Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MARA 2014: Interview to 2nd Online Test (Case Study Test)

Assalamualaikum... at 8.30 pm (UK time) I sat for my 2nd online test @ case study test...initially the test was scheduled to be on 1st May, unfortunately something happen which I couldn't get access to the portal for the test...and I am not the only person who was affected...there are many people as well facing the same problem as me...

just to recap that on my last post I mentioned that I sat for psychometric test which is the first assessment after I apply for MARA Pascasiswazah for 2014...supposedly for this year intake there will be an interview for all the candidates as last year candidates were so lucky because there is no interview, only psychometric test (including me  ^_^v)...however, after all candidates in Malaysia have gone thru their interview, MARA decided not to have any interview for abroad candidates...I supposed its difficult to handle the abroad candidates as MARA office is not available in some country...and so MARA decided to held 2nd online test for abroad candidates which they call as CASE STUDY TEST

my initial 2nd online test date...but was postponed to latter date as technical problem arises -_-'

after I emailed them (MARA) that I couldn't sit for my 2nd test due to technical problem, I received an email stating that I can resit the test...the new date for my 2nd online test which was today!!

the test was not hard and not so easy...they gave 1 case where you need to give your judgement based on the case...there was only 1 question and I need to answer it in 30 minutes only with NO MORE THAN 360 WORDS...I will not mention here what is the question I sat just be fair to everyone >_<"

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to resit the test back...ameen~~

although actually I faced some problem when I opened the portal just says SERVER ERROR...I almost send an email AGAIN to MARA together with the printscreen picture, however, I retry by loging out from the portal and sign in back...and Alhamdulillah it works...haha...suspense woooo~~~ ^^.

suspense moment which I nearly send another email to MARA...hahaha...phewwww~~ :p

didn't get the chance of having the interview...erm~~

Bye~ ^_^v

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