Friday, 21 December 2012

HTML vs XML (- _ -)*

Wanna another tutorial?? *x answer coz I still will post another* hehehe~~

You have already learn about HTML now let me explain to u about XML...

Familiar with both term?? (NOOO wif screams..hahahaha)..okay..just the same reaction as me when I learned that..I am NOT GOOD with computer terms actually...this is somehow like as coercion for me *im dead as my lecturer read this*


understood??? I know u dont *dush~~*

I'm x going to give u d link to the page that u can learn urself coz i know u wont myself..hahha

okay so here is the simplest example that I can give u..i create it with myself..(read can, but pls x believe it  :P hahah)...basically the data is in the form of SYNTAX and the output can be in form of TREE or TABLE..what tree???? i know...i know...let me explain:


        <row> <name>John</name>




still x understand???? ok2..basically every input u must close the tags...the syntax is quite similar as HTML with some differences...huh!!!!..still x understand???

x wori...check out this site

still x understand????? FIND UR OWN TEACHER THEN...hahahhahaha...

thats all for today yo...chaowwww..~~~~

p/s: hepi "godek2"  :P

Lets Learn Sumthing Today~~

Hai y'oll..miss me?? sure u do..lalalala~~

Okay, here is the thing..i'm quite bz lately with A LOTTT OF ASSIGNMENTSSSS AND i'm back with a few interesting tutorials that u surely wanna try ur own..

LET'S GET STARTED!! *excited*~

You wonder how to create ur own website?..YES~~~WEBSITE..

It's so easy actually..anyway I just learned that a few days ago..hehhe..basically HTML is what uols need to know first if u wanna make ur own is like the CORE / THE MOTHER to building a web..

HTML?? ---> H - T - M - L: HyperText Mark-up Language

Its will be verryyyy loooonng entry if u expect me to explain it what I'm gonna do is...let you guys,


HAHHA...okay thats it for 2day..enjoy working out ur own website ya!! >_<

chowwww~~~~ :D

Saturday, 6 October 2012

ChemSketch? Really?

I know....I know.... you must be wondering what is that CHEMSKETCH!!!.. is it a new shopping complex never been revealed (im a girl. so what!)? or is it a new restaurant with Siti Nurhaliza as the owner (i love to eat n i admire her~)?

Wrong!!  Wrong!!

The answer is.................................IT'S A SOFTWARE TO DRAW CHEMICAL STRUCTURE^^

But WAIT------don't leave yet. don't worry, I'm not going to teach you all the way steps how to draw one. Actually I just been taught last few days by my dearest Madam Linda (she is going to Hajj, lets pray she will have safe journey ya!!) on how to use this software. One thing to say: WHY ISN'T THIS BEEN TAUGHT IN SECONDARY SCHOOL??? arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh*_*

Seriously guys, it's really awesome to know how to use this software. You don't have to use ur pencil anymore or have to draw crooked lines to draw chemical structures. >_<

Alright, let me introduce you to this software:

  1. by its name for sure you can predict already right~ |Chem=Chemistry, Sketch=draw |,so by right it means to draw chemical structure NOT draw chemistry ya!!  
  2. this tool also used to view them in 3D models  (wow! real view ok!)
  3. how to get one????? go to Low Yat....wahahahha : P

Lets see how the software look like~~~*follow me*


You can literally draw many chemical structures using the 2 options given: structure mode and draw mode

(u can see on the top of the bar). Do not worry if u need to draw benzene ring or other aromatic structures, they have own mode to draw that. yeay!!! no more pencil!! relief~~ :)

Up until here i think my tutorial on ChemSketch (cn i call it tutorial? heh?). Anything, you cn just hit the comment button below ya guys~......

Really sori because can't provide you with the printscreen of my homework..just google image lah k :(  Hope you enjoy creating molecule structures using this software!! :)

p/s: try to search for their trial version in the internet, but NO TRIAL VERSION?? stingy lah...  : B

p/s: im not PRO ok!!..just learn this thing if u have any questions, n if im the ability to answer that, i will!!!!!!!.... :)


Monday, 24 September 2012

1st Day in IIUM Kuantan

*by: zahirrah, rabiatul nooradawiyyah, fairuzzaidah


That was the first word that came out in my mind when i think about my first day in IIUM Kuantan for this 12/13 session September intake. wondering why..................??? We received new students from our foundation students, international students as well as local direct intake students with the total of 686 students!!!

Harian metro

Green, that was my costume throughout 3 days continuously from 4th September until 6th September as I am one of the Ta'aruf Committee (also known as orientation day) for the first time!! >_<

Line up committees (guess where am I??)

I was situated under the registration bureau "fuhhh~~" was so busy during the first day of the Ta'aruf as 686 students came for registration. Despite with the large number of students, I had fun as I have the apportunities to mingle around with the new students..and the most exciting thing is when they ask me "Kak, year brapa?" glad to say that im final year, final sem should see their faces!!!..

8.30 a.m – 10.30 a.m
10.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m

Registration period was divided into two sessions in the first day of Ta'aruf to make sure smooth flow of the programme. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly as planned~~ >_< *happy*

They were packed with many activities scheduled for them throughout those 3 days. Riadah, talks so on and so forth~~

For the first time in Ta'aruf programme, such night called CULTURAL PERFORMANCE NIGHT was included in the programme. Students are allowed to perform during the slot including the COMMITTEES as well!!..

The last day of the Ta'aruf week was quite exciting to me as i am responsible to take care of our beloved Rector; Prof. Dato Dr Zaleha, welfare during the closing ceremony of this Ta'aruf programme (>_<) happy i can meet her face to face~ :)
Free style photo with Rector (peace ~)
Welcome on board to all new students September intake 2012/2013 session!!
Hope you guys enjoy staying and studying in Kuantan...
Small advice from me----> enjoy every moment while you are in Kuantan as believe me, u will miss it the moment you are going to leave it~~~ >_<

Here is the official links of IIUM website for the new intake students:

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