Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lombard Street & Japan Center | San Francisco


yes! the last post on San Franciso! :D haha

so on the last day of my stay at San Francisco, I tag along my supervisor since she told me that I can follow her with her cousin which came all the way from Los Angeles to meet her and send us back to the airport...since there are a big gap before our flight which mine was at 5pm and my supervisor was at 4pm, so her cousin brought us to quite a few places before send us back to the airport...

the first destination was Pier 1 from where we walk along until Pier 5

one day if I come to US again, I will for sure go to Golden Gate Bridge using this ferry!

while walking, we took a pit stop to take pictures of the beautiful scenery~


can you see the TRANSAMERICA PYRAMID building behind me??! it is the tallest skycraper in San Francisco and since thats the last day of my stay there, thats the nearest view I had with the building -_-"

tired of walking, we stop at Pier 5 and have our lunch...since I am quite full that time, so I only had coffee which recommended by the wife of my supervisor cousin :D


Blue Bottle Coffee

oemmgee!! its sooo guys if you come to San Francisco, make sure that you try this coffee!!! love it...better than! :p

I cant really remember the exact place of this shop but its at Pier 1 and facing the Golden Gate Bridge Ferry Terminal as the above picture...

right after we had our lunch, we make a move to Japan Center

nothing much to see just shopping mall with the name of Kinokuniya as we have it in Malaysia as well but its a bookstore! haha...and yeah they also have Daiso!! very big!!!

move on, we went to Lombard Street of where the Most Crookedest Road in the world is situated and as I have captured it before clearly from Coit Tower


at first we want to try to use the road to go down to the main road, but since the queue is very long, we cancel it -_-"

and then later I realise that this place is in one of the movie called Playing Cool...haha :D

that marks my last destination in San Franciso :(

around 3pm, I reached San Francisco Airport...

bye San Francisco~~will come again if thats destined for me! ahaks! ^_^
since my visa expired at 2020, need to make sure that at least I used it again but to visit another part of America! :D



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