Monday, 7 July 2014

IZ KIDDIE SHOP - Babies product from UK!


introducing to you IZ KIDDIE SHOP, my new business collaboration with my friend..ngee~

all the baby products that we sell are directly from be honest, all business arrangements, posting and everything is done by my friend in Malaysia...hehe  >_<v

so lets check out what are the products that we are selling ^_^




we sell numerous baby bottles...currently we only focusing on AVENT and TOMMEE TIPPEE brands...if there is any demand for any other brands, we will include that as well...we are flexible guys! ^_^v


there are food warmer, breastpump, healthcare kit and etc...


our main platform of reaching our customers are thru Instagram & look for our products, search for:

        Instagram:        @izkiddieshop
              Facebook:         IZ KIDDIE SHOP

to book, to buy and all, please contact/whatsapp:

Nurul Izzati  0196624171

insyaAllah you can trust our products and our service...we only have ready stock items...for further info, can contact the above number ^^,

so what are you waiting for! go and grab one of your choice peeps!

p/s: you can see all the pic in my sidebar as well in instagram gadget ^_*


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