Monday, 29 September 2014

Guanabana Restaurant, London


since I am a foodie and already bored with Asian food and Arabic food, so yesterday I went to a Latin & Caribbean restaurant called Guanabana Restaurant at Kentish Town for a farewell lunch for my dear friend, Li Sia who's going back to Malaysia next month for good...


the exact location is 
85, Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 8NY

to go here I took Northern Line, stop at Oxford Circus and took C2 bus to Hawley Road and walk around 5 minutes...or alternatively you can take Northern Line towards Camden Road and walk a few minutes...which ever that suits you ^_^v 

upon arrive infront of the restaurant, my bestie spot another halal pan-Asian restaurant that was quite famous among our friends here which is Bintang...for a moment we were stunt to choose which restaurant we want to...hahaha...but I will for sure try that restaurant another time... >.<'

the Salam greeting from the staffs and the owner really welcome us to the restaurant :D
once we sat, we ordered an appetizer while waiting for Li Sia...


there are variety of menus to choose from...there are Grill, Burgers, Salad, appetizers etc...

variety of drinks to choose from as good thing and I had never experience it in any other restaurant in London is that, this restaurant DIDN'T SERVE ALCOHOL!!!...^_^v
so all the drinks including the Daiquiri and Mojito is alcohol-free...  :D :D

lets see what we bought for our lunch......

Feta Cheese Mash potato...the taste is a bit unique because they added feta cheese at the bottom of the mash with the a lil bit of tangy taste...nice tho!

and this is the signature dish!!!

Camden's Famous Chargrilled Half Jerk Baby Chicken
with 2 sauce options either Pepper & Spicy or Sweet BBQ...mine was Pepper & Spicy with a very spicy taste...I love it! the chicken is so tender and juicy as well...nyumms~

for drinks, my bestie go for Mango Passion Frozen Daiquiri

and mine was Mango Mojito
can taste the mint, mango and the lime just blends together in your mouth...just so kebabom!!!

the total amount that we spend yesterday...not so bad for a budget seekers like us... ^_^v


with a cozy, friendly staffs, great service and strategic location, I will for sure come again and try another dish...and for my dear friend Li Sia, see you in Malaysia and have a safe flight! will miss you here in London...-_-"


p/s: counting down going back to Malaysia~ :D

Sunday, 28 September 2014

London Malaysia Night 2014


another big event that I just attend on Friday was 


I am waiting for this event since last year because I missed it before...I was not in London yet when they held it...sob~ but this year Alhamdulillah, they held it nicely after my viva! ^_^v

the event started at 12 noon until 10pm and it was held at the same place where Eid Festival was held last month at Trafalgar Square...I went there with my bestie and we arrived there around usual, my first hobby when I attend this kind of event was to browse around...





there were so many stalls...most of the stalls were restaurants that can be found around London and a few stalls that portray about Malaysia such as Malaysian crafts and airline Malaysia...but there is particularly one food stall that attract my attention...

roti canai stall!!!
first when I saw this stall I thought that they will serve frozen roti canai exported from Malaysia...but NO! they made it fresh from scratch! the locals absolutely need to try this one of the authentic Malaysia signature foods that originate from India...nyumss~
I thought of wana buy this for my dinner but since the queue was too long, I move on to another stall...hahaha... :D

since my bestie already went to Malaysia Night last year, so she told me that this stall sell raw materials that are hard to find in London...



 so there were fruits such as Durian, Mangosteens, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Mata Kucing and Mango...mangosteen basket was empty! haha...

and there were also some vege such as Kangkung, Petai and Lengkuas

I didn't buy anything since I am going back to Malaysia soon...^_^v just browsing and feel the experience...hahaha...

while browsing around, the visitors were entertained with lots of performances...there were singing and dancing the whole time...there were dancing performance on Zapin, Joget Lambak, Sarawakian dance and many more~~pfftt...


but there is one performance that from my observation attract the audience attention the most...
Dikir Barat! 

for those who doesn't know what Dikir Barat is, here I attach the performance vid for all my lovely readers ^_^v  enjoy~

however, this is not the authentic Dikir Barat...the original Dikir Barat should be in Kelantanese slang (one of the slang in Malaysia)...but since that slang would be difficult to understand even to some Malaysian (including me  >.<) so they sang it without the slang...

last year my bestie said that it's difficult to find a place to pray since they didn't provide any space or tent for the muslims to pray so they pray beside the Malaysia Tourism stall...this time around I go and ask the staff personally...and she told me that maybe I can perform my prayer in the Tourism Malaysia office which situated just opposite of the confirm it, she asks her colleague since it's past office hour...

based on her suggestion, we went to the office and rang a bell...and it works! haha...and so we perform our prayer there...

nice~! :D

back from praying, we went to hunt some food...and we end up bought some food from my bestie's aunt stall called Pelangi...


