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MARA psychometric test: 2013 vs 2014 ~~ ^^,


Alhamdulillah on the 20th March 2014 I have successfully sat for my psychometric test for MARA...MARA sets the exam to be at 5-7 pm Malaysia time which means 9-10 am UK time...initially I thought it will be in UK time zone...and thank God that it came to my senses that its impossible for MARA to set 2 different time zone for the test! hehe~ ^.^

just to recap that I am now studying in UK using MARA as my I have sat for the same test last year in I can tell that there are vast differences between 2013 and 2014 test! pheww -_-"

2013 Psychometric Test:

The test was divided into 3 sections;

  1. Section A have 50 questions...all the questions are in English
  2. Section B have 50 questions...all the questions are in Bahasa Malaysia
  3. Section C have 1 essay question...with the title "How do you see yourself in 5 years from now?" (if I'm not mistaken is 5 but maybe also 10 years, but they asked how do you see yourself in the future)
the test was carried out at different centres, it depends in which centre MARA allocate you for the test...Alhamdulillah I got GMI (German Malaysian Institute) at Bangi, behind the UKM Komuter Station...during the test, you need to bring all relevant documents as stated by MARA...such as any conditional/unconditional offer from the respective university that you apply for, all your certificate (Bachelor, STPM/Matric/SPM/PMR), IC of both your parents and you, and etc etc...I couldn't remember all!! \(^_^)/ huhu...

the test was quite easy...its a mixture of IQ test, personality test, simple mathematics, logic, computer applications such as 'how to close an application? the answer would be "click CLOSE" ' and many more as how its being used by certain company to search for a suitable can actually Google it, and you will find many questions regarding psychometric test in the can even test it for free thru online...thats how I did it last time...^_^v
the format was MCQ and know ranking format questions rite???? if don't know than Google it! :D

the essay question needed you to write an approximately 50 words to explain how you see yourself in the future...most of the tips that I got from my senior and also from the fb group that time was, intrigue the examiner by stating your plan in the future that can give huge benefits to Malaysia in long run based on the course that you apply...and if I'm not mistaken I wrote it in English but I forgot whether can wrote it in both language or not...indeed it was such a havoc debate at that time of which language should we use to write the essay...kah3!!

2014 Psychometric Test:

The test was divided into 3 sections;

  1. Section A
  2. Section B
  3. Section C not an essay!
this time the questions for section A and B was in English and in Bahasa Malaysia in section C...I really forgot to calculate how many questions for each sections because since its been done thru online (yes, you heard me, ONLINE!), so its quite hard for me to pay attentions on the questions number as my attention was fully on the time display on my laptop and also the questions... :p

the types of questions on section A and B are the same as in 2013...but they have arrange the questions accordingly by which section A concentrate more on logic, simple mathematics, riddles (I called so) and many more in MCQ format...while section B on the other hand were on personality test in ranking format with 1 fully agree and 5 totally disagree... <---here I have given how the ranking questions was! haha...

however, the major differences was on section C...for this particular section the format was not an essay anymore but more on your understanding on our country read about Perlembagaan, the functions of each Badan2 Kerajaan such as Badan Kehakiman, Badan Legislatif and also about all the Prime Ministers! 

the last but not least, the main differences is, there will be an INTERVIEW for this year applicants!!! @_@ gulp~

as stated by MARA, 2014 is their first attempt of handling the test thru online...there are pros and cons by having this...I am a paper person which means that I prefer written in paper instead of on what happen was its quite hard to go back to the previous page if you wana double check or change your answer...the most inappropriate incident happened when some of the applicants print screen the questions and circulate that among their friends thru email, fb and many more as the tests was not run at the same time for every applicants...for me, it was so unethical...

during the test, I sat beside my bestie...and so I realised that the questions were similar to everyone BUT the sequence of the questions were different...thats another cons of having online test where you can sit in a pair or in a group and exchanging answers ^_*v

BUT, by having online test maybe was the best alternative for MARA...we can save our trees!!! yehaa~~ okay I'm an enviromentalist after joining AYVP last year...kih3!! =_=

bravo MARA for this first step! if it does work, please keep it up! ^_*v

oh, about the INTERVIEW, the date haven't been set yet...MARA focuses applicants in Malaysia first before they proceed with abroad applicants...for sure, it will be in April...yuhuuu!! most of the review that I read in fb page state that the interview was fun and not so I'm writing this, some of the applicants in Malaysia have done with their interview...all the best to the rest and also myself...haha \(^_^)/v

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: will review my interview experience once I'm done with it! :D


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