Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ice cream + Cakes at ICELAND!! ^_^


so today after class my bestie ask me to go hunt for ice cream...yeay!! 

BEWARE: here, you can't just grab any ice cream in any store!..must be careful with the ingredients especially gelatin! pfftt~

since she knew where to find edible ice cream for Muslim, because she had been to the same shop but at different place before, so we search using Google map!...

voila!!!~~ it's very near to my house...kah3!! (^_^)'v

its just around 15 minutes walking distance from my campus too!!!!! :D

oh btw my house and my campus is just 10 minutes walking in another way, the store is near to my house + my campus!! this is so heaven man!!~ ^^,

since this is my first time here, so I roam around the shop...I was wondering why they named it ICELAND!
it must be something to do with the initial ICE in its name...
I got it right!!!!!!! *yeay*

its full with frozen foods inside... :)

you can find almost every poultry frozen products, frozen fish, frozen vegie products, chips, nuggets, bla...bla...bla...~ and last but not least............................ICE CREAM!

at first we thought that we can't buy any ice cream since there is no HALAL signature *super duper sad :( * 
then came one Muslim Iceland worker approach us and help us to identify the ice cream! haha
with his help at last I manage to satisfy my need~~~  ^_-

tada~~~ :) :) :) :) :) :) :) yummeah.................. 

wait................thats not the only thing that I bought...haha
this is also the only shop that you can find HALAL and CHEAP cakes too...I have tried once...chocolate bestie bought it the first time she went to the same shop...its easy to prepare and also finger licking good yo~~...weeee~~

so I bought 3 different cakes! haha...greedy right? pffttt~

very the delicious I tell you~~ kih3 (^_^)'

the easiest cake ever!
rip the box and ready to eat...muhahaha... (^_^)
oh just love it...................................

another 2 cakes that still safe in my fridge...kih3

see that chocolate fudge cake? thats the cake that I have tasted before...reallyyyyy gooooood!
just defrost it in the oven for 5 minutes! and there you go!
easy isn't it...  :D

so far I have tasted 2 of their cakes...and its awesome!
left 1 more cake ie pie to try...then maybe next time I can stock up my fridge with frozen ready to go foods! kah3...oh pls dont copy my attitude...  :D


p/s: its getting colder day by day...pfftt! @_@

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Doughnut yeay!!! ^^,


after a looooooooonng craving for doughnut, at last today I found HALAL doughnut! yeay!! yeay!!

3 for 1 pound! yummy~~~

don't say that it's easy to bake! :p

I did try to bake my own doughnut when the craving started...
the flour that I bought can't be use to bake doughnut!!! arrrgghhh....tension! @_@
and now the flour rested firmly in my kitchen cabinet... (-_-)'

AND I'm still searching for the right flour....(^_^)v
once I made it...will announce it to the whole world!! pfft~ haha

back to the doughnut above...heheheh....  :D
since only few flavours were available, I snatch 2 choc flavour and 1 custard filling *I thought!!!*

when I eat it........

its blueberry filling flavour...hahahha!! ^_^

owwwhh I want custard doughnut!!!...huhu~


p/s: yeay no class on Thursday and Friday! hehe~

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fantastic Experience as an RA! weee~~


before I came to London I was working as a Research Assistant (RA) in University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) in Malaysia... ^^,

its a contract base and I started on March 2013-August 2013...its only for 6 months but all I can say is that I had the greatest time of my life there!! wee~~ (^_^)v

basically as an RA, you just need to make sure the project that you are running for your boss are on track + on schedule...all in one you are playing double, triple roles!! you are the financial controller + secretary + administrator + bla...bla...bla...multitasking yo!! thats why I love this job!

the BEST part in my job is that I can TRAVEL~~!!! ngee~ (^_^)"
so far in 6 months I have travel to Pulau Pinang and Kuantan...but yeah its strictly research trip hokey~! hehe
usually I will travel with one of my bossES! bosses??? haha...hell yeah I have 5 bosses! surely you will be wondering why on earth I have so many bosses...but no!!!....I am not going to will take a looootttttt of space in my blog! :p hahah....

