Saturday, 23 August 2014

Supermoon in London!


On Sunday, 10th of August, I manage to witness with my own eyes the
Supermoon phenomena >.<

this is the phenomena when the moon location is closest to the earth...luckily I manage to capture it because it only happen once in a while and this year it happens on the 10th of August and another time will be on 9th of September...maybe I will catch that phenomena again next month...hehehe 

since later that day I have another plan which is to celebrate my friend farewell party at Chinatown, so I decided to go look for Supermoon later at night so it will be more clear to capture the pix...

Jung Min (first from the right) is studying in National University of Singapore (NUS) but did a twinning study at London School of Economics (LSE) for a short course about 6 month and that day was her last day as on Monday she is going back to Singapore for me, my bestie and Li Sia (first from the left) held a small gathering at Chinatown...since she loves Malaysia food so much, so we brought her to Rasa Sayang Restaurant...initial plan was to bring her to my bestie's aunt restaurant, but when we arrived, the restaurant alredy close! -_-' 

its so funny how I knew bestie is the one who saw her first in the lift in my accommodation area...the same thing that happen when she was the first one as well to meet Li Sia...hahah...whenever she is in my studio, she kept bumping into people and make a new friends...hahaha...lolz...
but of course, Jung Min and Li Sia were the one that initiate the conversation with my Jung Min ask my bestie whether she is Malaysian because she is studying in Singapore so for sure she knew how Malaysian wear their scarf...the most prominent about Malaysian is how they wear their scarf...>.<
and my bestie bring her to my room and shockingly she is in the same level as mine...just a few rooms away from me and the most shockingly is that her room is just infront of Li Sia's room...kah3! :p

and that's how we make friends~ but sadly we didn't hang out quite often since we; me, my bestie and Li Sia were busy with our labwork...fuh~anyway, we still keep in contact thru whatsapp because Jung Min don't have FB...

after dinner, Li Sia and Jung Min went back home but me and my bestie hang out at Big Ben area for Supermoon...around 8.30pm then we spot the Supermoon phenomena

you can see how big is the the moon with the human standing at the bridge...big huh!?

and there goes to show off our photography creativity with the moon~~ :D

since its getting darker so we went back home...and then at Clapham Junction station, Subhanallah the moon was so beautiful~ oh I stop there since I am staying at my bestie house that day... =.=

the last one was my favvy! :D

it was fun indeed that day...chawww~~


p/s: updating my blog while taking a break from thesis writing...huhuhu...discussion part was the hardest of all...waaaa... -_-"

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

English House Style :)


this is the post that I owe to all of you on my previous post when I had ad hoc visit to my friend house in Sheffield at Beaufort Road just for a short this is my review of the houses in UK...^^,

since I am staying at a studio type room in London, so I was so excited to see their house...ngee~
they live in a what I called as a flat house...I don't know what they call it here in UK...

infront of the house :D

beside from the house that I was staying at that day, I did went to my other friends house which is walking distance with each other...but I didn't spent a night there...Im saving her house for my next visit to Sheffield...kih3!! 
my main point here is...can you see the design of the house is almost the same!... :p

back to the house that I was staying at...since I told you that I am soooo excited!! so I begin my exploration inside their house...there are only 2 main areas of the house that I want to go actually! ^_^
the basement and also the attic!~ ^^,
because there are so much influences from dramas and movies that I this is the time that I can see it with my own eyes... ^_^v

the hallway...exactly the same as being portrayed in movies and dramas~
so narrow...can only accommodate 2 people at once...^^V

the open doors as you can see inside the pix is the hall or resting area...its quite big I can say... :D

lets explore the basement area~~

to door to go to basement area is close by the kitchen...
this is the pix from the door down to the basement area...

and this is from the end of the stairs at the can see the door to the kitchen on the left hand side...

I can just feel the coldness rush into my vein once I step my feet down here...pffttt~~
it's sooooooo cold which give me the reason why nobody wants to live in the basement...hahaha...
the basement is divided into two compartments...this is the first compartment which is quite big...

and this is another compartment...smaller than the above pix...
not so many furniture and those furniture not even belong to my friends...they were there even when they move in... ^_^v

its very dusty, cold and quite I can only stand for a few minutes...clicks some pix and straight away went up...hahaha...

and now lets explore the attic

this is the stair to go to the attic...
so steeeeeepp and the stairs is sooooo small!!
no wonder my friends whose their rooms at the attic do not want to stay at their room...they spend almost all of their time in the resting room...I can feel you my friend! even if I get that rooms, I wont bother to stay there...maybe I will only be in my room when its time to sleep...haha...

this is one of my friends room...ignore the rest just look up on the ceiling...
they have a small window on top of their
can open it btw!! for sure will be soooo beautiful during the night

there are 3 bedrooms at the attic and 3 bedrooms at the second floor and only a hall and a kitchen at the first floor...the house is very big and cozy!! love it so much...hihi...but maybe because of the stairs to the attic is so small makes me -_-' ermmmmm....

