Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Iftar at Penang Restaurant, Westfield


First Ramadhan in London fall on the 29th of July (Sunday) the same date as in Malaysia...before that, London Central Mosque predicts that it will fall on the 28th, but eventually it falls on Sunday...and so that begins First Ramadhan in London ^_^v

from the beginning of Ramadhan I had my iftar (break fast) at Malaysian Hall...FREE FOOD yo!! wee~~ since its free and I knew it all along even before Ramadhan, I had plan it from the beginning that I will not cook during Ramadhan instead I will just go to Malaysian Hall everyday straight from the lab...gagaga...

It just took me around 30 minutes from my house to Malaysian Hall...I took Central Line from White City to Queensway and walk 5 minutes toward MARA building...but thats not the story here...will story mory that later k...  *_*v

last Sunday was a cheat day for me and my bestie so we had our first iftar outside at Penang Restaurant situated at Westfield Shopping Centre, White City...I dont remember if I told you guys before that my house is just 15 minutes away from one of the largest shopping centre in London ie Westfield White City since Westfield has another complex at Stratford...

we had plan to try that restaurant since we saw it on the first day but we delay it until I saw the advertisement infront of the restaurant on my way to my bestie house...I need to catch Overground train at Shepherds Bush to go to her house which the shortcut to the route is cut thru Westfield Shopping Centre...and thats when I saw the advertisement and I plan it a week ahead to iftar there...

the decoration inside of the restaurant was so simple...they hang the "tanglong" as you can see on the ceiling and a picture of the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Zuhri on the wall  :D im so lazy to snap the pix...hehe

lets check out what we order~~~

ranges of dishes were offered in the menu list...

this was mine... :D
Jasmine Rice with Ayam percik...nyummmsss~~

this was my bestie's...Nasi Goreng Belacan

as for drinks, both of us ordered Bananarama...nice! like it!

a dessert is a must in any menu :D hihi
we ordered Goreng Pisang with Ice Cream...the ice cream is homemade and the taste is not bad at all ^_^v

overall we were satisfied with the food although my bestie's Nasi Goreng Belacan was quiet dry...mine was incredible! cant resist to east the "kuah" just like that when I'm out of rice...nge~~
Pisang Goreng was nice though although the banana was quiet flaccid...

since its Ramadhan and we scared that the restaurant will be occupied, so I call the restaurant to reserve 2 seats...we arrive around 8.35pm and order straight away...the food were on the table around 8.45pm...break fast that day was at 9.16pm...while waiting for the time, I realised that the staffs already started to clean up everything...then I realised that actually they closed at wonder the staffs keep looking at us since we didnt eat eventhough the foods were already on the table...oh btw forgot to mentioned that the staffs are all locals!

Alhamdulillah we manage to finish everything by 9.40pm! super fast right? :p

recommended to those who wana try Malaysian dishes in London...worth every penny :D


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