my boss which I usually went trip with is AWESOME!!!!..and yeah we still keep contact with each other at least once a week...miss her already!  (-_-)'

the red arrow is her! haha... (^_*)
this is when we were in Pulau Pinang...the best part is that we have the same thinking!! we like to try new we try this food stall because there were so many people at this stall!! fuh~~ and guess what? end up the food is awesome! (^_^)v

this one on the other hand is in Kuantan!

do you spot the similarity??! (^^)"

its all about FOOD!!! and we both like to EAT!! hahha...  :D no wonder we click so much! (^^)v

my another boss treat me lunch at The Garden during my birthday~muahhh. :D 

with my boss (red arrow) and my other colleagues... (^_^)v

this was during Eid Fitr~~

I got 3 envelopes of angpau from my bosses!! yeay!!!! (^_^)v

now then I realise that I don't have photo with my BIG BOSS!!
 aarrrggghhh how frustrating is that!!! -_-

there are many other sweet and memorable experiences that I gained while working there...most of it will be kept in my heart and memory forever~~~ ^^,



p/s: I accidentally deleted all my farewell party photo!!! aarrggghhhh why did I do that???? (-_-)"

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shipping my goodies to Malaysia!~ :D


since I bought few stuffs during Boxing Day for my family, and my friend bought maternity items from Amazon and Pumpkin Patch, I need to ship all those items as soon as possible! ^_^

not to say that I want it to be ship because it took a lot of space in my room (sure it did actually..haha..ooopss!! :p)...but the main reason is because my friend who bought maternity items need those items asap since she's expecting to deliver her baby in late March! wee~~(I'm sooo excited actually because she's my besties *_*)

so I have been searching the best shipping company from UK to Malaysia since then! 

and tadaaaaa~~~ I stumble upon this company..........

I made some research in the internet and asking around Malaysian community here...and sort of this is the best company if you want to ship your parcel from UK to Malaysia! 

what made me convince to use their service is because this is actually a Malaysian company! 

PAL = Perintis Alaf Logistik! (^_^)v

they have variety of services to offer actually from sea freight and air freight...since air freight is much more expensive, I took the risk of using sea freight! hehe...

my family members and my friend just need to wait for 6-8 weeks for the box to be delivered in-front of their door step! (^_*) yeah you heard me, door step!! so no hustle to go down to the harbor place to collect the box...wee~~ :P

since the items that I want to send is not that much, therefore I take the smallest box that they have...30 kg economy box! :D

is it big????

quite big that it took all the space under my study table...!! pfftt! (-_-)"

the total that I need to pay is just 43 pound ! fuh~
cheap??? I don't know...but people say that it is! ermmmmmmm!! haha  :p

not only they ship to Malaysia, they even go all around to France, Germany, Singapore, China, Holland and Hong Kong!! wowwww~~  :D I wonder how much money they make!!! hahaha  ^^,

since I am not being paid to be their ambassador, hahahah... (^^)'

you can just click to their website PAL Shipping... :D

so far their actions and services are very efficient! and satisfying! 

more about it, need to wait until my box safely arrived in front of my house door step in Malaysia...haha..  (^_^) till then.......see ya!!  

p/s: not feeling well today~ (-_-)'

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Marks & Spencer Hot Chocolate! Nyum~~


since I came here, I have found my new addiction!


one day, my friend serves me an amazing hot chocolate drink I have ever taste! seriously! although it sounds a bit exaggerated...haha... (-_-)' since then, whenever I go to her house, I will pretend as if I can't drink any other beverages other than hot choc! *sori friend!*  :p

when it seems to me that I can't resist to have my own hot choc in my house, I search for it...

