Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MARA 2014/2015 result is out!! Alhamdulillah~


hello peeps!!! miss me??? mih...mih... :p

i miss writing in my blog...wuwuwu~~...but since I embark into my research (indicator that I almost finish my master! yahoooo!), I am super duper busy I tell u... -_-'
everyday 9am-6pm in the lab...fuuhhh~~ -_-""

ok stop till there...hehe

so yesterday while I was in the lab, I received a very2 good news from my bff...she told me that MARA result has came out! dup dap...dup dap...haha...

Alhamdulillah, praise to God, I manage to secure funding from MARA once again ^_^v

how the process to submit all the documents to MARA in Malaysia is still in the mood of discussing it with my family...ngeh2~~and yes I need to submit all the documents to MARA office in Malaysia...

for those who applied for MARA, can go to this link...

I hope those who applied will get a good news...InsyaAllah :D

p/s: for those that this will be their first time applying for MARA and doesnt know what the next steps are, dont hesitate to contact me ya! 

Bye~ ^_^v

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