Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Alhamdulillah...back to London safe and sound ^_^v


Alhamdulillah with His blessings, I have arrived in London back again safe and sound...I reached London on 22nd of December at 7.00am ^_^v

I am so sad since I have no proper pix at all with my family before boarding...I reached KLIA a bit later than my bestie...done with weighing and wrapping my luggages, I got stuck at the drop bag counter since the queue is too long! haishh!! so I ask my family to wait for me at KFC since thats was the original plan to eat at KFC for the last time before I board...upon reaching at KFC, I have around 1 hour before boarding...having good time at KFC with the whole family plus when suddenly my bestie call my sister and said that we only have 20 minutes before boarding, really make me forget to take group photo with my family =_=" =_="

eventhough didn't get a really nice pix of me & the whole family, I am satisfied + happy to the max since this time around, complete my whole family was there to send me off unlike last year for my master as everything was a last minute plan, so most of them can't make it...hehe

its okay! as I am coming back in January anyway...that time, will make sure that I have a proper pix with everyone in it! hehe ^_^v 
missing them already~~ -_-'

new chapter of my life as a PhD student begins now~~


p/s: now, just waiting for tomorrow to board into my new house~~ :D cant wait for it!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

[Part 3] Step by Step Studying Abroad - Renewing Passport, TB Test & VISA Application


done with Part 1 & Part 2, now I am going to proceed with Part 3 which is the last step ^_^


it is important to renew your passport early as it needs to be used when you are applying for your Visa...and to renew your passport at current date, you dont need to bring any passport size photo, or you dont have to wait for too long to get your passport back...now there are lots of immigration branch around plus some branches are now situated in UTC (Urban Transformation Centre)...the best thing is that you dont need to do extra job by taking passport size photo with you since they have implemented new policy which they will take your photo at the counter itself! how convenient is that isn't??? >.< and dont worry, its not necessarily that you need to wear black scarf anymore...they will take your photo black and white...why dont they implement this earlier??? hahaha

TB Test

there are only certain clinics are being approved by UK Gov for TB test and the clinics included are as shown below OR you can click here for the website

things to bring for TB test:

and the fees:

clear enough right? haha...oh btw I went to LifeCare Clinic which situated at Bangsar South...the nearest train is Universiti station and just a walking distance from the station around 10 minutes walking

upon reaching at the receptionist, you just need to present to them your passport, and they will give you a form for you to fill-in and remember to fill-in carefully with not a single mistake, if does, they will give you another form because that will be your ORIGINAL certificate AFTER the doctor have sign the form!

anything that you guys don't understand, just drop a comment or email me ya!

VISA Application

Step 1Go to this link and read all the documents that you need to prepare, the process and everything written on the website. Make sure you understand before proceed.

Step 2: Register. As you can see on the top tab, there is 2 options either you are applying for yourself or applying for someone else. Choose the right tab and click.

Step 3: Once done with the registration, the website will direct you to the main page of your application. To view the progress of your application, see the "status" and it will tell you which part of the application form that you still haven't complete yet on the "Next Step"

Step 4: Fill-in all the information needed for the application according to the section shown on the left tab. Every time you have successfully fill-in the information, click SAVE button. 

if the section change from BLACK colour to GREEN colour, it means that for that particular section, you have fill-in all the information required. If not, it will still be in black colour

Step 5: Submit your application.

once you have submitted, the "Application Completed" panel will turn to green colour which means you have passed the first stage. "Next Step" is Sign Declaration. Click the button.

Step 6: Sign the declaration form. Read first!

Step 7: Once you have sign the declaration form, now you can book for the appointment. You need to choose your appointment location and later, the center of your choice. But in KL, the center for Visa is at WISMA MCA, Jalan Ampang. If you are travelling using public transport, take a Kelana Jaya Line train, hop off at Ampang Park, and follow the WISMA MCA sign. For Visa to UK, its at level 9.

