Friday, 28 February 2014

Yeay! Yonex All England Badminton Championship tickets have arrived!! ngee~~


ticket to All England Badminton Championship!!! weee~~ ^_^

the championship starts from 4th March until 9th March...but since I have exams on 4th and 6th March, I couldn't buy the whole championship ticket tsk...tsk T_T
but luckily that my exam ended exactly before the final yo! haha... :D
so I bought the FINAL match ticket which is on 9th March ^^,

one for me, and another one for my bestie~ *_*

its a waste yo if I didn't take this opportunity!! lucky my bestie encounter this in the internet on January...but since that time our exam schedule haven't been fix yet, so we delay and we hope that our exam wouldn't overlap with this event...hahha...Alhamdulillah it didn't!! ^_^v 

so last 2 weeks I bought the tickets...the best sits so far that was available at that time was the upper deck at block 2...

as long as I can see both of the players from my seat, I am satisfied enough :) heee

there are variety of tickets types from family, adults and concession and students and each of it has different price depending also on the date of the championship...
if we choose to watch the earlier match, it will be cheaper than the semi final and final match...
but since I am a student here in London, so I am eligible for student price...yeay!! muchas gracias Yonex :D
student price for final match is 24.50 pound but they have charge for something which I couldn't hear it properly on the phone so total end up to be 27.20 pound ^^.

I couldn't wait and I am so excited!! the only games that I enjoy watching since I'm a kid is badminton and I am a big fan of Lee Chong Wei! ^_^
I heard that Lin Dan has retired and wouldn't be in this championship...if it's true, then I am sure that Lee Chong Wei will win...double yeay!!! *_*v

there are 13 Malaysian players that will be in this championship:

Go Go Malaysia!!
Go Go Chong Wei!! heee~~

bring home GOLD medals for Malaysia!!!

last but not least:
> accommodation checked 
> transport to Birmingham checked

ready to depart!!!!~~~  ^^,


p/s: since it will be exactly after my exam, its like a exam-getaway for me...haha :D

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sheffield Getaway: Sheffield Games + Visiting Cousin ^_^


last weekend me and my bestie decided to spend our weekend at Sheffield...its an ad hoc decision...hehe...just wana free ourselves from exam next week ^_^v
at the same time there is Sheffield Games being held at King Edward Community Sports Centre, so we decided to join and watch the games :D

we depart around 9 am in the morning and took the cheapest bus fare...MEGABUS!!! only 12 pound for return ticket *_*v cheap rite???!! ^^,
the trick is that you need to book as early as 2 weeks ahead before your journey, if not, the fare is 20 pound T_T' huhu~

as we reached Sheffield, the games already half way to finish...hahaha :P

there are only few games that we watch that day...frisbee, basketball and volleyball...
the event ended around 4.30 pm and we headed back to my friends house in Beauford Road...

the next day, my friend brought us to Meadowhall Shopping Complex...for the first time I ride on tram!!! yeay~~ ^_*v

in tram... :D
me with my friend who brought us around Sheffield

I am so excited to see the conductor...hahaha :D
I thought that tram is like train that you need to buy the ticket at the counter outside...but no! thats why they have conductor...hihi...seeing the conductor I miss the moment where Malaysia used to have conductor on the bus ^_^

so what do they have in Meadowhall Shopping complex??? hehehe

this is the reason why my friend brought me here! the famous Yorkshire Puddings! nyummss~~
there are variety of Yorkshire Pudding that are available but since the meaty pudding is non-halal, so we go for vegie puddings...
nice...tasty and most of all its quite a big portion...hahha...lucky that I share it with my bestie... :D

then we kill our time in the shopping a normal shopping complex, they have loads of shops but.................there is only one shop that attracts my attention...

Lush shop!
looks like they are selling doughnut rite??? -_-'

do you see all the products?? its not food ok! its soap... ^^,
its based on natural resources and yeah they have variety of products...from soap, shampoo, moisturiser, lip balm, etc~~~
did I bought one??? NO! haha..its quite pricey for me... :D 

surprisingly they close very early yo!~ at 5pm...pfftt
no where else to go so my friend brought us to their Sheffield student union building...

