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Hai all readers!! so happy that you guys stopped by to my not-so-fancy little blog ^_^v


is a blog that I came about in 2012 when I need to publish a blog for 1 of the subject during my undergraduate...I don't even know why there is such subject exist for a pure Biology students like me...anyway, because of that subject now I have a blog!!!! ngee~~~

right after I am done with my subject, I left my blog un-updated...-_-' for 1 year because I don't like blogging back then...

wondering why I resume blogging??? 


Alhamdulillah in September 2013, I received a scholarship from Malaysia government to pursue my study in UK for a Master program in Imperial College London =D

and Alhamdulillah again, now I am furthering my PhD at the same university =D

then it clicks in my mind since I'm having a good time here, besides I capture everything in a camera without a story line, why shouldn't I put it down in a written form...

basically this blog is a story of my life~~~
++++ any unrelated events or news that I think I love to share it with you guys!

stay tuned to my blog and have fun reading~~ ^_^

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