Tuesday, 31 March 2015

HELLO San Francisco!! | 62nd Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Conference 2015


so on the last 6 days I was in San Francisco attending a conference!! :D

it was all a last minute plan! pfftt~ wasn't actually a last minute since my sv already informed me since last year that I need to attend this conference as I am going to replace her for the poster presentation as our paper (my master research project) was accepted for poster presentation at the conference! >.<

but its all were postponed to a day before everyone in my team is flying which is on 24th...and its all because my bench fee money still haven't been credited into my account by MARA! -_-'

VISA application, hotel and flight bookings all need to be delayed! but since visa application will take around 3-5 working days to be processed, so I used my own money which cost me GBP108.80, but no worry since I can claim it...haha...almost giving up on going to the conference but since I have just collected my visa on the 23rd and with the money that I have spent on visa, not to wasted it, I made up my mind to just bought the flight ticket and book the hotel with my own money as well........BUT suddenly when I approach the financial controller of my department, he said that MARA has credited the money!!! yeay!! so there goes of my whole Monday trying to sort out everything and prepare everything to go to the conference! pfftt~

im so thankful that by the time I bought the ticket on the 23rd, there is only 1 seat left for me on the virgin atlantic flight that I purposely choose so that I can landed at SF the same time as my other labmate and there is only 1 double bed room left at Prescott Hotel, the hotel which my labmates stay at during the conference period...Syukur alhamdulillah~ ^_^v

my flight was at 11.20am and I thought I will be alone in the flight and will only meet my other labmate at SF airport, BUT wallaahh I found all my labmates at Heathrow airport just before we board in the same plane...hahaha...I reach San Francisco Airport (SFO) at 4.45pm (San Francisco local time, on the 24th March)...

upon reaching the SFO airport, only me and another labmate took a taxi and go to the hotel and the other 2 of my labmate which are in the same plane were heading to another place since they are from different supervisor and their team actually rent a house for a week and stay there together as a whole team  :D the distance between SFO airport and Prescott Hotel isn't that far...it took around 20 minutes to reach there with the mild traffic and cost us around $40 -_-" its okay, can claim it!! ^_^

so this is the reason that I went to San Francisco! :D
the conference was from 25th March 2015-28th March 2015 at Hilton Hotel
and I am there representing my supervisor for poster presentation...and Alhamdulillah everything went well eventhough I didn't win any prize...ahaks! >.<

next entry will show you my accommodation! stay tuned~


Monday, 23 March 2015

Invigilating MSc students :)


last Thursday I have the first opportunity to invigilate master students of the same course that I was graduated from last year in Imperial College London...as some of you who might be the first time visiting my blog, I am a PhD student in Imperial College London...

I was supposed to invigilate on 2 different days which is on the Tuesday and Thursday on the same week, but since I am not feeling well since the week before that, with a bad cough, I can't fulfill my responsibility that has been bestowed upon me...thus I ask my bestie to take over my job invigilating those students on Tuesday...

on the Thursday, I am still not feeling well and with a mild cough, I thought of passing the job again to my bestie since I don't want to disturb the students while they are cracking their head trying to answer those killing Paper 3 questions with my constant coughing...haha I know how hard it is...but apparently she is sick too...with my willingness to experience invigilating exams is so thick, I invigilate the exams for 1 hour...during that 1 hour, surprisingly my throat doesn't irritate so much that I would like to cough so hard...yeay! Alhamdulillah >.<

no one ask to go to the toilet during my period of invigilating -_-' lol!

but once my period end, at the moment I step out the door, I cough so loud! hope the students don't distracted by that or surprise! haha

I can still remember my time having to sit in the same room for my exam last year...time flies so fast~ I am not so sure was it the same exact room, but the environment, so stress! haha...

anyway, good luck & all the best to Reproductive & Developmental Biology 2014/2015 batch! 

might see and work with 1 or even few of them in my lab for their short project after their exam...but for sure I am not getting anyone to supervise...yehaa!! ^_*


Sunday, 15 March 2015

IZ KIDDIE SHOP is official!


