Saturday, 15 August 2015

Master Graduation at Royal Albert Hall!!!


As I mentioned in the previous post that my mom came to London to visit me the reason behind it is because my Graduation was on 6th of May!!! *happy2*

the graduation ceremony was for my Master which I have successfully completed it in 2014 with the grace and blessings from Allah S.W.T :D

since the day of my graduation falls on weekdays which is on the Wednesday, believe me or not, I still have to go to the lab...haha...told you I was busy that week :(
but I am just so lucky when our session was at 5.30pm which was the last session for that day...ample time for me to go to the lab, finish what I need to do and hurry up home and get ready for my graduation ceremony~

first let took a picture in front of the house~ >.<

we start our journey around 4pm to Royal Albert Hall of where the ceremony will be held..yeah I know its already late!! wuhuuu...

once we reached there, me and my bestie run towards the gown collection area...since we are not from the main campus, so we were not familiar with the buildings there and where it is, Imperial College London main campus is at South Kensington which is just infront of Royal Albert Hall :D 

so we keep asking people whom just finish their session and busy taking photos...haha...right after we reached the area, we just need to give the staff on duty our gown code since we need to hire the gown for GBP55.00 yes we need to pay!!! and thats not a deposit as in Malaysia! pfftt~ -_-" apart from the rent that we need to pay for, if we want to include the graduation hat, we need to buy the hat!! we just went with ONLY the please dont ask why we didn't wear any graduation hat/mortar board! :D

photos with the Graduation Gown is a must! hehe...


after photo session with our family, we enter the hall as we need to be seated first...we enter the hall around 5pm...that is my seat...4 seats towards my left is where my bestie were seated :D

sharp at 5.30pm the session starts...after 2 hours of waiting, then it is our time!!!

yeah!! my name is already resonates in Royal Albert Hall~~alhamdulillah >.<

inside the hall with our friend :D


after the ceremony, I met a few of my friends...

me and my bestie with Lisia whom I known during my master and apparently lives in the same building with me last year at Gradpad Wood Lane Studio...she is already in Malaysia working and we are here struggling with our PhD...sometimes I just miss the moment that we were together having fun -_-"

Lauren, our classmate during master...please do come to London often so that we can hang out! :D

K. Baya and K. Zada who came during our convocation and brought us two lovely Tulips for me and my bestie...tq guys!! you guys are the best! :-* muahciket...haha

big group photo with my bestie's family!~ love this photo ^_^

just wana say thanks to my family, my siblings who gave endless support to me during my master and my sister-my partner in crime who make all these possible, love you to the moon and back!! muahhhh!! 

my bestie who is alwayz there beside during my master and now PhD, may our friendship last until Jannah, love you to bestie!! 

and last but not least to all my friends out there who pray for me...tq guys!! :)



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