to the owner of the house, halalkan all the pix ya! weee~~


p/s: has been in my draft for such a loooong time... :p

Monday, 11 August 2014

Melur Restaurant, Edgware Road, London


On 13th Syawal, last Saturday I went for an open house held by my bestie's friend, Kak Jannah at Shepherds Bush...the open house actually from 1pm-4pm, but because we were too lazy to go early, we end up went there at 3pm..ihiks >.<

upon reaching there, there were no one except me & my bestie...while eating, more people keep coming in...yeay! the more the merrier~ :D
end up the open house was so havoc & I end up making new it! 

there were variety of menus served by Kak Jannah...soto, ketupat & kuah kacang, salad, rice & rendang daging & freshly baked marble cake! nyumms~ Alhamdulillah... ^_^v

it was so entertaining with Auntie Ros jokes & the way she speaks Penang havoc! haha

tq Kak Jannah (sitting first from the left) for the invitation and tq for the rest of my new friends, Auntie Ros (sorry for the additional items on your head...huhu), Auntie Asiah, Ubaidillah, Nurrul Iman (sit next to me) & Khairin...nice meeting u guys! we shall keep in touch alwayz...  ^.^

next, my destination was to my friend house at my house area to fetch my old friend from Sains Seri Puteri (my previous boarding school) for a dinner...she just landed in London that day with her husband and they stay at my friend house since my house is just a studio room & can't accommodate more than 2 persons + she brings her husband...hehehe
I'm quite excited coz it has been looooong time since I meet up with my SESERI friends! :D

I bring her for dinner at a restaurant that even I have never been before...its all based on my Malay friends review here in London...the restaurant called Melur Restaurant situated at Edgware can ride on Circle line or District line or Hammersmith & City line and hop off at Edgware took 2 minutes walk from the station to the restaurant :D

mini reunion of me with my SESERI friend (\^.^/)v

variety of Malaysia cuisines

lets check out foods that we ordered...

Bandung for our drinks...since there were 4 of us so we order a jug of Bandung for £8

this chips comes as a complimentary meal...

tom yum soup
this is the not-so-best part of it...apparently we ordered the same thing...we ordered 2 mix tom yum soup with the the initial plan of sharing it...but we were so disappointed with the portion! these were the only ingredients in the tom yum bowl; a small piece of the chicken, a tomato & a prawn! r u kidding me!? maybe we make a mistake of planning to share it eventhough it didnt state that its for 2 persons meal, but still if its for 1 person, do u think its enough?!
but indeed the taste is not bad at all...I admit that...the taste is superb! but they really need to add the ingredients tough...positively its not enough even for a person! -_-'

since the tom yum portion really can't fit in, so we add Ikan Asam Pedas (forgot to snap the pix)...the taste is superb as well...they didnt use the whole fish but instead fillets complain for that! heee~

this was my bestie...Lemon Ice Cake...nice though...can taste the lemon... :D

I'm a bit aggrieved that day...should bring her to the restaurant that I have been to...lesson for myself...huhu
but Alhamdulillah that the taste was not disappointing at all...^_^v

since they just landed & we were a bit tired as well, so we headed back home...oh btw my friend came to London from Japan for a Europe tour with her husband...they will cover London for a few days before headed to Paris and other countries...she is studying in Japan actually ^.^v

hope you have a pleasant stay in London & have a safe trip for your Europe tour Athirah!

Bye~ ^_^v

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Edaran Express - Shipping to Malaysia


today I want to share with you guys one shipping company that I have used their service TWICE and so far, this is the best & trusted shipping company so you all have already know, I have tried one company before in my previous post but sadly to say I am NOT satisfied with their services!

the previous shipping company that I dealt with was very efficient in terms when I contacted them thru emel for the free boxes...they replied immediately...but when it comes to shipping my parcels to Malaysia, its very disappointed!
they took my box in January 2014 and they said they will load my parcels for shipping on 3rd week of February 2014...hence I started to track my box since then...loads of emels and comments I posted in their FB page but no one answered! until one day, in June, thru FB page, one of the staffs personally inbox me and give me a number to contact here in UK to track my box...Alhamdulillah, Dr. Nizam (someone from the company) helps me a lot by tracking my parcel and informed me that my parcel already reached Malaysia...
overall, it took them almost 5 months to ship my box to Malaysia whereas they mentioned in their website, it only took 7-8 weeks for the parcels to reach Malaysia...-_-'

there are lots of other shipping company to Malaysia; FedEx, Royal Mail, Edaran Express and others, but I prefer to choose Malaysia company..wee ^_^v support Malaysia product! hehe
but since then, I change to another company but still Malaysian shipping company called
Edaran Express

since I have used their service for second time, now I am fully confident to say that this is the best shipping company so far...I didn't choose other shipping company because so far, when I compare the price for sea freight service from UK to Malaysia between those companies, Edaran is way cheaper than those two...

