Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sending off my niece to Indonesia - Exchange Student Program


I was supposed to publish this entry before my bro birthday celebration, but since I am waiting for the pix from my sis, I delayed that until now coz plus I am quite busy too...huhu -_-"
eventho its outdated and my niece already come back from Indonesia YESTERDAY, I still wana tell you the story...will be my memory as well~ =D

so the story begins when my niece was chosen by PPD (Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah) itself to join the Exchange Student Program to Indonesia from 22-29th November 2014...

participants were around 35 students ranging from 13-15 years old from schools around Pekan, Pahang...and she was one of the participants that was selected by PPD!
on the 22nd of November, right after my another niece kindie graduation ceremony, me, my mom, my bro-in-law and my sis went to KLIA to send her off...her flight was at 5pm but upon her teacher instructions, she needs to be at the airport at 2pm coz they will distribute the jacket, file and bags at the waiting area in KLIA...


I am the same height with my niece lol! :p

whenever I stand beside her, people thought that I am her big sister! wohoo~

and this photo makes me feel so young again~ ahaks! ^_*v
my niece and her 2 other friends from the same school

she had been chosen for so many school activities and programs before and she had been to Singapore last year...but this particular program was the longest and the farthest so far...she seems excited as well as my sister ^_^ I am so proud of you my lil niece...InsyaAllah one day I will send you off to the same airport for your studies in oversea...ameen~

group photo! this photo was taken by the photographer that was with them throughout the program in sister took it from their FB page...haha >.<

anyway, she already back to Malaysia sound and safe...haven't met her yet...waiting for my souvenir...kah3!! ok, I am a mean aunt...hahaha~


Saturday, 29 November 2014



the story begins few weeks ago...upon my bestie recommendations, I went to this restaurant which is actually very the near to my house, it only took me around 10 minutes by car from my house :D
upon reaching at this restaurant, since its tooooo full, me, my mom & my brother sat at one of the table outside of the restaurant and by a few seconds, a waiter came and took our order...after that then I realise!!! omg its a different restaurant!!! hahaha...SERIOUSLY I dont realise that there is NZ Restaurant just beside it...sadly I can't cancel my order! so I promise to myself that I will come again! =D

and today, at last I manage to come here & enjoy the food as reviewed by soo many people! ^_^
since its my big brother birthday tomorrow, so I purposely ask him to bring me to eat at this restaurant...but the bill is upon him...lalala~ =D

the restaurant situated just behind Columbia Hospital at Jalan Genting Klang...besides NZ Restaurant and Pizza Hut

so we ordered...

Naan Cheese for my mom, my sis-in-law and xtra cheese for me :D

Beef Kima

marvellous! but can't beat my mom's kima ^_*
for me personally, if they add more coriander in the dish, it will taste more deli~

nice tho...

and as usual if I order naan, the a-must-dish will be Tandoori Chicken

overall, I rate all the dishes 5/5...I am satisfied! the service is tip top! the staffs are sooo fleet in doing their job...they dont let their customers unattended...kudos to the restaurant owner for such an outstanding service...

one of the reason I said that is because one of the staff saw that my mom can't walk to the sink behind the restaurant since she is not feeling the staff brought a bowl of water for my mom to wash her that service! and my mom was happy too! hehehe

aside from these dishes, my mom ordered Hot Tea and when she tasted it, she loves it soo much! once my mom said that tea is deli, means that it is! since she is an expert in making hot tea herself (what can you expect from a Pakistani in making a tea right? haha...p/s: my mom is a Pakistani) she ordered another cup of tea and my brother ordered one too after my mom review the tea...hehe

from my observation, all the staffs there are Pakistani aside from one Malaysian and maybe thats the reason their tea is one of the best in town too! hehe...and thats true since in making a deli tea, you need to choose the right tea leaves and my mom used to bought grounded tea leaves from Peerbhai shop at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and that tea leaves makes the best tea ^_^

anyway, my mom said that we for sure will come again and try another menu since they have lots of other menu as well...till next time then...hehe...oh btw the total damage was paid off by the birthday boy so I was not sure how much it is! >.<


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Birthday Alang!


there are 2 November babies in my family...and both of them are my brother...hahaha...
fyi, I have only 2 brothers but my second brother birthday is earlier than my first last Saturday, we celebrate his birthday which was suppose to be on 21th of November...but since I just came back from Birotatanegara (BTN) which I am still waiting for the pictures in the FB group and also busy sending my niece off to KLIA so we postponed the celebration to the next day which is on Saturday...

right after sending my niece off to KLIA with my sis & her family together with my mom, on the way back to my mom's house, we stop over at Wangsa Walk to buy a cake for the birthday boy! :D

initial plan was to buy a Tiramisu cake since my mom love that cake, but Tiramisu is out of stock! -_- so I go for second choice which is Chocolate Indulgence...yummy~!

my bro! 