With the Grace of Allah, my business with my partner is finally official !!!

with the Registration No: TR0144032-W

now you guys can shop my Baby Products with no hesitation ^_^v

browse thru our products in Instagram @izkiddieshop or just click the instagram gadget on the right handside >.<

thank you for supporting us guys~! muah3! >.<

for any enquiry, please contact (whatsapp):

Nurul Izzati at +60196624171


p/s: move over the mouse on the top panel for more info on IZ KIDDIE SHOP  

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pangkin Bonda Homestay


this is the homestay that I stayed during my brother wedding last January in Muar, Johor...when first my brother showed the house to me, I was sooo happy because there is a swimming pool inside the house...hoyeah!!...but yeah no, I didn't jump into the pool since my cousy was there and I am very the shy~lalala ^_^v BUT the kids will enjoy it!!

so basically since only my whole family which consist of 10 people plus one family of my aunt wana join us staying at this homestay, total up there were 14 people joining us that day and Alhamdulillah it fits all of us with an affordable price! =D

the homestay is equip with:

 3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 swimming pool, 
a kitchen fully equip with gas and all the utensils for you to cook + coffee & tea as a bonus
barbeque set
TV (without ASTRO)
coffee table for us to lepak2

its so complete plus with the Kampung style scenery, its the best choice for a getaway or family gathering or even if you wana have a breakthrough from the hectic busy city life~

lets have a look at the house~ 


the 1st bedroom is equip with 1 single & 1 double bed with a sofa, a small table & 1 cupboard and an aircond
 since this room has more beds and larger than the other 2, so my aunt, my mom, my sis, my cousy and the 2 little munchkin stay in this room...luckily my aunt brought an extra mattress...fuh~~

unfortunately I dont have a decent photo for the 2nd bedroom...huhu...but the room is equip with 1 double bed, 1 cupboard & an aircond...the room is quite small and at the edge of the bed is a wall which is small that you can only put your luggage there...and the space between the bed and the cupboard (exactly on the right of the photo) can fit one person to sleep on the floor...



the 3rd bedroom is specially reserve for the guys! uhuk! haha... 
it has 1 bunk bed & 1 cupboard & no aircond only a fan but no worry...with the Kampung weather, its not that hot especially during the nights...

as I said that the house is equip with barbeque set, the barbeque area is just infront of the 3rd bedroom area with 2 benches and a table with chairs...there is even a special sink just beside the barbeque area...no hustle to go to the kitchen...hahaha...while enjoying the night gathering with family, no need to buy food outside, just barbeque and have fun!! hehe


sadly to say, with the time constraint and tiredness, we didnt have the chance to utilise it...uhhu...such a waste~~ I have been imagining it before we came there but.........wedding event right, what do you expect~wearing henna is more importante than barbeque...im sad!! -_-"

the kitchen and the bathrooms side by side...the kitchen is fully equip so no worry to bring a kettle or whatsoever...even there is a fridge! thats y its a good idea for a barbeque...you can marinate your chicken or beef beforehand and store it here... :D 

and last but not least! tara~~~



the swimming pool~hoyeah!
its sooo clean...well maintained! well done to the owner!
the first thing that the kids were so happy about when they enter the house...hhahaha...still remember the little munchkins were so excited and cant get enough with the pool...owh the buoy doesnt belong to the homestay ya...my cousin brought that when she knew that there is a pool at the homestay...hahha...can you see whos much more enthusiastic-the mom or the kids? hahaha :p

I really enjoy such a gathering...chitchatting, laughing together and release your tension...enjoy yourself while you can and this is one of the way to strengthen the relationship as well...

argh I miss the gathering already...if plus with the barbeque will make me miss the place more~~ok enough with the barbeque! haha

dont you just love the scenery~~

I dont have Kampung, so when I come to such a place, I will deeply in-love with the place...will miss this homestay...one of the best homestay so far other than Kampung Sirih that I have been to in Kuala Selangor...to experience myself with Kampung environment, I love to go to such places..

so guys, if you know any homestay that's with Kampung style/scenery/environment, would be good if its situated in Kampung, do let me know ya... ^_^v


p/s: 1. to know more about the homestay, visit their FB page here
       2. you can ask them the price since the price that I got is the best price and dont ask me y I got 
           that price...hahaha...but believe me its sooo cheap! worth it!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

New Journey Begins as a PhD Student :)


last year I was a master student in Imperial College London and during the final semester in my master, I apply for a PhD position and I was offered a place under my supervisor...Alhamdulillah...

just before I was accepted for the PhD position, I have already secured my funding which is MARA...so now I'm back to school again! ^_^v

My PhD topic in general is just the same as during my master short research topic which is prevention of preterm labour and yes this field is very new in Malaysia and hope that I can give a new light for this particular research field in Malaysia with the knowledge that I gained here... ameen~


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