rice + sambal ayam...we sat at the fountain while enjoying the performances... >_<'

around 9pm, they announce the winner for the lucky draw! yes we submit our names as well...but that night is not my night...wuwuw~~ a local guy who just came back from Malaysia won a return flight ticket to Malaysia as the 1st prize!!!!!!! congratz to u! :D :D and there were 3 hampers as well were given...

the event ended with lucky draw...before we went back, we bought keropok lekor and pasembok as our supper from Pak Awi stall...


omg...I have been craving for keropok lekor for sooooo long! at last! hahaha >.<

had soo much fun! will come again next year insyaAllah...~


Thursday, 25 September 2014

I'm officially a Master Graduate! :D


Alhamdulillah...after submitted my thesis on 1st September, I am still in UK when all of my other friends were happily travelling to other countries and some of them were already went back to Malaysia  -_-"

but as for me, as I still have my viva waiting for me but Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I am done with my viva yesterday ^_^v  I'm free!!!~~ hehe

with that, I am officially a Master graduate...Alhamdulillah ^_^'

the viva session was divided into 3 groups and 7 sessions...since my class only consists of 21 people, so for each session, there are only 3 people will sit for their viva according to the group...the earliest session start at 11.30am and the last session ends at 3pm...each session took only 30 minutes 

mine was allocated at 12pm with group A and the examiners was not mentioned at all beforehand! pfftt~ but the course coordinator already gave 3 names that will be the internal examiners for the viva which I am familiar with since all of them taught me at least 1 subject...but there is particularly 1 examiner which I dont prefer to get her as my examiner coz she is quite strict! after all, I didnt get her and review from my bestie (coz she got her), she isn't that strict! haha...pfftt~~ so back to my examiner, I got Steve Franks and another external examiner which is from Nottingham University, I forgot his name eventhough I already ask him before I leave the room...sighh~~ -_-'

the session starts with light questions about why I choose this course at the first place and what I am gonna do after this...and then it starts slowly by questioning me on my results and one section in the introduction and one section in the materials and far I can say that I am quite comfortable during my viva and I am enjoying myself talking and explaining to them about my my supervisor said that if you know and enthusiastic about your project, no need to worry coz it will flow naturally during viva...and it does! Alhamdulillah ^_^v

I havent get the result yet...hehe...dont even know when we are going to get our result...however, I am praying for the best! InsyaAllah...ameen~

gonna miss them~  -_-'


p/s: Tomorrow is Malaysian Night yo! cant wait for it.... :D

Monday, 22 September 2014

Review: Hazev Restaurant at Canary Wharf


following my previous post, I mentioned that we had our lunch at one of the restaurant at Canary Wharf for our Liberation Party...the restaurant is called Hazev Restaurant, a Turkey restaurant... :D


               Kankou and my bestie                                                             me and Nasima


its a fine dining restaurant which when I came in, for a sec I was not sure whether I want to step in any further coz it looks expensive...sigh~ but since the rest of my friend didnt say anything so we find  a table and sit...the the waiter came and distribute the menu and wallaaaa, the price isnt that bad >.<' hehe

Hazev is a Turkish words = Haz means enjoyment and ez means home


the menu...variety of foods starting with cold starters, hot starters and dish...they also have Shana, a set contains 2 dish; 1 starter and 1 main course and another set I forgot what its called but serve 3 dishes...

since I am starving, so I searched for dish a that contain rice and therefore I choose Kofte :D

minced lambs, onions and green pepper patties, seasoned with parsley and herbs! delicious~ :D I give 10/10..wohoo.. the best part is that the waiter ask whether you want some extra chillies...and of course I say yes...hahaha...although the chilli is not that hot...huhu...chilli is the one on the right hand side of the rice...

this was my bestie and Nasima...Tavuk Shish, skewers of marinated chicken

and this was Kankou...I forgot the name!!! :p

after having our main course, we relax a bit and have a tea while chit chatting...

Me and Nasima choose Turkish tea as it will be such a waste if I didnt try it...instead Kankou have Jasmine tea and my bestie didnt have any...

the taste was too strong for me and I end up add 2 cubes of sugar and then finally I manage to finish it...hahaha...and Nasima keeps telling me that I shouldnt do that as I have lost the authentic taste of Turkish ok as long as I finish it or it will be a waste! haha

and actually the view of the restaurant is so nice and beautiful since its located on the waterfront


the view infront of the restaurant...could see the DLR train as well :D  


the restaurant is big because it combines with a stylish bar, elegant restaurant and a cafe...

overall, I give 10/10 of the food, venue and the service...the waiters are friendly and quick...the venue is beautiful and very comfortable...looks like its expensive from outside but its affordable! ^_^v we only spend around £60 total

I really recommend for those who want to taste Turkish delight to come here and enjoy the food and the scenery... :D


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