Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Birthday Alang!


there are 2 November babies in my family...and both of them are my brother...hahaha...
fyi, I have only 2 brothers but my second brother birthday is earlier than my first last Saturday, we celebrate his birthday which was suppose to be on 21th of November...but since I just came back from Birotatanegara (BTN) which I am still waiting for the pictures in the FB group and also busy sending my niece off to KLIA so we postponed the celebration to the next day which is on Saturday...

right after sending my niece off to KLIA with my sis & her family together with my mom, on the way back to my mom's house, we stop over at Wangsa Walk to buy a cake for the birthday boy! :D

initial plan was to buy a Tiramisu cake since my mom love that cake, but Tiramisu is out of stock! -_- so I go for second choice which is Chocolate Indulgence...yummy~!

my bro! 

Oh Alang, I cant believe you are already 28 yeard old!!! hahaha...I still remember that we used to trick our Ami (that's what we call our mom :D) back then when we leave alone in the house...I ask you to run in 5 minutes to go to the shop to buy sweets for me and come back before she calls us and you are not there to answer the phone! how nostalgic is that...I don't know why but that's one of the million tricks that still stick in my mind! =D


as usual, my 2 niece and nephew will be the busiest person infront of the cake...haha..well, we didn't plan to wear the same matching colour at all! coincidence!

my small yet feel so big family! love u all~

oh that is not my first bro, he was not there that day...thats my bro-in-law...don't be fool with his face...he looks young but he is already 42 years old ok! oh gosh I am so jelly lah with you Abg As...he knows me since I am a can you imagine that he saw me grew up and all...hahaha...and yeah he likes to smile~~maybe thats the trick to look young =D

my sis on the other hand was so lazy to wear her scarf, so she is not included in the photo as well as everybody were too tired that day coz aside from sending off my niece to KLIA, my mom and my sis were at my niece (in the pix) kindie graduation ceremony and I was at home preparing my another niece for her departure to Indonesia...

well, to Alang, may Allah bless u alwayz, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan a few months, your status will change, and so please don't forget about me as I will still be the baby girl in the family! hehe...^_^v


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