Reg No: TR0144032-W

is a registered online business that me and my bestfriend come upon last year...the products that we sell mostly focuses on baby products ranging from bottles, clothes, shoes and many more from various brands such as Mothercare, Tommee Tippee, Avent etc

upon request, sometimes we can fly in any products that you aim for such as a mixer, Clarks, NEXT, Tefal and etc...just send the request to us and if we accept, we will quote the price for the products...an example of customers who is happy upon receiving her mixer can be found in the link below:

to browse/ purchase/ enquiry please contact:

Nurul Izzati at 019-6624171 (Whatsapp/ Call)


Follow our IG at @izkiddieshop

our Instagram features as on the right handside panel >.<

Thank you for your support!!


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