Step 8: Make your online payment. The total is USD 530.00. For MARA student, not to worry, you can claim that later after your first allowance payment has been credited to your account. Produce a letter, print the online payment resit that will be sent by UKBA to your email (just print your email) and the receipt that you received at the counter when you apply for visa and send them those to the nearest MARA office at your respective country. 

Step 9: Now you can print your online application! :D which mark that you are now done for the application process and just present yourself during the appointment to submit all those documents that you have print just now AND bring also a photo, original TB test certificate, renewed passport plus any previous passport that is/are under your possession, appointment letter & any relevant original documents thats already stated in the website!

OK! have done all the parts that's needed and important! now you can start applying! ^_^v

oh ya, the visa process will take around 5-14 working days for NORMAL VISA 

if let say you are in a hurry and need that fast, you can apply for Priority VISA which you can ask for at the counter later when you are applying for VISA but that will cost you another RM300++ (this was last year rate) and you will get your VISA in 3-5 working days

Good luck and all the best! :D



Dating with 2 wonderful men in my life at Tappers e-Curve! ^_^v


this is a veryyyyyyyyyyy old story...I think few weeks after I came back from London last October...huhuhu :D

that day we went to IKEA, after shopping we stop for a while and hunt for lunch...my big bro was targeting Little Penang Restaurant coz he said that the food were quite nice BUT its closed and will be back at 5pm! aigooo...so after much consideration between Kenny Rogers and Tappers, I go for Tappers ^_^ dont ask why, since I also never been there before...hihi

lets see the menu here~


since I was quite hungry that time, I had spagetti bolognese and my big bro just had a toast bread and my second bro had fish & chips I guess...haha couldn't remember as I told you that it was a loooong time ago story ^_^

and the drinks...

the food is usual...nothing special about that...hehehe...

had a very good time with my two men ^_^v

oh gosh, will miss them so much after this...huhu...


p/s: will fly tomorrow...dup dap...dup dap...~~~pls pray for my safe and sound journey ya u'olls :D

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

MSc certificate is here!!!


yesterday I treat my ex-bossess and my colleagues when I was working as an RA at HUKM...I have been owing them capati for 1 year since I promised them before I fly to UK last year! hahaha >.<
BUT only yesterday I had the time + opportunity to fulfill my promised...sorry guys~ :D

then when I reached home, which was quite late yesterday, I was talking to my mom and I saw an envelope on the table and I keep staring at it while talking to her...out of curiosity I reached the envelope and I looked at the name on the envelope...oh it was for me!!! yehaa~~ for the moment it doesnt cross my mind at all of the content of the envelope because I didnt read the sender's address...hahaha...told you I am excited receiving an envelope!! I know its just an envelope~~ =_="

when I opened it!!!!

it's actually my MSc certificate! :D :D :D

it comes together with a summary of my master result (I guess so :p)

was waiting for it eagerly when I just finished my master last 2 months! ^_^

Alhamdulillah...with His grace, I finally can reach up to this level...without the blessings from my mother, my siblings and my relatives, I couldn't have done it...thank you also to all my friends especially to Siti Aminah and Nurul Izzati (my besties) who were by my side throughout my master journey (eventhough you are far away from me Izzati, but you were alwayz there to hear my problem :D) love you all to the moon and back!!!! muah3~!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day Trip to Muar, Johor + Foodtrip


Today I went to Muar for a very serious business with my brother >.< ok just kidding...just to settle a few business that he had in Muar so I accompany him since he will be driving alone plus my intend is toooooo foodtrip!!! yehaa~~ ^_^v

we went out around 9.30am and reach Muar around 11.45am...but somehow we lost somewhere around the destination that we are heading to...hahaha and then after we fetch the person that we want to, we continue our journey to Pekan Baru Parit Yusof which we arrived around 1.30pm...

