Monday, 16 February 2015

My Brother Wedding ^_^


my second brother at last is a married guy now ^_^v haha

since I am already in UK last year December, so I went back on the 27th January coz the wed was on 31st of January at the bride side at Muar, Johor....and thats the reason last year I went to Muar for a day trip! to meet my future sis-in-law since during my bro engagement, I wasn't there -_-' hehe

so, since the wedding was at Muar, my bro rent a homestay around my sis-in-law house which is just a few minutes away from her house and the venue of the reception...will tell you more about the homestay in a new post...just love the scenery, the house and the price is sooo much reasonable comparing to what we get! :D

after the 'akad'...Alhamdulillah, with just one 'lafaz', he is a husband now! Congratz Alang :D
with the family theme is red! ^_^v

the reception!

Alhamdulillah, all of my relatives attend the wedding at Muar including most of my mother's siblings all the way from Seremban, and few of father's side all the way from KL...muchas gracias!

and yeah, the highlight here is, dont mistaken him for Nouman Ali Khan, its not!! =D

a week after that, on the 7th of February, the reception is on my bro rent a hall at Gombak named Pusat Komuniti Gombak...although its a bit confusing since the are few halls at the area and since the hall is situated in the housing area, so quite a few people actually lost in finding the right hall...hahaha...but Alhamdulillah, everything went well and guests keep pouring in until its 5pm...pfftt~ 

at the groom side, the theme for the family is electric blue! ^_^

Alhamdulillah, quite a few people that I knew came to this wedding including my roomate when I was in UIA with her husband, my boss Dr. Aznida and her family, and my bestie family...tq guys!!! muchas gracias!!! muahhh3!! ^_^v

and there is one particular guest which everyone thinks that they are my friend....hahaha...but its not...its my first brother's friend which is from Bulgaria but working with the same company with my brother, Scania...and they even attend the reception at Muar! 

they haven't really experience the real Malay wedding eventhough they have been in Malaysia for one they came to both side of the receptions to witness it themselves and even when at Muar, they were one of the early guests...and me, I am the commentator explaining everything to him since my bro is busy on the stage as one of the witness =D hihi

and this is my sis-in-law!! hehe...and she is the same age as me!!! yaaa u heard me...haha...anyhow, since we are at the same age, we really have chemistry between us...anyhow, she is still a sister to me since she is 3 days older than me...wakakaka! ;P


love you guys!! :D


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