tada!! yeay!!!!  (^_^)v

no wonder its soooooo delicious! haha...MARKS & SPENCER product yo!!!  (^^,)"
only cost you 2.15 pound...for me, its sooo reasonable... :D

best serves while you are doing your assignment...haha ^^,

actually, previously I had a bad experience with hot chocolate...  :(
thats the first time I taste hot chocolate drink from a brand named Ca*****...few minutes after I drank it, I got a bad rashes all over my neck area! fuh~~ you can imagine your neck turn into a burned shrimp colour! thats the turning point where I don't even look at any other hot choc product! (^_*) 

but now I have found mine!! hehe...maybe will bring few of this hot choc when I'm back for good! :D


p/s: waiting for my parcel to be shipped to Malaysia~~ :D will create new entry for this...

Friday, 17 January 2014

My First Parcel in London! Yeay! *_*


I think I need to revert back my blog in English...haha...some of my friends are complaining they can't enjoy reading my blog since it is in Malay...because I have bunch of International friends thanx to #AYVP and #IIUM...what they can do is enjoying the pics w/out knowing the story line~ pity them (-_-)' 

since English is the universal language, anybody can read it, and I can get higher traffic~eh!! haha (^_*)v
therefore, I will be writing more in English in the future compared to Malay language...pls don't run from my blog because of this!! mih3~ :D

back to the topic!...
after 3 months I live here in London, at last I receive my first parcel! yeay!!!! (^^)'
before this I am so jealous when other residents in my house collect their parcel at the receptionist area...I was so devastated knowing that nobody wants to send anything to me~ silly feeling actually! i know...i know...  (-_-)

when suddenly I received a slip of parcel collection in my mail box...I can get rid the feeling now for forever!! haha...I can rest for peace...hahha (^_^)v  
eventho the parcel is under my name...the content is actually for my friend in Malaysia...she bought something from Amazon and Pumpkin Patch

come check it out what she bought! :D

oh I forgot to mention that she is a pregnant don't be too surprise of what she bought ^_* 

the other thing that she bought are baby clothes from Pumpkin Patch...honestly speaking, this is the first time I heard about it when she ask me to buy for her...kah3!! #aptb
same like Amazon, Pumpkin Patch also didn't ship their product to since I'm here, she uses my service! eh! :p 

one thing I like about Pumpkin Patch is that their clothes are SUPER DUPER CHEAP!
so guys, if you have any friends or relatives in UK, ask their help to buy for you...seriously speaking it's cheap man!!! 
sounds like I'm promoting Pumpkin Patch isn't it?? haisshhh...haha...since I am too lazy to summarize to you how cheap it is, you guys can just click my Pumpkin Patch link above...hehehe... (^_^)

despite the price are very cheap, the quality is TIP TOP!! :D so no worry...
and yeah they only sell baby clothes and some teenage clothes as well...sadly no womens wear... (-_-)' hahha...



p/s: yeay tomorrow is weekend!! but just receive assignment! da**!~ (-_*)'

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ke'keliruan' Nama Ku~eh!


sebelum aku cite meh aku bagi nama penuh aku...


ramai yang tanya aku apa maksud BEGAM? 
ada plak kawan2 aku yang kalau jumpa je orang yang ada nama Begum duk tanya adik ke, sepupu ke, sedara mara ke...padahal aku tak kenal punnnnn...haisshhh (-_-)'

aku tak marah pun kalau orang duk tanya...kah3...dengan senang hati aku jawab... :D

ni salah satu daripada yang kawan aku tanya...die came across nama Begum kat tempat kerja die kot...tu lah standard jawapan aku kalau orang tanya...kalau korang Google kat kamus plak...


paling common maksud die...

yang campur Pakistan is belah mak aku...bila aku tanya mak aku, die pun tak tau! kah3!! so aku amek pendekatan tiru maksud Encik Google... ;p

Nama Begum kat nama aku tu sebenarnya salah eja! dush kat nurse yang tulis nama aku dulu...ikutkan ejaan betul die patutnya BEGUM...nurse tu pegi tulis BEGAM...haihhhh.. -_-'

nama ni memang turun temurun dalam family aku...dari nenek belah mak sampai lah ke adik beradik aku...kezen2 perempuan aku tak ada plak! napa eh? bagus soklan tu...nanti aku tanya mak cik n pak cik aku... tak pernah terpiki plak aku nak tanya...haha...^_^ tapi nama ni dah stop sampai generation aku je...kenapa tak diteruskan jangan tanya!...sebab aku pun tak tahu~~mih3...