Sheffield Student Union building...

we perform our prayer here and then we went to have our first she wana brought us to have bubble tea just nearby to this building...but unfortunately its close -_-'
so she brought us to other restaurant to have our dinner... :D

I am quite full that time so we try hot choc as recommended by my friend and few desserts...delicious!! tq Damia for the treats~~ make sure come to London and we will return the favour! hehe ^_^

the next day, is the time for me to go home...wuwuw~~ :(
as usual before leaving we have photoshoot infront of the house...hehehe...

tq guys for having us for 3 days! ^_^
make sure next time we came you guys bring us around Sheffield! hehehe...

next stop was to my cousin house at Main Road, Darnall...since he just came to UK, so I pay a little visit ^_^

his wife was not around... :D

having fun with my IIUM friends in UK reminded me so much of our time together in I miss so much those moments...gossiping and pillow talk at night and eat together~~
tq guys for such a lovely ad hoc visit to Sheffield ^_^


p/s: wana share how their house looks like...English style right...hahah...since its quite a long entry, will post it another time... :D

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Cousin is in UK!! ^^,


I did mentioned that I received my new laptop from my cousin last month since his wife will be furthering her post doc here in Sheffield University...^_^v
so on 28th of January he was here in London!! yeay~ :D

he was supposed to stay at his friend's house but unfortunately, due to some miscommunication between them, so they stay at my house for 2 days yo! hee~

since my house  is a studio room type, therefore its quite crowded for them to stay at my house...just imagine 5 of them stay in a room...ppffttt~~
at first, my receptionist didn't allow them to stay here, but since I am quite close with almost everyone of them, I have a little talk with the guy that was on duty that day...thats the perk if you are close with your receptionist *_^v

at the end, I manage to persuade him after a private talk with him *ehem2*
I just need to make sure that there is no complaint from my neighbors because T&C of my studio is that I can't bring more than 2 quests per night and CHILDREN are not allowed!!! T_T

Alhamdulillah, everything went well ^_^
eventhough after the event, the receptionist call me a troublemaker...wuwuwu~~

okay back to the story, they landed around 6 pm, I brought them to my house and they have a nice rest after that... ",

the next day, around 1pm I brought them to MARA office at Queensborough terrace at Queensway since my cousin wants to meet someone and pass some documents at the office...

I thought that it will only be for a while, but he took so long that we didn't manage to go somewhere else -_-'

so after he settled everything that need to be done, we have our dinner at Noodle Oodle just behind MARA building... :D

this is mine, roast duck rice! nyummmss~~
first time I tried duck we call it meat? :p
thanx Abang Ajis for the treat! ^^,

after the dinner, I brought them back to my house...
the next day they need to explore London by themselves since I have class from afternoon till evening...-_-' they just got lucky that the day before I have no class...hehehe...

just before I let them go, I brought them to see my campus with the purpose that they can perform their prayers and then continue their journey to Oxford I know that its hard to find a place to pray at Oxford Street

I give them the direction to go to Oxford Street from East Acton station...I ask them to kill times there while I'm having my class...with the intention that after the class I will meet them at Oxford Street and bring them to China Town to see Jackie Chan wax statue since its Chinese New Year BUT they were just unlucky that day that its raining heavily!!! T_T

since its too cold and raining, we decided to go back...haishhh~~

another incident happened! *pity them*
they supposed to go to Sheffield the next day but my bestie bought the wrong date departure ticket...aiyooo...hahaha...
since my receptionist already put the limit only 2 nights they can stay at my house, I need to find a temporary room for a one night stand...luckily that my housing area full with Malay community...some of the families run room renting services with a cost of 30 pound per they stay there while their luggage are still at my house...Alhamdulillah~ ^_^

around 9 am the next day, I send them to Kings Cross station since they took train to go to Sheffield...there is cheap bus to go to Sheffield, but since there are kids and with tons of big luggages, I advice them to take train instead of bus ^^,

InsyaAllah we will meet more frequent after this! hehe...


