Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Time!! :D


April is a starting month for spring...spring is very synonym for 2 things...the famous and most awaited moment is the blooming of the flowers (Im waiting for that too~~ hehe) and the other one is the thing that I am scared off at the beginning but when it comes, oooh its nothing...haha...which is the long day light...huhu

now I know what is that mean by that...even its already 8 pm, the sky is still bright...its as bright as if its still dawn...pfftt~~ ^^,

but I like the environment....

these blooming flowers are along the road to my campus...beautiful~ :D
it makes my day every morning when I walk to my campus...^_^'

while these beautiful flowers were at Soho Garden when I had my big lobster on my last weekend...we came across this garden when we were searching for the restaurant...since its soo beautiful and blooming so nicely, we stop a few minutes and start taking some pictures...but no roses...wuwuwuw~

wondering when can I have the chance to see tulips before its too late...oh ya you cant find tulip in London...need to go to Amsterdam, etc...oh my supervisor please let me have some holiday to see tulips...

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: just wana share how its looks like during spring time..hehe~~

How to Add Background Color to Your Gadget


this tutorial will teach you step by step on how to add background color to each of your gadget in the blog...enjoy!~ ^_^
(click on the pictures to get a larger view)

you can't proceed with the tutorial without gadget ID of each of the gadget that you want to add the background color to. How to find the gadget ID?


1. Sign in to your blogger and click layout

2. Here you will see all of your gadgets. Click "edit" on the one that you want to add background color to. I use an example of Profile (I changed the gadget name to blog owner)

3. On the window that opens, look in the Address bar of that window in the upper right corner. At the end of that URL, you will see the ID of the Profile widget. It could be "Gadget2" or "HTML1". Mine was covered with the Protected Site Icon =_='. The gadget ID for my Profile is 'Profile1'

now that you have the gadget ID, you can proceed with adding the background color ^_^v


1. Sign in to your blogger and click "TEMPLATE DESIGNER"

2. Click "Advanced" and "Add CSS"

3. Copy the code below

                                          #Profile1{background:#faeed9 ;}

Highlighted yellow code is the colour code which you can find it in the web. Change it of your own choice.
Highlighted blue code is the gadget ID of each of the gadget in your blog. 

4. Paste the code in the space provided

5. Click "ENTER" on your keyboard and you are DONE!

6. You need to repeat step 3-5 for each of the gadget in your blog. Below are example of mine.

any questions or problem don't hesitate to leave a comment ya ^_^

Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

THE PIANO GUYS concert in London!!!


I am sure many people knew who is THE PIANO GUYS rite???

they are the famous duo in the you tube...one guy play piano and the other one play cello ^_^

I am so glad and thrill to see them when my bestie discover their performance in London like 2 months back...we didn't think twice and bought the tix...the tix price was £32 ^_^

so on 16 April, last Wednesday, we went to their concert at Shepherd's Bush Empire at Shepherd Bush Green...the best part is that its just 15 minutes walking distance from my house!! hahaha~~

the venue...

tix for that night were completely SOLD OUT! wowww~~

we chose the most cheapest tix...and of course the cheapest tix will sit far away from the main stage...hehe

the very top!

the view from our seat...

exactly at 7.30pm, the show starts...although we sit far away from the main stage, since my bestie camera is super sharp, we manage to capture lotszzz of pix and vid!! yahooo~~ :)

we didn't took a lot of pix, instead we took a lot of vid...

the concert finished around 10pm...since we were too far from the main stage, so we aim to take a closer pix to the main stage...the worker were super nice with us...they allowed us to take pix at the 2nd level!! tq! *muahhh3*

I don't know what happen to the camera...its sooo blurry -_-'

while walking out from the venue, suddenly I saw the backstage door...some of the audiences already standing there...which I also believe that THE PIANO GUYS will use this door anyway...and so we waited...

and waited
and waited
and waited
and waited
and more people leaving until we were one of the last one standing there





we waited for them for almost 1 1/2 hours...pffttt~~~ but worth it! hehe

they were super nice to us...they talked and entertained us...eventhough they are in a rush, because the next day they have another concert at Manchester, they still entertained our wish for a pix together and an autograph...hehe

the best autograph...on the tix itself...haha...I LOIKE! ^_^

I wish to meet them in the future...while they were entertaining us, my bestie asked them to perform in Malaysia...and they said that they are planning to go there!! yahooo~~
so to all Malaysian fans out there, wait for their arrival =D

do you guys have ever met them before? care to share? 

