Saturday, 22 November 2014

Slero D Timur, Ayer8, Putrajaya


I guess I have left my blog unattended for such quite a long time...huhu
there is a reason behind it! I am super duper busy these few weeks...beginning from the time that I come back from UK until this week, I am running my errands for my PhD matters...and so, while running my errands, I have a few interesting stories to share with you guys :D

I am not so sure when this happened, but me and my bestie had our lunch in one of the restaurant that is quite famous at Putrajaya...its called Slero D Timur at Ayer8...if you ask me where it is situated, better you guys use waze...hahah...coz I am not familiar with Putrajaya area plus whenever I have anything to do in Putrajaya, I will ask my bestie to bring me around =D

I can say that this place is quite secluded maybe the area is still developing and few people knew this place (maybe I feel this because I am not from this area ahaks!!) but my bestie knew this place from her sister...and so we try some of the menu that is available at this restaurant...lets check out what we bought that day!

the menu...the complete address and the FB page can be found on the cover of the menu :)

Ayam Pandan (Pandan Chicken) (RM15.00)

Tom Yam (RM18.00)

and the dish that I like the most!!


Crab Chillies (drooling~) (RM25.00)

plus with 2 rice plates

I really LOVE all the dishes! The Tom Yam was super delicious! suits my needs and my appetite for Tom Yam...its so difficult nowadays to find a Tom Yam dish that's delicious as that...thumbs up!!! nyummss~~

my bestie select the Pandan Chicken dish and so I it! love the crunchiness of the chicken and the smell and the taste of the pandan leaves...thumbs up too!

last but not least is the Crab Chillies ! I don't know how to express how delicious it is but if I say that I would like to repeat the visit, would you understand how delicious it is??? hahahaha

total damage...RM65.50 ^_^v

I am so satisfied with both the dish and the service...although we actually came during lunch hour and its quite full, the service is still tip top! thumbs up again! hehe

actually they have seating area outside of the restaurant which is facing a lake and you can enjoy the scenery while you we took a picture after we done eating...

the breeze of the air from the lake was so cooling~ hehe

for sure will repeat my visit...hopefully will come again to try their main dish that is quite popular as well which is Megi Ketam!

Recommended to all! hehe


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