UKEC-GRADUAN Careers Fair is in UK this March! ^^,


to all Malaysian students in UK!!


On 30th March 2014, UKEC is proud to present the annual UKEC-GRADUAN Careers Fair. Venue will be at Lancaster London Hotel. Companies will congregate in hopes of poaching graduating Malaysian talents. Students can also apply for a summer internship or a graduate program with the companies.

This is a great opportunity to meet and greet with top corporate leaders of the Malaysia corporate scene.

So get involved and upload your CVs at the careers fair website ASAP here before the deadline of 16th March 2014!

Participating companies:

1) UEM Group
2) Maybank
3) Lafarge
4) OCBC Bank
5) Shell
6) Axiata Group Berhad
7) Talent Corporation Malaysia
9) Deloitte
10) Nestle




1) Taylor's Education Group
2) Sunway Group
3) Accenture
4) EPF
6) Intel
7) TFM
8) Maxis
9) PWC
10) Exxonmobil
11) CIMB Group


looking forward for this fair! yeay~~ ^_^v

p/s: just came back from Sheffield. will up another post about that journey...weee~~~ :D

Friday, 21 February 2014

Last Assignment!! yeay~ ^^,


last essay! yehaaa~~
another 500 words left before I reach the word limit...pfftt~

the first essay that I manage to finish it up few days before the deadline...kih3...
because I am going to Sheffield yo this weekend!! ^_^v *excited*

Bye~ ^_^ 

p/s: next week need to struggle for exam...fuh3!! :D

Monday, 17 February 2014

Last class for Master T_T huhu~


14 February ie last Friday marked the last day of my class for my Master taught program in ICL...
mentioning about ICL, until now I haven't post yet about my university... ", wee~

there are only 21 members in my class with half of them are local and the other half are from other countries such as India, Greece, Bangladesh, Egypt, China and Malaysia of course! ^_^v
it was so nice to have only few classmates because I have never experienced that in my undergraduate!
I have approximately 80+ classmates during my undergraduate...can you imagine that?! fuhh~

incomplete 2013/2014 batch picture -_-'

wondering how many Malaysian in the class? haha
there are only 2 Malaysian initially...then 1 Malaysian join the class in the middle of the term...
she's basically last year's student but under certain circumstances, she needs to follow our class this overall it makes 3 of Malaysian students in the class!! yeay ^_^

overall, having muti-languages, multi-races in the class was fun indeed!
that's what I look forward when I plan to come and study here...

what happen next?

so now marked another chapter in our Master program...


InsyaAllah will be starting with research project around April after done with exam in March!
March, please be nice to me!~

Alhamdulillah I got my 3rd choice out of 21 topics that were given...wee~~
so far what exactly the topic is, is still unclear for me as well...still haven't heard anything from my SV...but basically will be deeply immerse with pre-term!! hehe :D
looking forward with research now after 5 months struggling with notes!!!~~~

will miss my whole classmates because after this rarely will see them anymore... :(
although most of them will carry out their research in the same building as me, but some of them will be in other departments and some will be in another university...tsk...tsk~~

keep in touch ya guys!
lets have mini reunion or what so ever anytime...haha ^-^

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: exam in another 2 weeks time yo!!~~ focus2!! haha

Thursday, 13 February 2014

MARA Application 2014/2015 has open!! ^_^


MARA Application for 2014/2015 has OPEN!

bear in mind that this application is only for those who want to further POSTGRADUATE abroad!
if you ask me about undergraduate, I am not so sure about that...T_T

how to apply??!

I took this picture from Pascamara 2014 fb page...
its better for those who want to apply, go to this page and LIKE the page...
so that you will get update on all matters regarding this application...

just go to this link...
first you need to register as a new user then go back to the main page and log in using your IC no and there you go!!!
fill in all the information needed! 

