Monday, 31 March 2014

Fried Ice cream! nyummsss~~ ^^,


the first time I ever taste fried ice cream when I was in Kuantan 2 years back at night market...sounds so pity rite??? haha
thats my bestie first expression as well when I told her that I have never taste it when I was a kid 
-_-' I love it so much the first time I try it...and so I knew that its easy actually to prepare it just need soft white bread and ice cream of your own flavour! thats it...

eventhough its easy, people who knew me back then know that I am a person who never cook at home...hahaha...but now since I am in UK all alone, so I have turn to a new leaf person with the capability to cook all types of Malaysian cuisine...erk? eh! ^_^v ok, maybe some~~haha

so today when I browse thru my fb, I saw this one post posted by my superior when I joined SUKMA (its a type of sports events) in all the photos credited to him, En. Eddika Putra ^_^v 
oh btw I have ask his permission to share it in my blog...weee~~ tq2!

The steps:

1. Find any bottles that have round shape, and pat the bottle on the 2 white soft breads to get the round shape

2. On one of the white bread, scoop ice cream that you want and put it onto the bread inside the round shape

3. Then take the other white bread and put it on top of the bread with the ice cream

4. Using the same bottle to make the round shape just now, pat it again on the bread (2 slices of bread) to cut it off from the square bread shape

5. Remove it from the excess bread

6. Pinch the edges of the bread to seal it

7. Tada!!!

8. Put it in the refrigerator to freeze the ice cream. Once its freeze enough, take it out, fry it in hot oil just for a few seconds...and you are ready to eat it! ^_^v

I have never try it yet thats why there is no 'after' photo...kih3! ^^,
eventhough I have the recipe with me now, its hard to find cheap ice cream here in London...most of the time if I bought one, I rather enjoying it just like not a good time yet to implement this recipe! huhu...the other problem was that my refrigerator is wayyyy toooo small as well to insert extra items inside...-_-"

see...I told you my fridge is small especially my freezer...such a cute space that I can only put 1 baby chicken (chopped), french fries and my frozen foods such as chicken burger patty and an ice cream ^_^v

oh btw, the extra bread please please don't throw it guys can recycle it...erk? :p can make bread pudding which also very simple and delicious! try it! :D

hope once I'm back to Malaysia, I can DIY! hehe~~ :D

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: think should try it one day...erm~~~

Friday, 28 March 2014

I loike Body Shop Shampoo~~ \(^_^)/


I have been using only one type of shampoo my whole life...REJOICE...
when I came to London I only bought 1 bottle of the shampoo with the thought that I can find it easily here...after 4 months, I run out of the shampoo T_T tsk...tsk...
and the hunt begin looking for that particular shampoo...ASDA, Sainsbury, Tesco, Boots, Oriental and many more stores...after 1 month of searching, I end up bought 1 particular brand that I have never used before...I have tried so many brands before I end up using Rejoice...just name it which brand I have used before...Head and Shoulder, Pantene, Dove and many more...all of them gave bad effects to my hair...

same goes to this particular brand -_-"
and so I search in the internet for better product that I can rely on...many products came out in the result sections ranging from the known and unknown products...but there was only 1 product that catch my attention! wee~~~

after reading the reviews, I pinned it!! yeehaa~~

after 3 washes, I can feel the different! ^_^v
less dandruff (bad dandruff before because of the brand before) and no more soo oily it so much! ^_*

for those who have bad dandruff problem, itchy scalp and oily hair should go for this shampoo...feels the different! hehe...oh I'm not an agent or whatsoever ya! kih3!

most of the reviews suggest to use conditioner together with the shampoo to give better effects...most of the reviews suggested Banana Conditioner BUT I go for Rainforest Volume Conditioner...need to volumize my hair ^_^"

i loike!!! :) :) :) :) delicious smells~~
not so much different with the volume yet...kah3...maybe need to wait a bit longer :D

will your hair smells like ginger after the wash? it will smells like ginger but believe me the smells is an awesome will like it...but since I'm using conditioner after shampoo, so the smell isn't that strong because have been coat by the conditioner smell...and the combination between ginger and rainforest gave you great smells... ^^,

eventhough its quite pricey, but for the sake of my hair health, I go for it! both of the products cost me 14.50 pound...gulp~~

thought of using this product when I am back for good later...but if its too pricey in Malaysia, maybe need to revert back to Rejoice...but I love this product...wuwuwuwu~~~ -_-'

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: my lab supervisor has ask me to write the intro for my thesis already! hohoho...gambate! datanglah roh rajin please~~ hehe

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Yonex All England Badminton Championship at Birmingham! ^_^


after all the hurdle that I went through to get to Birmingham, it was paid off with the winning of Datuk Lee Chong Wei in single men match against Chen Long from China...yeehaa!! ^_^

I bought the final match ticket which was on 9th started at 11.30 am at NIA Birmingham...when I reached there, there is one Malaysian group taking photo infront of the NIA building...while I was clicking their photo, then I realised something! isn't that Awal Ashaari, the celebrity??

