Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seven Sisters Cliffs


stamina is important for a PhD student...believe me, I have experienced it. therefore, I have planned for the next 4 years to go for a country sidewalk fortnightly starting this month! 💪

the first destination was to Seven Sisters Cliff at Seaford...I went there with few of my friends last week on the 9th of of the comrades is already a member of a walking club here in London, so she invited us to go for a walk at Seven Sisters last weekend...more info on the club can be found here...the main walk is actually 22.3km (13.8 miles) away but since no strenuous activity have been done in such a long time, we decided to start with a shorter walk that consist of only 6.2km...

we took a Southern train from Victoria Station to Lewes and from Lewes to Seaford which took us around 1 hour and the half

once we arrived at Lewes station, we saw people dressing up as they were going to the beach and some of them were heading to the same direction as we are =D the chirping sound of the seagulls indicating that we are very near to the venue that we are heading for


the beach!!! this beach is very near to Seaford you can see, this is how the people here enjoying their summer! just love the refreshing breeze of the sea~ I have been longing to go to the beach since I came to UK...and now here I was!

near the beach, you can find these cute colourful hut to serve the purpose for those that want to picnic or surfing or any activity at the beach...I guess you can rent it...I am not sure about that...sorry -_-"

the Mortello Tower with the red arrow indicates the start of our journey :)


we walked along the edge of the cliff


and we climbed this steep edgy cliff



we can view this spectacular scenery...Subhanallah...its so beautiful


we made it!! group photo with the Seven Sisters Hump as the background!


while walking, we stumble upon the bushes with blackberries...we taste it and its so sour! haha...I got the sour one and my comrades get to taste the sweet berries...fine! -_-"


The place we were standing is called Hope Gap...there were many people went down the beach to find mud crabs...

familiar with this picture??? this is one of Windows Wallpaper view!!! have a look at your lappy/desktop wallpaper (if you are using Windows)

how cool is it??? hahaha...Alhamdulillah I have been here

this is the area where people search for the mud crabs...once I saw this, I have this crazy idea to walk along this slippery-full-of-seaweed to go to the beach of where we were going to have our lunch...and I drag my bestie with me...hahaha...and there is one point where she fell...sorry bestie~

finally we reached the beach side after a looong walk on the slippery rocks! haha

me and my bestie would have to cross this river that connects to the sea...I thought its not that deep and I dont have to take off my shoes...but its quite deep tho! and my other team members who were on the other side of the stream advice me to take off my shoes and cross the river...but when I did that, I cant even walk...its so painful to walk on the rocks under the stream...I gave up and walk with my shoes on

we had our lunch, enjoy the breeze of the sea and me, my bestie and the other girl of the team members went into the sea for a while...its so refreshing! love it


we then continue our walk for another 2.5km to the bus stop since its almost Asr...along the way there is one field where I can see how they make hay...and then we found a pen of sheep...the boys in the team were busy chasing the sheep...we were just watching them from a far...not only us, but other people were watching them as well! boys~ :)

I was yearning to have tea and scones since the beginning of the walk just like when I had a walk to Kent last year...since its too late to have that since we were late for Asr, so we couldn't stop and have that along our at the station while waiting for the train for 40 minutes, we waited at a cafe that serve fresh Lavender Homamade Sorbet...delicious and taste like least I could have something difference =D sorbet check! >.<

since we didn't finish the whole journey this time, we gonna have another walk from the other end of the walk and finish it! jyeah!

till then~bye ^_^v

p/s: total cost of the journey: GBP 17.70 for the train ticket-return...since we bought the ticket in a group, we get 10% discount

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