Tuesday, 31 March 2015

HELLO San Francisco!! | 62nd Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Conference 2015


so on the last 6 days I was in San Francisco attending a conference!! :D

it was all a last minute plan! pfftt~ wasn't actually a last minute since my sv already informed me since last year that I need to attend this conference as I am going to replace her for the poster presentation as our paper (my master research project) was accepted for poster presentation at the conference! >.<

but its all were postponed to a day before everyone in my team is flying which is on 24th...and its all because my bench fee money still haven't been credited into my account by MARA! -_-'

VISA application, hotel and flight bookings all need to be delayed! but since visa application will take around 3-5 working days to be processed, so I used my own money which cost me GBP108.80, but no worry since I can claim it...haha...almost giving up on going to the conference but since I have just collected my visa on the 23rd and with the money that I have spent on visa, not to wasted it, I made up my mind to just bought the flight ticket and book the hotel with my own money as well........BUT suddenly when I approach the financial controller of my department, he said that MARA has credited the money!!! yeay!! so there goes of my whole Monday trying to sort out everything and prepare everything to go to the conference! pfftt~

im so thankful that by the time I bought the ticket on the 23rd, there is only 1 seat left for me on the virgin atlantic flight that I purposely choose so that I can landed at SF the same time as my other labmate and there is only 1 double bed room left at Prescott Hotel, the hotel which my labmates stay at during the conference period...Syukur alhamdulillah~ ^_^v

my flight was at 11.20am and I thought I will be alone in the flight and will only meet my other labmate at SF airport, BUT wallaahh I found all my labmates at Heathrow airport just before we board in the same plane...hahaha...I reach San Francisco Airport (SFO) at 4.45pm (San Francisco local time, on the 24th March)...

upon reaching the SFO airport, only me and another labmate took a taxi and go to the hotel and the other 2 of my labmate which are in the same plane were heading to another place since they are from different supervisor and their team actually rent a house for a week and stay there together as a whole team  :D the distance between SFO airport and Prescott Hotel isn't that far...it took around 20 minutes to reach there with the mild traffic and cost us around $40 -_-" its okay, can claim it!! ^_^

so this is the reason that I went to San Francisco! :D
the conference was from 25th March 2015-28th March 2015 at Hilton Hotel
and I am there representing my supervisor for poster presentation...and Alhamdulillah everything went well eventhough I didn't win any prize...ahaks! >.<

next entry will show you my accommodation! stay tuned~


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