Friday, 21 December 2012

Lets Learn Sumthing Today~~

Hai y'oll..miss me?? sure u do..lalalala~~

Okay, here is the thing..i'm quite bz lately with A LOTTT OF ASSIGNMENTSSSS AND i'm back with a few interesting tutorials that u surely wanna try ur own..

LET'S GET STARTED!! *excited*~

You wonder how to create ur own website?..YES~~~WEBSITE..

It's so easy actually..anyway I just learned that a few days ago..hehhe..basically HTML is what uols need to know first if u wanna make ur own is like the CORE / THE MOTHER to building a web..

HTML?? ---> H - T - M - L: HyperText Mark-up Language

Its will be verryyyy loooonng entry if u expect me to explain it what I'm gonna do is...let you guys,


HAHHA...okay thats it for 2day..enjoy working out ur own website ya!! >_<

chowwww~~~~ :D

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