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: I'm trying to insert few vids here but I dont know why its corrupted everytime I upload it into my blog...I'm so sad~~~ -_-'

Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to Change Background Color of Your Post Section


this tutorial will teach you step by step on how to change the background color of your post section on the blog...enjoy!~ ^_^
(click on the pictures to get a larger view)

1. Sign in to your blogger page

2. Click "LAYOUT"


4. Click "Advanced" and then click "Add CSS"

5. Copy the code below 
                                                       .post {
                                                       border: 10px ridge #cc6969;
                                                       margin-top: 10px;
                                                       padding: 20px;
                                                       width: 750px;

6. Paste it in the empty space after you click Add CSS

7. Click "ENTER" on your keyboard

8. DONE!

BUT!! the code above is the code for my blog...

Change color

to change the color of the post background of your own choice, change the code after 'background' with your desired color (highlighted with yellow)...and if you want to change the border color, change the code after border (highlighted with yellow)...you can search for your color code in the web...

Change the border style

if you want to change the border style, change the one highlighted in blue...you can choose either solid, ridge or dotted ^_^ play with the px to know what its mean...

what is margin top, padding & width?
play with the number beside each of the elements and you will see what happen to your blog...adjust the number until you satisfied and want to apply that to your blog

any problem don't hesitate to leave a comment ya ^_^v

Happy Blogging!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

How to Add Your Signature to Your Blog Post


this tutorial will teach you step by step on how to add your own custom made signature to your blog post automatically on each post...enjoy!~ ^_^
(click on the pictures to get a larger view)

1. You need to create your own signature using either Photoshop, PicMonkey, LunaPic or any photo editor. 

2. Upload your chosen image to your favorite image host. I use ImageShack to host all my images. You can also use others such as Photobucket.com, etc

3. Copy the direct link of the image

4. Paste the URL link of your image in the code below: (replace the area that I highlighted with YOUR RESPECTIVE IMAGE URL)

.entry-content:after {
content: url(http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/706/193t.png);
margin-left: 0px;

5. Log in to your blogger, go to "TEMPLATE DESIGNER"

6. Click on "Advanced" and click "Add CSS"

7. Paste your CODE inside the empty space

8. Then click ENTER on your keyboard

9. You can click "View Blog" to view your signature on each post! ^_^

mine looks like this...simple~ like it so much...hehe...

btw if you would like your signature to be in the middle or right, just play with the margin-left: 0px , play with the px, put any number and once you are satisfied, leave it...=D
mine is 0px becoz I want my signature to be on the far left ^^, 

any questions or problem don't hesitate to leave a comment ya ^_^

Happy Blogging!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Big Lobster on Sunday ^^. yum~


on Saturday I had crepe as the meal of the day...

on Sunday on the other hand, I had LOBSTER as my meal of the day *happy3!*

the plan came out unexpectedly on Saturday night...my bestie saw our friend post her pix with a big lobster in FB...when she asked me whether we wana try, instantly I said yes...so there goes our plan on Sunday...

ME & LOBSTER! ^_^v

looks yummy right? with 1 whole plate like that, consist of 1 BIG LOBSTER, 1 pot of fries, 1 bowl of salad and 1 bowl of the gravy, it costs us £20 ONLY!! 

we choose ice lemon tea with apricot + lime + etc...hehe... £4.50
the taste is nice tough...^_^

there are 2 options on how you want your lobster to be...its either grilled lobster or steamed lobster...since there are only 2 options, so I took the grilled lobster while my bestie took the other one...both taste so yummy~~~~ :D

you worried that you might leave any unwanted stain on your shirt while eating at this restaurant? NO NEED TO! 
this is the first restaurant I went to that gave all its customer an apron...it compulsory to have an apron while eating seafood with hard shells like lobster, crab, etc because you might not realise what happen to your shirt after you eat..kah3!

