Thursday, 22 January 2015

Seafood Heaven Treat From My Uncle ^_^


this is the last year story before I came to UK...since I am going back to UK to further my study, my lovely uncle treat me and my whole family with seafood! the reason behind it is because I keep complaining to him that seafood in UK is very2 expensive! lol! bored with me whining all the time, he set a date and booked a fancy-romantic restaurant for me...auwww im so touched!! ^_^v

the restaurant situated very near to my house...situated infront of Carrefour Wangsa Maju (but now its AEON Big) called SRI AYUTTHAYA

lets c the menu!

Kerabu Longan



Soft Crab

Fish (cant really remember the name of the dish :p)



Lobster :D :D :D

there are other side dishes as well such as Tom Yam, Green Curry but since thats too common, I didnt take the pix...even when I took all this pix, my cousin already whining to start eating coz I am too busy taking the food pix! hahahah...sorry cousy!

see the table is full with food!!!!! I loike...hahaha...dont worry, we manage to finish all the food! yehaa~~^_^v

and thats my uncle with my aunt and my cousy =D
tq Mama Amin (as how I call him) for the great dinner! I miss the lobster...oh btw lobster that night was far expensive than the one that I have here in UK....the total damage was paid off by my uncle and he doesnt want to tell me how much was it...but as for all, I give 10/10 for the food and service! :D worth every penny I tell u~~


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