Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Super Comfy Home Sweet Home~


Alhamdulillah~ after waiting for almost 3 weeks for the broadband company to install the internet in my house, now I can online 24/7...yuhuuu!!! :D

so bear with me with bunch of stories that were delayed because of the internet problem! =D

as everyone know that I just came back to London last year on 23rd December to pursue my PhD at the same uni as my master last year which is in Imperial College this time, me and my bestie choose to stay at a proper home as compared to last year...saying this makes me realise that I still haven't show you guys my 'house' during my master last year...haha...will tell you that in another post :)

nothing much to say and can't reveal much where am I staying, I will just fed you guys with my house pixs!! just love the house!! ^_^v

the front view

lets see the rooms!
so basically I have 2 rooms


this is the master bedroom...yes there is a tv inside the room but we didn't watch it! haha...

the best part of the rooms is this particular space! hehe

the 2nd bedroom...the size of the rooms is the same and actually quite big! even both of the bed in each bedrooms is a double bed...

the view from the the scenery~ oh btw thats not a dog house ya, thats a shack


the store room...


the hallway..

the most important space in a house that I am sooo particular about! n this bathroom ticks all my criteria :D

the kitchen open kitchen concept actually

the living room with a sofa :)

the patio!!!
just wait until summer...have loads of idea to start utilizing this area...wahaha =D

see the plants on the right hand side? the landlord entrusted us to take care of trim it every now and then...ok boss~~ -_-'

do you wonder where my washing machine is? ahaaa!! see the door beside the giant bell? thats where my washing machine and my freezer situated...haha...epic isn't? no worry, no one can access that since its locked :) oh and about the giant bell, I have no idea whats the purpose of it...lolz!

pretty much, I have summarize my house thru the pixs...just love the house and the interior design and all..last but not least, the landlord as well, what a nice person he is  :D



The second bedroom in my house is open for those searching for a SHORT TERM STAY in London with an affordable rate...if anyone of you interested, drop an email at


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