Sunday, 18 May 2014

Photoscape Photo Editor Tool Saves my Day ^_^v


I use Photoscape as my photo editor for my blog...I edit every pictures in this blog using that tool...recently I found out one good use of photoscape aside of editing my photo for blog...ngee~~

since I already started with my lab work @ research, I work closely with western blot to see my results on the protein that I'm looking for...I bet only science students understand what I'm talking about...kih3!  ^_^

everytime I get the results, I drop off the file to my email...but everytime I drop it off, I cant open the file -_-'
then one day, while Im editing my pix for the blog, it came to my mind why dont I use photoscape to edit my results from my western??? deng~!

this is my Western blot pix before I use photoscape...

I can't see anything when I open it in my lappy using windows photo viewing...

BUT photoscape came in rescue...pfftt~~

what I did was I darken it and brighten it a bit...and THEN I can see the results...oh btw this is not the best results for my project...can you see the patchy dark thing on the right? thats what we call as dirty background and causing the results cant be use for thesis paper...wuwuwu...this means that I need to repeat my western for this particular proteins...fuuhh~~

I did this just for my collection in my lappy...but I can still view the results in the desktop in my lab which I dont need to edit it...hehe...

any of you use photo editor for other purposes?? =D

Bye~ ^_^v

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