I want to congratulate MARA for upgrading their system...
its way much better than before...bravo!!! ^_^v

another 4 days left to apply!! 
the closing date will be on the 16 February 2014!!!

Good luck for those who are applying!!! ^_^

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: I am currently under if anyone of you have any inquiry, drop comments k... :D 

Free Movie & Drama!! ^_^


it just such the happiest thing in my life when I came here in London... ;D
but the next thing that make my life cheerful is that I can watch so many movies and dramas streaming online...yeay!! ^_^
not only that, it's for FREE yo~~~ haha...

so everytime I have free time...either I am so dense with all the molecular basis notes, signalling pathway notes in my brain...
or when I am so lonely in the room that I have no one to talk too...
or while I am cooking...
I turn on my laptop and start streaming for movies or dramas... :p

so far I can say that I have watch a lot of movies which its impossible for me to list it down here...oooppppsss~~~!! :D
but now I am trying to finish all the dramas that I miss out when I was in Malaysia...
such as


I have watched until season 10 episode 10...yeay!!!
whoever haven't watch until this season yet, I'm sorry I have revealed that Grey's can conceive!!! 
thats her baby...cutey baby!!! hehe~~



I have watched until season 9 episode 14~~
waiting for the other episodes to be uploaded into the website... ;p

last? not last yet.......


can say that I am quite outdated about this drama...T_T
I am just started to watch this drama whereas everybody else already done with it...-_-'
another 4 season to go!!!
currently this is the drama that I am watching..ngee~~~!



my new favourite drama! ^_^'
never knew this series drama exist...
my bestie suggested this series to me...I am quite a skeptical women about choosing any drama to my bestie have a hard time to assure me that this drama is worth to watch!
after a few episodes (after she persuade me to watch), I fall in love with this series...haha
if only this kind of detective really exist~~

surprise so many drama I watch?!
no long as I know the limit and know how to balance between study and have fun...
but there are times when I overdose with all this drama...from morning till night @_@ ooppss!

for movies, usually I will go to viooz or megashare...
whereas for series drama I will go to watchseries...

once finish with all this drama, will look for another drama for marathon! eh~! ^_^'v

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: tomorrow is last class for this semester...yuhuuu...then exam and then the moment that I am waiting own mini research~~~ :D

Nasi Lemak in UK!!!~~ ",


nasi lemak in the house!! yummysss~~~ ^_^v

my menu for break-fasting today... :p
burrrpppss Alhamdulillah~~

the condiment was from my mother...hehe~~
imported from Malaysia...hihi ^_*v

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: need to replace all my fasting before spring come!! time during spring is longer...hehe ^_^

UK bank vs Malaysia bank... eh! :p


last 2 weeks I want to make a transaction from my bank to another bank account...
what bank im using here in London??? 
NatWest!! wee~~

why NatWest and not Barclays or NationWide or HSBC etc ? :D
the answer is very easy...register to a bank that you can easily get access to them...
what I mean is their ATM machine of course...
lets imagine suddenly you are in an emergency situation and you don't have cash in your hand...
of course you will search for the nearest ATM machine right? :p

not to say that if you are a user from A bank and there is only B bank ATM machine nearest to you, you can't use them...
of course you can use them...
BUT you need to pay extra for the charge...
for me its such a waste!!! (my opinion...don't agree? its ok!)

the reason why I choose NatWest...
 because I can easily access the ATM machine in my campus and also in my accommodation area... ^_^v
and aside that because of their account options...
if you ask me which bank is better,...
see what kind of account they offer and think yourself which one you want...he~~ :D 

so since that's my first transaction that I want to perform...
I enter all the details and suddenly...


what????!!! what the fish is that?
then I knew that to make a transaction to another account from your account, you need a special card reader...
I don't know whether this applicable to other bank account...
but for NatWest it's compulsory... ^_^v

card reader~ ^_* cute~ :D

to get it just click ORDER *_*
NatWest will automatically ask you to order when you can't perform any transaction...
they will send it directly to your house...oh I love their service!!!~ :D

how to operate it?