cool isn't? I love the design as well...really simple :)

btw my apron still clean& clear after I eat...lalala ^^,

the restaurant is called Burger & Lobster 

people are queuing....T_T 

situated at 29 Clarges St, London W1J7EF 

we were so lucky that day because we came in exactly during the opening time which is at 12 noon...we didnt knew actually the opening time of the restaurant...my friend told me that usually you need to queue...and the queue line usually is soooo long...to avoid that, dont come in the evening...hahaha... ^_^

total up, we only spend £55.13

2 sets of lobster and 2 drinks...as for me its so worthy...eventhough I can get way cheaper than that at Sabah, Malaysia... ^_^v

Bye~ ^_^v 

p/s: everybody is at home for Easter break...I'm the only Msc students who is sooo passionate about lab work who is still in the lab TODAY! hahaha...neway, happy easter break to pre-term people!!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Saturday with France Crepe at Canada Water ^_^v


my weekend usually will be quite boring...its either I will hibernate in my room for the whole weekend or sometimes me and my bestie will go out without any plan...
last weekend was so fruitful for me and my bestie! ngee~~ *I'm a happy kid...lalalala*

on Saturday initially there was no plan for me as my bestie have an invitation from her friend for a party at her house at Canada Water...suddenly she asked her friend whether I can tag along with her since my bestie was staying at my house that day...so around 4pm we headed out from my house...

Kankou (the organiser) was born in Guinea but she has been living in France all her life...the party she held was to introduce to us one of the France cuisine which is crepe...crepe is equal to "lempeng" in Malaysia and pancake in English...she already prepared the batter for the crepe...we just need to put 1 scoop of the batter in a pan and swirl it around so that the batter cover the whole area of the pan...no need to make it thick becoz it will end up to be like a pancake! hahaha...

this are some of the product of crepe made by Kankou's friends...hehe...
you can add fruits, caramel, nutella, banana, grated apples, whipped cream and many more...use your creativity...^_^v

this is my bestie's

and this is mine...\(^_^)/v

what makes it so yummy was that Kankou brought caramel originally produced at France...and the caramel taste sooooo good especially when I spread it on the crepe...pffttt~
it end up me and my bestie ordered from her since she said that she can bring it for us if she go back to France later...wewewe~~

she invited her whole classmate from UCL...oh I forgot to tell you that she is my bestie labmate at UCL...since all her classmate came, they bring whole lot of other foods from their respective country...thats what I like about such gathering...hehehe...

this is like salad...the gravy made from tuna (taste like one as well) ^^,
prepared by the organiser

vege cake prepared by the organiser as well because she is a nutritionist...for a regular cake an egg is a must...but not this cake...baked without egg!...in the middle of the cake she puts berrys...

I dont like it so much...so healthy! eh!? haha

this is a Bangladesh cuisine...
it consists of cabbage, pepper, salt, chili and onion...no garlic!...I LIKE IT!! =D

red bean mi from Hong Kong...DELICIOUS TOO! yummy~

last but not least....................

green chili chicken from Malaysia!!!
I need to confess that me and my bestie didnt bring anything...we forgot!!! haishhh -_-'
this was from one of Kankou classmate...he is from Malaysia, a Sabahan...hehe...nice tough! ahaks

I like it so much when non-Malaysia taste Malaysia cuisine...its so priceless to see their reaction...
they like it anyway...thank God the guy who brought this didnt make it as spicy as how Malaysian like to eat it! hehe...

we hang out at her house for awhile...chit chatting and taking pictures...right before we head back, we took a photo together..^_^

thanx Kankou (yellow shirt) for having me!! ^_^v

since that's the first time I went to Canada Water, I cant resist myself from taking pictures of the scenery there...masyAllah, its soooooo beautiful!

this is the scenery at Kankou's housing area...in the middle is a canal...

along the canal there are a lot of ducks...some of the ducks build there own nest inside the canal...

the canal end up at this lake...

at this lake on the other hand, we are so lucky to saw 2 big swans! beautiful... :D 

there are ducks as well...my bestie managed to capture this duck with her eggs...hehe...

at the playground at the housing area...

under the cherry blossom trees~~LOVE THIS PIX!

btw the pix that you see above was taken when its already almost 8PM!!
cant believe it?? haha...

its spring time..........daylight will be longer from now on...arrgghh need to adjust again~~

Bye~ ^_^v
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