Awal Ashaari (red arrow) with the whole group which I think sponsored by Sen Heng as I can see that printed on their shirt... :D

I did join them in the photo! ngee~~ I was invited ok by the celebrity! :p

you can spot me, the first on the left of the first row ^_*

since we reached there a bit late around 11am, so after the photography session, we headed into the we hunt for our seats...and do you want to know where I seat???

the last top row...tsk tsk tsk =_='
although its quite far from the match field, Alhamdulillah we can still see the players on both side of the field ^_^

view from my seats! :)

the match start with the women double, men double, women single and the MOST awaited moment was men single!!! hehhe...because this is the only match that Malaysia qualified for final round...yeay!!! but we did watch the rest of the match aside men single...if NOT then its quite such a waste that we bought such an expensive ticket just to watch men single match...haiyak! :p

from my observation, the stadium was so quite during double women, single women and mix match unlike double men and single men match! the stadium was so havoc and so noisy with the cheers from the audience...that was because men double match was between Indonesia and China while men single was between Malaysia and China...there were so many supporters from Malaysia and Indonesia that wonder its so friends who sits quite far from us told us that they sit beside a UK citizen and that person came to support Malaysia...weeee~~~ Go Go Malaysia ^_^v

Datuk Lee Chong Wei (yellow shirt) vs Chen Long :D

we leave the stadium right after Lee Chong Wei won the match! don't bother to watch the mix match because we were rushing to go for sightseeing around the Birmingham city as well...ngee~~
there were few booth outside of the stadium and we stumble upon this booth where people can take photo with Lee Chong Wei (as the background, lol! hehe), giant badminton replica and also Gold original medal ok! you can see I am holding it ^_^v

then straight away we went to the City Center which is very close to the Victoria Square and Bull Ring!
whats so interesting about those places? check out the pix below~~~ ^.^

 this is the most expensive library in Europe! (building with gold and gray colour)
by the time we want to enter the library its already close T_T tsk..tsk..
we were so excited because you can even went up until the top of the building (the gold cylinder shape on top of the building)...maybe next time...hehehe...

Victoria Queen statue...

I just love this pix with mumia! ^^, looks so cool...


this were my buddies which I spent time with when I was in and my bestie came all the way from London and the other 3 came all the way from Sheffield ^^,

Tq Aqeelah and Put for such a great hospitality during our stay in Birmingham!

my friends who came all the way from Sheffield went back straight away after the match, while me and my bestie stay another night...hehe ^_^v

the next day, since my friends have class so we went out quite early...we follow them to the university...the university is quite big and soooo hilly...fuhhh~~~
me and my bestie hang out awhile in the uni area while my friends join their class...thank God that the train station just infront of my friend's we don't have to climb the hilly road again!! Kah3! -_-'

we headed to the bus station at Hill Street...took our bus at 10.55am and that's the end of my short trip to Birmingham!!! weee~~


Monday, 17 March 2014

Unexpected and eerie trip to Birmingham ^^,


on 8-10 March I went to Birmingham together with my bestie to watch Yonex All England Badminton Championship ngee~~

Birmingham getaway this time was so exciting with many unexpected incidences...the first incidence was so hilarious because we missed our bus... kah3
we supposed to start our journey to Birmingham at 5pm on the 8th...but because we are so relax and thought that we can catch the bus to Victoria Station on time, so we went out from my bestie house 30 minutes before departure time! because the bus to Victoria Station just infront of my bestie house and it usually took around 15 minutes to reach there...maybe not this time~~huhu

since we missed our bus, and thank God the price of the ticket that we missed was just 3pounds...fuh~~ and I was in devastated mood, so my bestie suggested that we take train...
however the price was soooooo pricey so I made a decision to take bus...and Alhamdulillah there is a bus to Birmingham at 1am for just 4pounds  and we bought that ^_^

its too early to stay at Victoria Station from 5pm to 1am so we return back to my bestie house and straight away we have our lunch...yup we didn't eat anything the whole day because other things happened...I need to go back to my house in White City that afternoon because I just realised it the night before that I forgot to bring the badminton championship ticket with me...aiyooo~~ @_@

