Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sending off my niece to Indonesia - Exchange Student Program


I was supposed to publish this entry before my bro birthday celebration, but since I am waiting for the pix from my sis, I delayed that until now coz plus I am quite busy too...huhu -_-"
eventho its outdated and my niece already come back from Indonesia YESTERDAY, I still wana tell you the story...will be my memory as well~ =D

so the story begins when my niece was chosen by PPD (Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah) itself to join the Exchange Student Program to Indonesia from 22-29th November 2014...

participants were around 35 students ranging from 13-15 years old from schools around Pekan, Pahang...and she was one of the participants that was selected by PPD!
on the 22nd of November, right after my another niece kindie graduation ceremony, me, my mom, my bro-in-law and my sis went to KLIA to send her off...her flight was at 5pm but upon her teacher instructions, she needs to be at the airport at 2pm coz they will distribute the jacket, file and bags at the waiting area in KLIA...


I am the same height with my niece lol! :p

whenever I stand beside her, people thought that I am her big sister! wohoo~

and this photo makes me feel so young again~ ahaks! ^_*v
my niece and her 2 other friends from the same school

she had been chosen for so many school activities and programs before and she had been to Singapore last year...but this particular program was the longest and the farthest so far...she seems excited as well as my sister ^_^ I am so proud of you my lil niece...InsyaAllah one day I will send you off to the same airport for your studies in oversea...ameen~

group photo! this photo was taken by the photographer that was with them throughout the program in sister took it from their FB page...haha >.<

anyway, she already back to Malaysia sound and safe...haven't met her yet...waiting for my souvenir...kah3!! ok, I am a mean aunt...hahaha~


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