while waiting for 'that' business to settle, we went to Benteng for a quick lunch =D

the person that we fetch earlier keep mentioning about Briyani Gam that is quite famous in Muar...and so I was craving for it since I have never try that before...and we search for that particular dish ^_^

so this is the shop that we choose at Benteng...

its sooooo cheap!!! can't find this range of price in KL...huhu

so I ordered Briyani Gam Kambing :D

and to complete the dish, with ABC lalalala~~nyumss!

and then I saw Kacang Pool stall which you can find it only in Johor but since I am not feeling well plus quite full, I didn't bought it...plus I am coming back to Johor next month, so I don't care that much that I didn't have it this time...hehehehe >.<

since its only a day trip and we don't have that much time left plus its already that late, we didn't go anywhere else...after done with lunch, we headed back to the place that we left for and head back to KL around 6pm and we reached KL around 9.30pm...fuhhh~~ 

12 hours journey for today...I am tired!! -_-"


Friday, 12 December 2014

Chemistry Lab + Cafe, Section 7, Shah Alam


right after the photoshoot session at Lorong Belakang at Section 7, I ask my sister to go to a cafe which one of my lecturer keep posting it on FB! it drives me crazy when people post something about cool & deli cafe! >.<

since I dont know Shah Alam area that much, so I use Google Maps...hehe...its very near from the site where Lorong Belakang situated...

the front view of the cafe...

this is what attract me the most! they use this "radioactive barrel" as a table outside of the cafe...so cool~ :)

lets see deco inside the cafe >.<



periodic table, lab coat, and also a set-up of an experiment on a table beside the door..nice~

the counter...
as a usual cafe, they have quite a simple menu...


they also have pasta and other menu~

so these were the dishes that we bought...


I bought 2 cakes and they served it in a pan...but somehow I cant find any connection of this kind of pan with chemistry lab...anyone?? hmmm... :p

Oreo Crepe & Peanut Butter Cake

both are very delicious! I like it! thats the first time that I eat Oreo Crepe...love it~ 

and for the drinks, I bought Chemical Reaction

nice tho~ so rich and they served it in a real flask! fuhhh~~ I know how much this flask cost because usually it will be very expensive...cant imagine if the staffs keep broken it...hahaha

and Ice Cream Latte

just nice...cant say much but this is the first time I drink caffeinated beverages with ice cream on top >.< haha...and for this one, they served it in a beaker...unique idea!

overall on the food I can say its very delicious however its quite pricey for me...for a slice of cake, it costs you RM11.00 which is far more expensive than Secret Recipe...phew~ anyway its just for the sake of testing it ^_^v

BUT the service is tooooo slow!! and they need to improve interms of their order method...the staff keep carrying around the order for example the drinks and ask each table whether that drinks belong to them which is not nice! for me its better if they numbered the table so will be easier for them to deliver the order OR make a system like Starbucks where the customers redeem their order at the redemption counter (as I call it so)...hope they improve on that matter...aside from that, I like the view, the deco and especially the food!

oh, the total damage was RM48.30 (yaa~~ I know -_-")

for those interested to try it, here is the address:

No 26, Jalan Kristal J7/J, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

have a try guys~!


Photo-Photo at Lorong Belakang, Laman Seni, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam


Yesterday at last I manage to go to one of my bucket list place-to-go before I fly!! yeay!!! ^_^v

Laman Seni, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam =D

I have been here before last month but since I was rushing that time, so I dont have time for photoshooting...but this time, while my sis & my small niece were busy shopping, me and my big niece we were busy photoshooting~~I am soooo happy!~ ^_*'

dont know how to express all the artwork on the wall but here are all the pix that I took from all the lane there...enjoice!~











there are soooo many other artworks but I just took the one that I like the most! hehe...I love all the pix so much~ think I can use all the pix as my desktop background and keep change it every day until I am bored...haha :p

will be better without all the bags on my shoulder and my hand...but cant take it off every time I took the pix right? will be such a hassle to do so...kah3! >.<


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