just insert debit card into the card reader...
and follow the instructions as in the online banking...
and you are DONE!!! *yeay* ^_^v

all I can say that it's easy! feasible and most importantly
only YOU can perform the transaction...hehe...

it's a good idea to be implemented in my country...hee~

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: receive a lot of complaint from Maybank2u customer about their services including myself...hope Maybank2u can implement if they read my blog kan.......~~~ :P

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Winter Walk for GAZA in London! :D


have you heard about Winter Walk for GAZA before?
if not, no worry, its famous in UK...haha @_@

an annual event held by Muslim Hands UK organisation to help thousands of children in GAZA...

their main aim are to:

1) Gather need for pychosocial and medical support
2) Equip Al-Durrah Paed Hospital with medical care instruments

people who sign up with them then will help the organisation to raise fund thru either door to door fundraising or the easiest way is thru personal online fundraising isn't it? ^_^v

and so I sign up for the program and I even created my own online fundraising page... ^_*'

as to show support for this program, they held a walk around UK such as in London, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham...
in London they held it at Hyde Park...@_@
can you imagine how big is the park? and we need to walk around the park? fuuhhh~~ -_-'

the venue at Hyde Park ^_^

upon reaching the venue, we need to register first...

according to our surname...but my surname doesn't start with Z!! arrghh...haha
maybe they mistaken thought that ZAHIRRAH is my father's name...hasiihhh -_-'

after the registration I received my goody bag...yehaa~~
contain a mineral water bottle, banana and a pamphlet + route map for the walk... ", 

the yellow box is the route for the 5 miles walk...pffft~@_@
half of the whole Hyde Park...wowowooo...I told you its big~

I came in 1 hour early...fuh~
thanks to the banana, it provides me with energy since I didn't take any breakfast that morning...kah3! whatthe?!~

while waiting for the walk to start, I take the opportunity to mingle around...
there were many Malaysian including Indonesian people that join the walk...wee~~ *happy!*
some are students and interestingly the Indonesian people that I saw were from one organisation...but I forgot the name...haha...

exactly at 11 am the walk start...there goes 5 miles of walking ^_^v

its impossible if a park without a lake right? :D
while walking I stumble upon a beautiful lake full of swans and ducks! weeee~~ ^_^v
since there was no food to feed those ducks and swans, I plan to come again and feed them! when??? erm....depends on my schedule...hahaha... :p

YES!!!! finally!!! final 1 mile~~ppffttt *_*'

Alhamdulillah I manage to finish the walk...don't ask how many minutes...
because so far that I can remember it took me hours to finish the walk...kah3!
I reach the final line around 1.15 pm...:P

so sad because there was no FINISH banner at the finishing line...haishh~~

I didn't expect at all that they will prepare lunch for us...nyummmy~~ :D
but Alhamdulillah, someone donated a delicious turkey wrap for this event... ^_^v
may He bless that person...ameen~~~ :D

not only that, right after Zuhur prayer, 
there were performances from the!!!

souvenir from the organiser...yeay!! Alhamdulillah... ^_^'
at last I manage to get a certificate in UK...kih3!! *yes*

and last but not least..........................

a giant balloon~~ hihi... ^_'
this balloon intrigue my bestie...
because she was so shy to take the balloon from the banner, I took it for her...
and she ask me to hold the balloon until we reach the station...kah3...
but sadly we can't bring it along with us since it's too big and its too windy that time that I can't manage to control the balloon...
at last, I gave it to one family at the park... -_-'

the funny thing is that the mother ask me how much do I sell it...ha?? kah3!!!

I hope that this event will continue in the future...even though I would not be here next time they held it, I will still support this program from far...
thank you to the organiser for the great experience that I gained from this event...
the least that I can do for my brothers and sisters in GAZA was this...........

Bye~ ^_^
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