Saturday, 16 May 2015

Union Square & Chinatown | San Francisco


the last day of the seminar was on the 28th of March...during the last day of the seminar, we were so focused on the topic being delivered that we didn't left the seminar until the end...after the seminar ended beautifully, I went back to my hotel and the initial plan was to go out and have dinner together with the rest of the team...but since there were so many people having different path with some of them wants to check out from the current hotel and check in in another hotel and so forth, I came to the decision to walk by myself this time...sorry bestie I need to bridge my vows to you! :p hehe

I went back to my hotel and left all my belongings before I embark myself into solo trip around the city...hahaha...since I was sooo keen to go to the Chinatown and no one else wanted to go with me since they have been there the night that I was sick, so I ask the direction from the receptionist at my hotel...he was so kind by giving me the map and he drew the route on the map and even advice me to survey any souvenirs that I want to buy from few shops before I decided to bought them...tq! :)

my first destination was


at first I thought that the Chinatown here is as large as the other Chinatown in London and as well as in Malaysia, but somehow when I reached there, I found it quite when I enter one of the shops there, I ask the aunty how big it is and the facts blow my mind...its 8 blocks away!!! pffttt~~ -_-' haha
since I was having fever, so I only manage to walk only 4 blocks away just to find t-shirts for me and my bestie, Golden Gate Bridge monumen for my bestie and few fridge magnets for my friends...




the view around Chinatown...

since I walked alone, no one to snap my picture, I grab one tourist and him to take my pix...I told that to my bestie and she was quite shocked! haha... >.<

next destination, UNION SQUARE



the square is like Dataran Merdeka or Trafalgar Square in London where this statue is situated and surrounded by these buildings...and the sad part is that I forgot to ask what is the significance of this statue in the middle of the square...

next, since I dont have any proper pix with the Famous Cable Car, so I went to find the last stop of the Cable Car so that I can witness how they turn the Cable Car around...this was told by my colleague when we have a walk on our first day here...since it just a few minutes away from Union Square, I take that opportunity to film it myself :D


at last! great pix with the Cable Car >.<

the do's and don't of the Cable Car

thats how they turn the Cable Car around! now I know it! haha :)

ok, another last post of San Francisco after this! stay tuned...


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