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Edaran Express - Shipping to Malaysia


today I want to share with you guys one shipping company that I have used their service TWICE and so far, this is the best & trusted shipping company so you all have already know, I have tried one company before in my previous post but sadly to say I am NOT satisfied with their services!

the previous shipping company that I dealt with was very efficient in terms when I contacted them thru emel for the free boxes...they replied immediately...but when it comes to shipping my parcels to Malaysia, its very disappointed!
they took my box in January 2014 and they said they will load my parcels for shipping on 3rd week of February 2014...hence I started to track my box since then...loads of emels and comments I posted in their FB page but no one answered! until one day, in June, thru FB page, one of the staffs personally inbox me and give me a number to contact here in UK to track my box...Alhamdulillah, Dr. Nizam (someone from the company) helps me a lot by tracking my parcel and informed me that my parcel already reached Malaysia...
overall, it took them almost 5 months to ship my box to Malaysia whereas they mentioned in their website, it only took 7-8 weeks for the parcels to reach Malaysia...-_-'

there are lots of other shipping company to Malaysia; FedEx, Royal Mail, Edaran Express and others, but I prefer to choose Malaysia company..wee ^_^v support Malaysia product! hehe
but since then, I change to another company but still Malaysian shipping company called
Edaran Express

since I have used their service for second time, now I am fully confident to say that this is the best shipping company so far...I didn't choose other shipping company because so far, when I compare the price for sea freight service from UK to Malaysia between those companies, Edaran is way cheaper than those two...

Step 1:

Go to this link to order for free box/es from them...if you order >5 boxes, you will get a heavy duty white printed packaging tape for free!!! >.<  they only have 2 packing size boxes, MIDI weighing 30kg and MAXI weighing in case you want to ship your own box, they call it as ODD box where before they issued any price quote, they will measure your box first...

price list

MIDI box (30kg) 

Step 2:

They will deliver the box to you for free if you choose Normal Delivery which will take up to 7 days or you can choose Next Day Delivery but it will cost you more...hehe...better stay with free! >.<

They will notify you via text messages the day before or few hours when they will deliver your box/ that message they will ask your Name, Address & Availability...

so what to do when they come and deliver your box is prepare £5 as a deposit cash...KEEP THE DEPOSIT RECEIPT! its important during the collection later

this was my 2nd box for my IZKIDDIESHOP business... ^_^

make sure that you seal your box with the right tape and fill in all the info on the box as in the pix (an advice from Edaran) eventhough they will print a label and paste it on the box later

Step 3:

when you are ready to ship your box, book your free collection...they have 2 kind of collection type; Normal Collection which will take up to 7 days or Guaranteed Collection which you can read more here...I have never used guaranteed collection before because I don't need that...but if you think you are in a hurry to ship your box, you can use this service...

once again, before they come to collect the box, they will notify you via text messages...when they come, just produce them the deposit receipt that you received earlier... 

for example my total cost was £30 (refer price list image above)...add surcharge £5 & deposit for the box £5, the total cost was £40 
affordable? for me yes it is  ^.^

you can either pay by cash or via bank transfer...if you choose to pay via bank transfer, ask the driver the details of the bank account...but in my case, I forgot to ask the driver the bank details twice! haha...end up I emeled Edaran Express personally ^_^ its so convenient right? and loike their service so much..wee~ (disclaimer: I am not being paid) 

to track for my parcel, I alwayz emeled Edaran to track my parcel...usually they will respond within a day if I emel them during weekdays...Alhamdulillah, my first parcel arrived on the dot as stated in their FB page...oh btw they even post the ETA date in their FB page for which boxes that they collected at the stipulated date which is convenient for me as well...I dont need to emel them every time then...haha...

since quite a few of people ask me, I posted it here ^_^v
hope you guys find it beneficial (=_=)v



  1. Hi Zahirrah...I am planning to use shipping2malaysia to bring in some items from London. Are they really trustworthy? Worried later they remove some items and I have hard time to trace and claim.

    1. Hai. Sorry for the late reply. I have been using this shipping company more than 5 times. All I can say is never once the company service disappoint me. All the boxes that I send to Malaysia came in a very good condition just like when I send it. No missing items or tear box. I would recommend this company. :)

  2. Dear, if i nk shopping at uk n want edaranexpress to post the items to malaysia bole ker?

    1. Hai. You mean you beli n direct kan barang tu ke edaran ke? I'm not so sure about that sbb selalunya edaran datang rumah deliver the box and da siap box tu tuk di ship kan dorg akn dtg collect the box. But you can email them tho. Dorang sangat effisen dlm membalas email. Hope this helps! :D

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  4. Glad I found your blog entry :) Thank you very much. Nak try :)

    1. Hai. I recommend this company. So far has no problem with it. :D

    2. Hi . I'm trying to contact to check the Delivery status of my UK to kuching boxes. Any Malaysia contact in kl perhaps I can call? Thanks


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  6. hi, can i ask, i am goingb to uae this company, izzit av items i hv to indicate inside the box ? i do bot a cooker n some shampoo to my family, since this box is qiite big, n i oso give my sister some of my used clotheds, my question is, will custom tax me, coz i tulis cooker n shampoo? and hv u gv the driver ur copy of passport ? coz i recv their msg ask me prapare.thks !

    1. Hai. Tidak, anda tidak perlu tulis/declare items yang hendak di ship kan ke Malaysia. Sepanjang saya guna perkhidmatan mereka, rasanya customer tidak perlu risau berkenaan dengan custom tax kerana saya tidak pernah membayar untuk custom tax selain daripada jumlah yang sudah dinyatakan di dalam website. Semasa box collection, staff mereka tidak pernah meminta passport atau sebarang dokumen pengenalan diri, yang hanya diperlukan adalah resit deposit yang mereka berikan semasa mereka deliver box. Diharap jawapan saya dapat menjawab persoalan anda. Terima kasih.

    2. hi ! banyak terima kasih kak reply my msg,kak,saya nak tanya lagi, berapa jumlah kak tulis tegak picking list, saya tak tahu kena tulis berapa total, takut terlalu rendah pun takut terlalu tinngi pun tak baik.boleh kak tolong gasi saya tahu biasa kak letek berapa jumlah cost benda kak dalam tu box ? terima kasih !!

    3. Hai. Saya selalu tulis berdasarkan jumlah sebenar barang di dalam box. Kalau tidak tahu harga sebenar, boleh saja kalau letak harga anggaran barang2 tersebut. Harap jawapan saya dapat membantu. Terima kasih.

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