Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cool New Gadget - Daisypath :D


The other day when I am blog walking, I saw this one blog introduce me to a cool gadget together with the tutorial where I can find the gadget and how to insert that into blog...yeay!
I dont know how many people knew about this gadget but I just simply like it... ^.^v


so this tutorial will teach you step by step where to find this cool gadget and how to insert it into your blog together with extra tutorial how to centered the gadget in the blog...I like it in the centered so I will teach you guys how...enjoy!~ ^_^
(click on the pictures to get a larger view)


1. You can find the gadget here >>> Daisypath

2. Then choose which one you want

3. I choose Travel and Vacation because I want to countdown how long have I been in UK...ngee~~

4. Then choose your preferable ticker. If you want to put on your side bar, you can use on the left coz its a mini ticker. If you want to put in the middle of the blog for example at the footer, then choose on the left. Click NEXT

5. Choose your favorable scene. Click NEXT

6. Choose your slider. Click NEXT

7. Choose which details you want. Click SELECT

8. Then fill in your details (red box and circle). Click NEXT

9. And then they will provide you with the HTML code of the ticker. I have tried clicking the Blogger options but what happen is that you cant centered the ticker once you put it in the blog. If choose not to centered it, just click on blogger and they will teach you how to put the ticker in your blog by using the URL that they provide. Since I want it to be in the center at the footer, so I go for the HTML.

10. Copy the code as I highlighted in the red box above and follow the instructions as below. The instruction I got it from the Daisypath web. 

11. You are done! yeay~

If you want to put the gadget at the sidebar, you probably dont need the above instructions...its more suitable if you put the gadget at the can see mine at the footer...I like it I dont need to keep counting it...Diasypath will do that for me... ^_^v

Happy blogging!

p/s: this has been in my draft for quite a long time... ;p

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