Saturday, 20 September 2014

Moving Out from Wood Lane Studios :('


yesterday, 19th of September 2014 was the end of my tenancy at Wood Lane Studios...wuwu :('
I'm so sad coz I LOVE my room so muchy!! aarrghh~

I was suppose to check out at 10am as stated in the email sent by Wood Lane Studios, but since I knew I need more time to pack and since I am going to stay at one of my friend house, Kak Haida, at Du Cane Road (just 5 minutes walking from my house) and she is not at home coz she will b in the lab, so I decided to drag my check out later that time at 1pm...

then 2 days before 19th September, after thorough discussion with Kak Ris (another friend of mine staying at Du Cane Road as well) told me to start move out all my things the night before...she is so helpful coz her husband and Kak Haida husband help me and my bestie to move out all of our things from our accommodation..tq Kak!! muchas gracias! oh btw because they have car...hehehe >.<

so on 18th September, at 9.30pm, they arrived at my bestie accommodation first since my house is just 5 minutes away from Kak Haida house, so we decided to start from my bestie house at Griffon Studios at Clapham Junction...once we finish loading all my bestie belongings in the car, they headed back to Kak Haida house first and me and my bestie we headed back to my accommodation...we took tube actually because we cant fit in the car anymore!! so you can imagine how much belongings that my bestie have...kah3! >.<

we decided that I go back to my room and my bestie went to Kak Haida house to help with the unloading process...but, when she arrives, they already unload everything...haha ^_^v tq2!
after loading my belongings into the car, still we cant fit in as well, yeah you can see in the pix...a lot!! :) so we walk to Kak Haida house and help them with the unloading process...we finish move all our belongings around 11pm...pfftt~!! so tired!! -_-"

the next day, since initially they sent an email stating that I need to move out at 10am, so exactly at 10am I heard someone came into my room while I was sleeping!!! what??! thank God they just open the door and maybe when they saw the room is not empty yet, they went out...quite scary! haha...and once again, at 1pm, the time that I book for check out, they came in to check the room...but once again I need to drag my check out time since Kak Haida is not at they said that whenever I am ready, I can just go to the receptionist area and check out...tq Wood Lane! >.<' so I check out for good at 7pm! :D


its the rule in Wood Lane Studios that they will come in to the room for spot check before we leave the room for good...during the first day that I came in, they gave a sheet of paper for me to complain any damage, dirt or anything that I want to in the during spot check, they use that and compare with the condition of the room when we check out...

the initial deposit of the room is £500... £100 from the deposit is not returnable and they will return the rest to our bank account 2 weeks after check during check out if they found any damage or we didn't clean the room properly, they will fine by deduct from the £400...and unfortunately, I was fine £50 because of grease dirt on the kitchen and lime scale on my shower door...ok fine!!! hurghh =_="

anyway, I had the best and fun time at Wood Lane Studios...indeed now I miss my room so much :( :(
the facilities are good, the staff (the receptionist, the maintenance; Wayne, and the cleaners) are all sooooo friendly, the safety and cleanliness is tip top! :D worthy eventhough it is soooo expensive as for me..hehe...I suggest if any of you want to further in UK and searching for accommodation, can have a look at their website and make your own budget! hehe 


p/s: apparently I just realise that I haven't update anything about the room view of Wood Lane Studios...hehe...will do that later! :D

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