Thursday, 2 July 2015

Billingsgate Fish Market


when I came to London in 2013, I realise one thing....the seafood here is very very very expensive! thus I seldom buy fish not to mention others such as crab, prawn, squid etc...

but after almost 2 years in London, I came to know the existence of a fish market situated at Trafalgar Way, Poplar, E14 5ST

this fish market was mentioned to me by one of my friend and she asks me and my bestie to join her to go there...since its a "pasar borong" same thing like we have in Malaysia, so you need to be there very very early in the morning...

last Saturday, after Sahr, at 3am, we depart as with the aim that we arrive there early and so we can have the early catch of every seafood that we are aiming for ...since there is no direct bus from our house, we need to change 3 times to go there...end up, we reached there around 5.30am -_-" plus with so many roadwork along the way and the bus need to divert, we need to walk quite far from where we hop off

see the big blue Billingsgate Market? thats the main entrance...thats how far we walk...pfftt~

actually there is another friend of mine told me that her husband usually went out quite early because there are not enough space to park a car if you came late...but surprisingly when we arrived at 5.30am, there were loads of free space for car to park...

with the friend of mine that requested that we join her to come here =D tq k.zada!! sooooo worth it!!!!!


this is how it looks inside the sorry there were not so many photos that we manage to capture since we were very busy looking around and comparing price as its just 5.30am in the morning but quite a few of the stalls already closed! and some of the seller already started clearing up their stock! note to oneself that we need to come earlier than that next time..huhu

and thats what me and my bestie were looking for when we decided to come here!! Mr. CRAB!! nyummy~

after an hour in the market, thats how much we manage to grab...some were actually on my possession while I was capturing this pix...and yes most of the seller will put in that big black plastic bag (the trash plastic) of your thats what my bestie is holding...we did brought our very own IKEA blue rag bag and the big SPORTS DIRECT rag bag as well...and both are full with seafood!!


see how big the salmon is??? compare it with the mug beside it! its just GBP12 wohoooaaaa


so thats what we manage to catch! actually there is squid as well but it was with k.zada..huhu...we saw lobster at just GBP8 the same size as I ate at Burgers & Lobster!!! I was just about to grab that as well but my freezer is very very time for sure!!!!!

so here are few tips if you are planning to go here:

1. they dont sell below 1kg, so make sure you have a very big freezer if you want to come here...haha just what other people will do is they share it with other in my case, I share it with for example, we bought the small fish for 1kg, but we divide it into 2: between k.zada and me + my bestie

2. the market is very there are sooo many stalls inside...make sure you survey the price...for example the salmon fish, most of the stalls sell it at GBP18 and there are few stalls higher than that, but there are 2 stalls selling it at GBP12...

3. I can say that its soooo worth of your money! dont worry, you will have so much stock in your freezer for a month!

its so easier to go back from here than to come here...because the nearest tube station is Canary Wharf overground station...take 277 bus from the station just infront of the market to the overground station...from the station it just took us 30 minutes to reach our house...

I am sooo gonna come here again next time...but obviously not during winter with 2 main reasons:

1. its so dark when we went out at 3am and since its summer, so the daytime is longer so around 4am its already quite bright...but if its winter, even its already 6am, it will still be dark

2. eventhough its summer, but its quite cold early in the can you imagine if its winter??? hahah...I cant imagine myself...

Hope the tips help!


p/s: gonna restock again maybe in that it can last until winter :D 

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