Friday, 15 April 2016

Italy trip : Venice |Part 1|


the long awaited break that I am waiting for after 1 year struggling in the lab that causes me to put on so much stress and broke me into tears once...huhu...just right after my conference in Montreal, Canada which I will post it later, I went to Italy as my short getaway from lab with the blessings from my supervisor :D

we have been planning the trip for months before the actual event...there were supposed to be 4 us but somehow in the very last minute, one of my friend drop out from the trip as her bestfriend is undergoing a major surgery...if it was me, I would do the same...we depart from London Gatwick airport which was my very first time there as I have been taking flights from Heathrow airport all this while...we took Easyjet to Venice at 9.30pm scheduled flight...we got the first seat on the flight which was just infront of the cockpit! wohooaa..

we landed in Marco Polo airport around midnight (add 1 hour from UK's time)...our accommodation is just few minutes away from the airport by water taxi but little that we know, the last departure of the water taxi was at 9.30pm...thankfully there was a shuttle bus that go to Venice for 8...we arrived at Piazzale Roma and get off the bus...we asked around and there are few water taxi services thats still operating that time but since we can't find the ticket booth stand nor the dock, I went to ask a taxi driver if he could get us to our my surprise, he said that we can just walk to our accommodation which will only be around 15 minutes and he even Google map it himself to show the route to we decided to save our money and walk since it's just a straight line with few bridges that we need to cross...

using my other friend data plan, (if you are planning for a vacation in any European country, I would suggest to use Three) with the help of the gps to direct us, finally we manage to find our accommodation building...if you haven't been to Venice, no vehicles can fit into their narrow and small roads...its either you take water taxi or walk! I can't imagine if I was traveling alone and need to pass all those gloomy, dark and silence narrow roads in the middle of the night! you can't really tell what's infront of you since the building is stall and close to each other...if you are not familiar with the place, you might get lost as some of the road has no sign on it...I always make a joke to my bestie if I was destined to study there, I would get lost every single time for months before I can manage to memorise the roads...haha


this is how the road in Venice looks like...narrow and sandwiched with tall buildings

once reached our accommodation which my bestie found it thru air bnb, we unlock the front door using the instruction that the owner gave to her thru we took the bags that consist of the key to our room and a Venice map and start searching for my bestie name on the door that has been assigned by the our surprised, we can't find her name on any door in the other friend somehow realised that there is one door that has my bestie name on it but has been rubbed off and other name is on it, and that person name is on the other door in that house as that moment I know that our room has been taken off by someone else without ours or the owner knowledge...I used the key that were in the bag and opened the door that was supposed to be us and it fits perfectly! there were 4 guys in that room and I try to negotiate with them...since we are too tired and he doesn't want to admit that they changed the room themselves without consulting the owner eventhough I told him that we have the matching key to our room and they have the key to their room which was on the other floor, I gave up and we switched the room anyway...since one of our friend drop out last minute, the room fits us all with 1 double bed and 1 single bed...I asked my bestie to contact the owner the next morning to inform him what happened...

put aside what happened the night before, we woke up bright and early and started our morning stroll around Venice the next day...check out my next update on Venice!

Ciao! ^_^v

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