Step 1:

Go to this link to order for free box/es from them...if you order >5 boxes, you will get a heavy duty white printed packaging tape for free!!! >.<  they only have 2 packing size boxes, MIDI weighing 30kg and MAXI weighing in case you want to ship your own box, they call it as ODD box where before they issued any price quote, they will measure your box first...

price list

MIDI box (30kg) 

Step 2:

They will deliver the box to you for free if you choose Normal Delivery which will take up to 7 days or you can choose Next Day Delivery but it will cost you more...hehe...better stay with free! >.<

They will notify you via text messages the day before or few hours when they will deliver your box/ that message they will ask your Name, Address & Availability...

so what to do when they come and deliver your box is prepare £5 as a deposit cash...KEEP THE DEPOSIT RECEIPT! its important during the collection later

this was my 2nd box for my IZKIDDIESHOP business... ^_^

make sure that you seal your box with the right tape and fill in all the info on the box as in the pix (an advice from Edaran) eventhough they will print a label and paste it on the box later

Step 3:

when you are ready to ship your box, book your free collection...they have 2 kind of collection type; Normal Collection which will take up to 7 days or Guaranteed Collection which you can read more here...I have never used guaranteed collection before because I don't need that...but if you think you are in a hurry to ship your box, you can use this service...

once again, before they come to collect the box, they will notify you via text messages...when they come, just produce them the deposit receipt that you received earlier... 

for example my total cost was £30 (refer price list image above)...add surcharge £5 & deposit for the box £5, the total cost was £40 
affordable? for me yes it is  ^.^

you can either pay by cash or via bank transfer...if you choose to pay via bank transfer, ask the driver the details of the bank account...but in my case, I forgot to ask the driver the bank details twice! haha...end up I emeled Edaran Express personally ^_^ its so convenient right? and loike their service so much..wee~ (disclaimer: I am not being paid) 

to track for my parcel, I alwayz emeled Edaran to track my parcel...usually they will respond within a day if I emel them during weekdays...Alhamdulillah, my first parcel arrived on the dot as stated in their FB page...oh btw they even post the ETA date in their FB page for which boxes that they collected at the stipulated date which is convenient for me as well...I dont need to emel them every time then...haha...

since quite a few of people ask me, I posted it here ^_^v
hope you guys find it beneficial (=_=)v


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Eid Festival 2014 in London


5th Syawal 2014 (2nd August 2014), the Mayor of London held an Eid Festival at Trafalgar Square...I came across this event at FB under the Education Malaysia United Kingdom & Ireland group page...what intrigue me to go is that because this is the first time that I will join event held at Trafalgar Square...last year around October, Malaysia Tourism held an event there but I couldn't manage to join as I wasn't in UK yet...huhu... am I not intrigue to join this...haha ^_^

me & my bestie reached there around 1.30pm...there were crazily soooo many stalls! pfftt~~~

there were even Malaysia Demo Cooking stalls but by the time we arrived at the stall, they just finish one demonstration, which is Bihun Goreng...we stand there with the hope we can get a chance to taste it, but it took so long so we left...huhu...

our aim to buy some Malaysian foods were also stunted when the queue is sooo long...haish~~ -_-'

this photo were taken beside one of the Malaysia food stall...see, who say that only Malaysian knows how to grilled satay :p ahaks!

this stall was the first stall that we went to once we arrived...we were wondering why there is suddenly quite a queue infront of the stall...when we knew that there is free calligraphy distributed at this stall, we queue as well...hehehe...I'm so excited!

this was the calligraphy ^_^v
my name ZAHIRRAH written in Arabic alphabet >_< 

first I wanted to try the henna on my hand, but then since its the pattern type henna, my bestie prohibited me of doing so =_="

dare to sign up your name? hahaha...
this is the match-making Muslim stall...nice right? eh! :p


this was inside the Photography Exhibition stall...the exhibition portray all the pictures of RAMADHAN PEAK VIEW in some countries...I am standing infront of the poster in India & my bestie standing infront of the poster in Palestine :)

finish touring to all the stalls, me & my bestie had a coconut water fresh from Crosta Rica...nice~ :D

wana know how crowded Trafalgar Square was because of this Ed Festival?

Alhamdulillah the weather that day was not so hot...just nice eventhough we did sweat a bit! haha ^_^v

Malaysian flag at the top of the building...can you see it? ^_^'
thats the Malaysia Tourism building :D

as long as we are at the Chinatown area, it is like a must for us to go and eat at my bestie's aunt restaurant...hehe...this time I had Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan & Air Bandung...nyummss~ Alhamdulillah

overall, I love this Eid Festival! I bought some Malaysia products since there was Malaysia Product stalls at the festival...insanely its way cheaper than at Oriental shop...for example at the festival the Maggi Chilli Sauce is only £1 but in Oriental it costs me £1.69! what!! fuhh~~ haha...but there was only 1 product that catch our eyes immediately! Hup Seng biscuits! have tried to search for it but couldn't it in any shop here in London...we only bought one & by the time we reached home, we make hot tea, in just a split of minutes, Hup Seng biscuits already finish...  -_-" need more~~

now its time to focus on my thesis writing ^_^v

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: will be a long day for me tomorrow............

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