Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Alhamdulillah...back to London safe and sound ^_^v


Alhamdulillah with His blessings, I have arrived in London back again safe and sound...I reached London on 22nd of December at 7.00am ^_^v

I am so sad since I have no proper pix at all with my family before boarding...I reached KLIA a bit later than my bestie...done with weighing and wrapping my luggages, I got stuck at the drop bag counter since the queue is too long! haishh!! so I ask my family to wait for me at KFC since thats was the original plan to eat at KFC for the last time before I board...upon reaching at KFC, I have around 1 hour before boarding...having good time at KFC with the whole family plus when suddenly my bestie call my sister and said that we only have 20 minutes before boarding, really make me forget to take group photo with my family =_=" =_="

eventhough didn't get a really nice pix of me & the whole family, I am satisfied + happy to the max since this time around, complete my whole family was there to send me off unlike last year for my master as everything was a last minute plan, so most of them can't make it...hehe

its okay! as I am coming back in January anyway...that time, will make sure that I have a proper pix with everyone in it! hehe ^_^v 
missing them already~~ -_-'

new chapter of my life as a PhD student begins now~~


p/s: now, just waiting for tomorrow to board into my new house~~ :D cant wait for it!

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