Oh Alang, I cant believe you are already 28 yeard old!!! hahaha...I still remember that we used to trick our Ami (that's what we call our mom :D) back then when we leave alone in the house...I ask you to run in 5 minutes to go to the shop to buy sweets for me and come back before she calls us and you are not there to answer the phone! how nostalgic is that...I don't know why but that's one of the million tricks that still stick in my mind! =D


as usual, my 2 niece and nephew will be the busiest person infront of the cake...haha..well, we didn't plan to wear the same matching colour at all! coincidence!

my small yet feel so big family! love u all~

oh that is not my first bro, he was not there that day...thats my bro-in-law...don't be fool with his face...he looks young but he is already 42 years old ok! oh gosh I am so jelly lah with you Abg As...he knows me since I am a can you imagine that he saw me grew up and all...hahaha...and yeah he likes to smile~~maybe thats the trick to look young =D

my sis on the other hand was so lazy to wear her scarf, so she is not included in the photo as well as everybody were too tired that day coz aside from sending off my niece to KLIA, my mom and my sis were at my niece (in the pix) kindie graduation ceremony and I was at home preparing my another niece for her departure to Indonesia...

well, to Alang, may Allah bless u alwayz, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan a few months, your status will change, and so please don't forget about me as I will still be the baby girl in the family! hehe...^_^v


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Nasi Kukus Mama - Marvelous & Cheap


this is the long overdue entry that was promised to you guys before...hehe...sorry guys, was super busy these few weeks =D

so as I mentioned in my Kuantan trip, one of the main reason I wen for that trip was to go and eat this particular cuisine that I was craving for when I was in UK!

Nasi Kukus Mama!!! (steam rice)

I still remember how this business expand so quickly from just a small stall that the owner open at Casper Restaurant and then they shift to Bilal Restaurant and then they open their own shop at Shahputra College building...I used to go to the stall version since that's where I knew about them from my classmates...and everytime I went there, if you come later than 3pm, usually the Nasi Kukus will be out of stock!from there you can actually evaluate how delicious the Nasi Kukus is! ^_^v

when they open their own restaurant at Shahputra College, I didn't have the opportunity to experience it myself and so, while I was in UK, from the whatsapp group as well as in FB group of IIUM Kuantan, I came across to know that they have already expand their business with the opening of a new branch just infront of IIUM Kuantan!! what!!! such a heaven thing for the current students...I'm super jelly!

One of the branch infront of IIUM Kuantan that I mentioned above...with the tagline "Murah & Marvellous" (Cheap & Marvellous)

they have upgraded their menu with variety of SETS MENU that was unavailable before and the set menu is considerably cheap...they sell solely nasi kukus before without set! ...with just RM7.00, you can get Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah plus with any drink of either Oren Sunquick/Teh O/Sirap and many more sets that you can read on the! thumbs up to the owner for such an improvements in terms of their addition in the menu ^_^v

the story line of the establishment of the restaurant is also portrayed in the restaurant...with just from a small stall, they have expanded with more than 10 branches in East Coast area within 5 years! (clap..clap...)

with new packaging as well~ before this they use normal wrapping paper that can be found in the market but now they have their own! ^_^


inside view!
oh myyyy...I'm drooling already!! huhu
why is it KL is so far from Kuantan -_-"  

I can't say how delicious it is! You need to try words to describe...speechless~~


the view inside of the restaurant

the same concept is still being applied by the owner of the restaurant which actually being a hot topic among the customers...from the beginning of the establishment of the restaurant (from just a small stall), they didn't have any staff that entertain their customers at the table (ie taking orders)...the method that they use is you pay at the counter, take your order and eat at the table, and once you are done, they will clean up the table...thats how it goes...and somehow I came across an interview article with the owner clearing up the issue...he said that thats how they operate to minimise the cost and actually that is one of the greatest idea that maybe I will not came across if I am not a business minded person...kudos to the owner! ^_^v

so whoever in the East Coast of Malaysia and still haven't eaten here yet, come and taste it for sure will not regret...hehe...and as for me, will there be another foodtrip to Kuantan? stay tuned! hehe (hope so! :D)


Slero D Timur, Ayer8, Putrajaya


I guess I have left my blog unattended for such quite a long time...huhu
there is a reason behind it! I am super duper busy these few weeks...beginning from the time that I come back from UK until this week, I am running my errands for my PhD matters...and so, while running my errands, I have a few interesting stories to share with you guys :D

I am not so sure when this happened, but me and my bestie had our lunch in one of the restaurant that is quite famous at Putrajaya...its called Slero D Timur at Ayer8...if you ask me where it is situated, better you guys use waze...hahah...coz I am not familiar with Putrajaya area plus whenever I have anything to do in Putrajaya, I will ask my bestie to bring me around =D

I can say that this place is quite secluded maybe the area is still developing and few people knew this place (maybe I feel this because I am not from this area ahaks!!) but my bestie knew this place from her sister...and so we try some of the menu that is available at this restaurant...lets check out what we bought that day!

the menu...the complete address and the FB page can be found on the cover of the menu :)

Ayam Pandan (Pandan Chicken) (RM15.00)

Tom Yam (RM18.00)

and the dish that I like the most!!


Crab Chillies (drooling~) (RM25.00)

plus with 2 rice plates

I really LOVE all the dishes! The Tom Yam was super delicious! suits my needs and my appetite for Tom Yam...its so difficult nowadays to find a Tom Yam dish that's delicious as that...thumbs up!!! nyummss~~

my bestie select the Pandan Chicken dish and so I it! love the crunchiness of the chicken and the smell and the taste of the pandan leaves...thumbs up too!

last but not least is the Crab Chillies ! I don't know how to express how delicious it is but if I say that I would like to repeat the visit, would you understand how delicious it is??? hahahaha

total damage...RM65.50 ^_^v

I am so satisfied with both the dish and the service...although we actually came during lunch hour and its quite full, the service is still tip top! thumbs up again! hehe

actually they have seating area outside of the restaurant which is facing a lake and you can enjoy the scenery while you we took a picture after we done eating...

the breeze of the air from the lake was so cooling~ hehe

for sure will repeat my visit...hopefully will come again to try their main dish that is quite popular as well which is Megi Ketam!

Recommended to all! hehe


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