Tukar Menu~ ^_^


Akhirnya lepas 3 bulan aku dapat jugak makan makanan yang aku suka...


disebabkan kat sini susah nak cari rempah BABAS ke, ALAGAPPAS ke, so tak adalah plak aku nak masak kari ayam...
kalau ada pun bukan aku reti pun nak masak...tau makan je...tetiba rindu plak kari ayam mak aku... -_-

since arini kelas aku penuh, malas la plak nak aku beli la kat kampus...5.55 pound! sedap!

nampak tak arrow merah tu, selama ni aku dengar2 je pasal la first time aku makan...kat London plak tu...kah3...oh btw aku mix Pakistan...and Bhaji ni one of Pakistani cuisine la...diperbuat daripada onian+cheese! jangan plak mintak resepi dari aku...da aku kata tadi ni first time aku makan!~(^_^)V

Bye~ ^_^

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Year Eve & Winter Wonderland in London! ^_*



tak terlambat lagi kan aku nak wish~haha...moga tahun ni aku diberkati, dimurahkan rezeki dan berjaya membawa pulang scroll Master ke Malaysia! ameen...cewah~~ :p

kat Malaysia tak pernah la aku nak rajin sangat turun Dataran Merdeka ke Putrajaya ke nak sambut new year...tapi dah aku kat London, nak gak aku tengok cara dorang sambut new year kan...
rugi wooo kalau tak experience sendiri...(^^)'

tapi sebelum tu aku pegi merayap tempat lain dulu...aku pegi Hyde Park...sebab dorang ada buat Winter Wonderland!!! yeay! *lompat bintang* 

Gerbang pintu masuk~
Winter Wonderland ni macam funfair gak...macam2 menan ada kat dalam tu...dari yang sangat ekstrem tuk yang dewasa, ke yang sangat tak ekstrem tuk budak2...

nampak tak yang mencacak2 ke langit tu? ha tu lah yang aku katakan ekstrem! wooo tak sanggup aku nak naik!... -_-"

Haunted Mansion!...wee~~

banyak lagi menan dalam tu...kalau nak aku amek semua memang idak lah kan...da lah tempat dia besau!...

Sumber: SINI

memang penat la aku berjalan tawaf satu map ni cari menan apa aku nak main...
lepas da usha2 semua menan, aku pilih tuk main 3 bende je...

1. Haunted Mansion! ngee~

cuba tengok betul2 kat gambar tu...kalau korang perasan, ada hantu duk belakang penumpang (cable car tergantung)...kah3! memandangkan kitorang da tau, so idak le takut sangat! haha...
nasib baik la hantu2 dalam ni tak ekstrem sampai nak pegang2...kesian kawan aku sebab hantu tu usap kepala dia! kah3... ;p

lepas da turun tu, baru aku perasan ada hantu berkeliaran kat bawah ni...

dia cekik bear aku! dush3!!!....

2. Roller Coaster! 

dalam hidup aku, ni lah first time aku naik!...ishk3~~haha...bole katakan yang aku naik ni middle ekstrem la...ada banyak gak roller coaster dalam ni, tapi aku pilih yang ni...(^_^)'

3. Hook A Bear! 

menan ni paling senang...ko kene cangkuk mana2 beg yang ada kat kedai tu guna galah panjang...ada yang bergantungan, ada kat atas meja dia susun tinggi...
dalam some beg dia ada letak star emas dan silver...kalau dalam beg ko cangkuk tu ada star, boleh claim bear yang besar!...ntah apa nasib aku malam tu, aku dapat silver star dalam beg aku! yeay!!! *kembang hidung* so aku claim lah bear je pun bear yang aku rasa comel...kah3...

