Saturday, 29 November 2014



the story begins few weeks ago...upon my bestie recommendations, I went to this restaurant which is actually very the near to my house, it only took me around 10 minutes by car from my house :D
upon reaching at this restaurant, since its tooooo full, me, my mom & my brother sat at one of the table outside of the restaurant and by a few seconds, a waiter came and took our order...after that then I realise!!! omg its a different restaurant!!! hahaha...SERIOUSLY I dont realise that there is NZ Restaurant just beside it...sadly I can't cancel my order! so I promise to myself that I will come again! =D

and today, at last I manage to come here & enjoy the food as reviewed by soo many people! ^_^
since its my big brother birthday tomorrow, so I purposely ask him to bring me to eat at this restaurant...but the bill is upon him...lalala~ =D

the restaurant situated just behind Columbia Hospital at Jalan Genting Klang...besides NZ Restaurant and Pizza Hut

so we ordered...

Naan Cheese for my mom, my sis-in-law and xtra cheese for me :D

Beef Kima

marvellous! but can't beat my mom's kima ^_*
for me personally, if they add more coriander in the dish, it will taste more deli~

nice tho...

and as usual if I order naan, the a-must-dish will be Tandoori Chicken

overall, I rate all the dishes 5/5...I am satisfied! the service is tip top! the staffs are sooo fleet in doing their job...they dont let their customers unattended...kudos to the restaurant owner for such an outstanding service...

one of the reason I said that is because one of the staff saw that my mom can't walk to the sink behind the restaurant since she is not feeling the staff brought a bowl of water for my mom to wash her that service! and my mom was happy too! hehehe

aside from these dishes, my mom ordered Hot Tea and when she tasted it, she loves it soo much! once my mom said that tea is deli, means that it is! since she is an expert in making hot tea herself (what can you expect from a Pakistani in making a tea right? haha...p/s: my mom is a Pakistani) she ordered another cup of tea and my brother ordered one too after my mom review the tea...hehe

from my observation, all the staffs there are Pakistani aside from one Malaysian and maybe thats the reason their tea is one of the best in town too! hehe...and thats true since in making a deli tea, you need to choose the right tea leaves and my mom used to bought grounded tea leaves from Peerbhai shop at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and that tea leaves makes the best tea ^_^

anyway, my mom said that we for sure will come again and try another menu since they have lots of other menu as well...till next time then...hehe...oh btw the total damage was paid off by the birthday boy so I was not sure how much it is! >.<


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