cousin before her cousin drop us at the airport...lucky me when I got to see the bridge again when her cousin brought us to PIER 1 for a walk...I manage to get a beautiful photo with the bridge without needed to selfie due to the generous wife to the cousin happy to take my photo...tq!


I was wondering from the first day itself of why this bridge isn't as famous as Golden Gate Bridge...out of the curiosity, I ask my supervisor's cousin and he told me that Golden Gate Bridge was the first longest bridge build in San Francisco before the existence of this bridge, hence the first bridge way popular than the latter...a lot that I learned about the history of SF after I came here...thats why I love travelling~

stay tuned for other history in SF ^_^


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Prescott Hotel | San Francisco


as I mentioned earlier that I went to USA for a conference, I stayed at Prescott Hotel at Post Street, San Francisco from 24th March 2015-29th March 2014...although actually the conference was at Hilton Hotel, but since my labmate found this "cheap hotel", so we went for it...but at the end it was disappointing as the room doesn't include breakfast! the most important thing when people are looking for a hotel! arggh...and since Imperial use an agent to book our hotel and flight, so we can't argue with the staff eventhough when I check in the staff told me that my room does include breakfast!

apart from that, the room was comfy enough :D lets check out the room!


the view from the door (left photo) and the view from other side of the room...see!! I have the queen bed for myself!! wahaha >.<


as this is the first time I check-in in a quite expensive hotel, since I am very the noob, I thought everything in the hotel are free since it is expensive! so I have that bottle of water and one day I even make an outside call from the room to the halal restaurant nearby since I was sick the whole duration I was in San Francisco...at the end, during check-out time, I was charge $6 for the water bottle and $2 for the call! =_=' hahaha...my supervisor was surprise when she knew that because she thought that I knew I cant touch anything in the room...lolz! hope can claim that as well :)


they have FOX! hehe
beside the door, there is a small cupboard where they put all the necessary things including robe! hihi >.< okay I am quite excited lolz!



the bathroom :)

I forgot to snap the lobby area photo...hehe...they serve free coffee at the coffee bar in the lobby as well...so in the morning, while waiting for my other labmate, me and my supervisor will have a coffee at the coffee bar...thats the only thing that's free! haha

as I told you that I was sick the whole duration while I was there, so one day, I used the restaurant room service...yeehaa!


I ask the waiter to pose for me as a proof! ^_^


my supervisor suggested to me to use the room service since I cant even get out from my bed on the 4th night after my presentation...maybe because I was soo tired and not fully recovered yet from the previous cold added with the recent cold and the long journey, my body cant endure that anymore, thus I need to use the room service for the first time! hehe...excited once again eventhough I was shocked when he issued the bill @_@"

I ordered Salmone (pan seared wild atlantic salmon with ragout & basil oil), creme brule and orange juice...but since I was sick, cant even finish the Salmon, can only eat quarter of it and the whole creme brule...no worry, no food was thrown away as I ate the leftover as my breakfast ^_^v

love it & I enjoy the stay!

Bye Prescott! ^_^v

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