Monday, 13 October 2014

[Part 1] Step by Step Studying Abroad - Scholarship/Funding & Apply University


since I am currently studying abroad and I did joined a few groups in FB which discusses about what to do if you want to study abroad, and quite a few of them personally added me in FB when I commented on their posts, so I came about to make a special entry of how to apply to study abroad (mostly concentrated in UK) from A-Z

since its toooo long and I am so not interested to read a long post (neither do other people I think), so I break it up into a few sections...easier right??

searching for funding and appling to a university should be done in parallel...because to apply for a scholarship you need to present to them either conditional letter or unconditional letter...the first topic:


to study abroad you need someone to fund you right? its either corporate company, private company or government scholarship...totally depends on PA&MA is quite hard especially if you further your study in UK...fuuhh~~ -_-"

so here I will give you a few links and few choices that you can look up for...


MARA sponsors abroad study under the LOAN called PASCASISWAZAH...this skim opens every year around end of February to need to be alert and ALWAYS check their announcement at their official website...the application for that loan alwayz open for 2 weeks and make sure you don't miss it...if you miss it, you need to wait for another year...once you apply for that thru online, then you need to wait until they release names of the candidates who make it to another stage of their application which is psychometric test and if you succeed, then you will proceed to another stage which is interview...BUT MARA recently has changed their path of conducting this can check my previous post regarding this...

if you want to know about the pointer and the rest, click this has never change over the year if I'm not mistaken...since this is a loan and you are not bonded to MARA, so you need to pay back to MARA...but not to worry because they have deduction based on your study hard! (reminder to myself as well~~) hehe

since I am under MARA for the year of 2013, there is no interview...right after psychometric test, they release the name for those who made it...sadly to say I didn't made it (made it finally after appeal) because of my chosen university...why?? because MARA requirements is that you need to find top 100 rank university...haa....that one I will explain in detail in the next part...basically once you succeed, you will get MARA agreement once you submit all the documents needed and it will be stated in the offer letter... =D  

2. JPA

as far as I'm concern JPA only sponsor students who was bonded to them from undergraduate (UG) and get >3.5 pointer during if you are JPA scholar during UG and get pointer >3.5, do apply for JPA scholarship abroad for PG...check up regularly at their website as well...the skim is called SKIM PELAJAR CEMERLANG...the keywords is that update with their website...I have never seen myself of that skim because I have never look for it...

3. Private / corporate Company

if you are going to further your study in non-science based courses, don't restrict your choices on MARA only...because there are many corporate companies and private companies do offer scholarship for those students who wants to further study in Business, Accounting and many more...I suggest if you guys are looking for scholarship list, go to this and this ...these are the best website for those looking for scholarship...


as I said before, you need to start applying for university in parallel while you are searching for that it will be easier as you can present your conditional offer/unconditional offer from the university to the scholar that you are applying for...

since I only had an experience applying to university in the UK only, therefore I have made a special entry on how to apply to UK university here...that particular post is only an example on how to apply to Imperial College London only...however, the same concept or steps apply to most of the university in UK...

if you specifically applying for PASCASISWAZAH MARA, then you need to apply the top 100 university in the world based on the lists that is given by MARA here



however, bear in mind that MARA guidelines on which university that they accept changes over the year as shown in above do keep track on the changes...when I was applying last year, I was not accepted since I chose Kent University where the ranking of the university was not in top 50, so therefore I change to Imperial College London which at that time was at 6th based on the Times Higher Education ranking and then MARA accepted my appeal...Alhamdulillah, right after I finish my master, Imperial College London went up to 2nd place based on QS World Ranking University


will stop here...wait for my PART II as I will discuss on Medical Check-up & IELTS



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