dalam pukul 9 cam2 kitorang mula gerak pegi ke Westminster tuk New Year Celebration kat London Eye...
mula2 kitorang memang da rasa putus asa nak sambut sebab ramai gila orang!!! pas2 semua tempat tutup! da tu nak pegi London Eye tu macam mana??!!!
jauh gak la kitorang jalan sampai la kat satu tempat ni kitorang boleh nampak London Eye tu...tukar plan duk kat situ je tengok bunga api...yeay akhirnya dapat gak walaupun jauh!!! (^_^)V

tapi ko bayangkan lah betapa lama kitorang tunggu...dari kul 10 sampai kul 12! fuh~~ tapi penantian ku berakhir dengan persembahan bunga api yang sangat cantik!...

aku tak tau pun sebenarnya bunga api tu keluar dari London Eye!! kah3! 

best dan cantik!! ^_^

p/s:  1)  tengah2 sambut tu ada plak orang pegi simbah arak! ciss...ciss...!!
       2) balik je sambut new year, terus aku demam! ;p

Jalan2 Singapore....


ni cite tahun lepas...aku teman kawan aku yang teman kawan die...heh?~(-_-')...haha...
tak lama pun kitorang kat sini...2D1N...

kitorang stay kat Hotel 81...hotel ni berlambak kat nak specify lagi, kat Foch Rd...aku tak ingat berapa sebab kawan aku yang membayo (^_^)V...tapi ni antara hotel yang termurah kat sana...dalam dia pun bersih...kitorang amek bilik yang satu katil queen, berhimpit la 3 orang atas katil...kah3...

sampai2 je dalam tengahari cam2, aku dan kawan aku pegi merayap sekitar tempat hotel...kawan dia plak ada meeting kat National University of Singapore...

depan restoran apa ntah...cantik plak deko luar dia...kitorang pun dengan selamba posing la amek gambar...kah3! 

mula2 aku ingat kan shopping compleks, rupanya ni salah satu universiti kat sana...kah3! memang kalau dari luar tak nampak mana pun yang ni sebenarnya universiti (-_-") bila dah tau, apalagi kitorang pun blah...haha..

oh aku sebenarnya pegi time bulan lepas da penat pusing2 tu, kitorang cari tempat makan plak...banyak restoran halal kat sana...end up jumpa satu restoran nasi ayam...restoran ni kitorang pre-book masa pusing2...

berbuka dengan nasi ayam... (^_^)

keesokan harinya, aku dan kawan aku plan pegi Sentosa Island sebelum balik...yelah rugi kaooo kalau tak pegi sebab ni one of the attraction kat awl2 pagi kitorang bertolak...

nak ke Sentosa Island tu kene naik cable car...gayat woo~sebab tinggi sangat! (-_-)'

daripada atas cable car ni dah bole nampak theme park dia...besar~ tapi aku tak masuk pun theme park dia...tak mampu~kah3...insyaAllah lain kali aku datang ngan family aku, masa tu wajib! aku masuk~~ ^_^

dah sampai kat atas tu, kitorang pusing2...amek2! pose la~~ kah3!

ni aku membelakangi patung Merlion yang besar tu...

nak datang area ni kene turun escalator~(^_^)

lama jugak lah kitorang kat atas tu...ada satu spot kat atas tu, kitorang rehat...aku lah yang nak rehat sebenarnye...sebab rasa penat ya amat...mana tak nye tengah pose kot! fuhhh~~

da agak2 puas aku pusing2 kat sini, aku pun blah...naik balik cable car yang naik tadi pegi main island...turun je main island, kitorang terus berlarian ke airport...hihi...

lain kali aku mesti datang lagi! (^_*)v 

p/s: dulu aku pegi tak ada kawan Singapore, so tak best sebab tak ada tour guide! ;p

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