this time we were so careful that we even check the latest bus that we can catch to go to Victoria Station...fortunately the last bus in London is at 1.15am...ngee~~ so we took 12.15am bus to Victoria Station, spare 45 minutes for us to reach there... :D

the journey was just for 3 hours, so can you calculate what time do we reach there??? 4.15am!
I was ok with the time initially because I thought the bus will leave us at a appropriate bus stop likewise in Manchester and also at Sheffield where we can sit and rest...but not in Birmingham!! the bus leave us at a very eerie surrounding...infront of a casino and full of drunk people!! T_T

since that was the condition, so we decided to straight away go to my friends house at Selly first we plan to stay at the bus stop until 6am and take a train to my friends house because we feel so sorry to disturb her in the middle of the night and for changing the time that we suppose to reach there...but looking at the condition and the surrounding, I change my plan...while deciding on what the next step is, a taxi stop infront of us! without give a ring to my friend, we took a taxi to her house...

after we reach at my friend house, we call her but no one answer! -_-'
while calling my friend, then I realised that the taxi driver was still there waiting for us! thank you whoever you are! btw he is a muslim~~ :D feel sorry for him for waiting, I ask him to leave us, and we will be fine...he actually waits until we get inside the house safely...huhu...feels so blessed that night~ ^.^

since no one answer and its too cold outside, we find a nearest mosque or musolla that we can stay for awhile and perform our Subh prayer...Alhamdulillah, thanx to Google map, we found a 10 minutes walking mosque from my friends house...ngee~~

at first when we reach here, the main gate was open, but the door to the prayer area was closed! and then my bestie found a house just behind the mosque which I strongly believe its the imam's house...I rang his house bell and asked the imam to open the prayer area door... :D
thought that we can stay inside the mosque a bit longer until my friend wake up, but then the imam told us that the congregational prayer will start soon and we need to leave the mosque...huhu~

by the time we want to leave the mosque, my friend called me! yeay!!~~ ^_^
so went back to her house and have a nice sleep before we depart to National Indoor Arena (NIA) Birmingham for the Championship which starts at 11.30am... 

such a looooooong journey that night! pfft~~~

BUT the scariest thing of all was when my friends told me that there was a robbery last week just a few streets away from their house in the middle of the night around 3am just like the time that we spent the whole day outside of her house which we even walk in the middle of the night to find the mosque!! sooo eerie~~~

then I get the rationale why the taxi driver waited for us...huhu...and thank you also taxi driver for not telling us the story of the robbery which might scared us more! ^_^ hehe...

I swear that I will never go to Birmingham at this hour anymore! :)
and Alhamdulillah that He protects us throughout the night :D


p/s: since its too dark + sleepy + scared, I forgot to capture the place where the bus drop us...
will share about the Badminton Championship and interesting places in Birmingham in another post...wait ya~~~

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Result for MARA Application 2014/2015 is out!!!~


result for MARA Application 2014/2015 has come out!

just go to this link, key in your IC no...

maybe the first time that you click the link, it will not come out...
just try it a few times :D

once you click "check", it will direct you to the page stating that whether you get get thru to sit for their psychometric test and interview...both events are stated inside the offer...

Alhamdulillah I get the offer to sit for their psychometric test and also interview...I am quite familiar with the psychometric test before because I have gone thru that during my application for master level...however, this will be my first time for the interview...pfft~~pfft~~ =.=

hmmm the date clash with my lab work...huhu...
need to discuss this with my lab sv...^_^

good luck to all those who apply before...all the best!!


p/s: wish me luck too!! :D

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Borrow books from the library for the first time~ :D


yesterday was the first time that I borrow some books from the library...hahaha... :p
but.............that was not the first time that I enter library ok! :D
master level is for journal time and not!? haha...*am I just trying to defend myself?* :p

 since I told you that it was for the first time, so I ask the librarian to help me with loaning process ^_^' from searching for the book that I want using the catalog in the uni website until to scan the books for borrowing purposes...pppffttt
for sure the librarian can expect that I never borrow any books yet from the library until yesterday... -_-'

NO...NO...there is no intention to show off that I am a bookworm... ^^,

I borrow these books for my exam purposes...since some of the books were suggested by my lecturers to look upon to find other useful info aside from the lectures notes that were can see stack of notes beside the books! I am in the mood of studying yo~ ngee~~

1 week of loaning period :D

ok thats all!!


p/s: please pray for my exam next week~~ameen
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