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[Part 2] Step by Step Studying Abroad - Medical Check-up & IELTS


this post is the continuation from my Part 1 on Funding & Applying to University...I suppose to talk about Visa application & TB test...however, some people ask me to post on medical check-up & IELTS and so I skip that part to a later time =D


among all the steps in studying abroad, IELTS is the most debating topic ever! some people took IELTS exam after they have secured their funding, some took it before they even apply for any funding and some took it even before they realise that they want to study abroad (ok, latter part is not true >.<)

since I am sharing my own experience, I will tell you when did I sit for IELTS and the process to it...I don't know exactly when to sit for IELTS exam but for sure this is what I did...some people might not agree with me but this is my opinion

I sat for my IELTS before I secure any funding for studying abroad...I was targeting MARA, thus before the application opens in May (If I'm not mistaken), I wana make sure that I have my IELTS result with me thus it will be easier for me to get unconditional offer (UO) from university which will help me to get MARA (because MARA prioritize candidates with UO first)...once I sat IELTS and I get the result, I apply to the's important to have your IELTS result with you when you are applying to the university because thats one of the documents that is needed in order for you to get UO (can you see the relationship? university wants IELTS for you to get UO and MARA prioritise UO candidate) thats my math!

steps of applying IELTS:

I register for IELTS at IDP by walk-in...but now you can book your appointment and pay thru online which is more feasible! To book and pay, click here

you can read every information on IELTS in this website...once you know which type of IELTS that your university require, then you can proceed with the booking and preparation for IELTS

there are even Free IELTS Practice Tests  provided in this website for each elements in IELTS ie Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking together with other preparation that is necessary for the explore the website for more information!

the available test dates are also being displayed on the right hand side panel...


I am not so sure if this time they need you to download the form, fill-in the form and bring it together with you during the appointment since thats what I need to do last year...therefore, you can get the form by clicking here


so once you have got your MARA conditional offer, they will ask you to download lots of documents from the website...among the documents, you can start with medical check-up...which hospital that you can go to for your medical check-up isn't stated in MARA website or in the guideline...however, all KPJ are eligible for that and certain private hospital but which private hospital that MARA accept, you can go to that hospital and ask first...if they don't, then better go to KPJ since there are lots of KPJ hospital around...

since I applied MARA twice. so last year I went to Pusat Perubatan Islam Az-Zahrah at Bangi which cost me RM214 and this year I went to KPJ Tawakkal and this time around it costs me RM236 both with an x-ray test (Az-Zahrah provide an x-ray film while KPJ is in cd form), blood test, HIV test, urine test and consultation with the doctor...there is no specific reason why I change it this year, it just that KPJ is nearer to my house which I dont realise it last year...lolz!





MARA will need 2 medical reports from the doctor, 1 for them and another for you to keep make sure that they provide you with 2 copies of the medical report  

any inquiry do drop your comments ya!


wait for Part III on TB Test & Visa Application & Renewing Passport


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