Friday, 1 May 2015

Fishermans Wharf, Alcatraz & Sea Lion Centre | San Francisco


please dont get bored with me...I'm still in the mood of San Francisco! not many post left, only 3 more!! haha :p

ok then, right after I went to Coit Tower, we walk around 20 minutes from Coit Tower to Pier 39 or also known as Fisherman's Wharf

the reason why we came here is because this is one of the attraction and the-must-visit place if you come to San Francisco...there are lots of things here to see with the main one would be



the most famous prison in San Francisco and most probably in the world...until then I didnt know that there is a movie based on truely what happened in this prison in 1980's with the title same as the name of the prison until when I get back home and my bestie told me that...but one of my colleague that had been here told me that none of the prisoner manage to breakthrough from this prison and if they do, they will die either drowning, eaten by shark or freezing since there are lots of sharks there and the sea is freezingly when I Google about the breakthrough years ago, they still dont know whether the 3 prisoners who manage to breakthrough the prison is still alive or otherwise since there is no record of it...another history check! ^_^v

after hang out here a bit, we walk along the deck to see the sea lion!!!


walk along the deck until...


you can see the Sea Lion Center sign and lottttssss of sea lion resting on the plank platform!!! they are soooo cute... =D

a loooottt of them!!! there were even not enough space for all of them...hahaha...

selfie is a must! haha ^_* (its not a selfie btw, my labmate took it for me, looks like a selfie right? :p)

lets watch the sea lion!!

can you hear the sea lion voice? haha...I manage to capture them! yes! >.<

actually there are other plank platform for them on the other side of where this video were taken, but somehow, they were more concentrated on this side rather than the other and there were only 1 sea lion lying on the other platform resting by his/her own...poor that little fella but on the other hand clever than the rest of these sea lions, having those huge space by her/himself :)

see!!! all alone with huge space~ an introvert sea lion -_-"

after hanging around this area for a while, we went back to Hilton Hotel to join the seminar again...since I was not feeling well plus so tired, we end up taking a bus to go to the hotel instead of walking....pfftt~~ -_-' by the time I arrived infront of Hilton, I felt so dizzy due to the fever and I went back straight to my hotel and rest

thats the best day of my life when I was in San Francisco because eventhough I was down with fever, I manage to go to Coit Tower and as well as Pier 39 for a walk eventhough the distance between these two places was quite far! haha...*patting my shoulder* =D

stay tuned for the next entry before the final entry! Bye~^_^v

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