Sunday, 5 April 2015

Prescott Hotel | San Francisco


as I mentioned earlier that I went to USA for a conference, I stayed at Prescott Hotel at Post Street, San Francisco from 24th March 2015-29th March 2014...although actually the conference was at Hilton Hotel, but since my labmate found this "cheap hotel", so we went for it...but at the end it was disappointing as the room doesn't include breakfast! the most important thing when people are looking for a hotel! arggh...and since Imperial use an agent to book our hotel and flight, so we can't argue with the staff eventhough when I check in the staff told me that my room does include breakfast!

apart from that, the room was comfy enough :D lets check out the room!


the view from the door (left photo) and the view from other side of the room...see!! I have the queen bed for myself!! wahaha >.<


as this is the first time I check-in in a quite expensive hotel, since I am very the noob, I thought everything in the hotel are free since it is expensive! so I have that bottle of water and one day I even make an outside call from the room to the halal restaurant nearby since I was sick the whole duration I was in San the end, during check-out time, I was charge $6 for the water bottle and $2 for the call! =_=' supervisor was surprise when she knew that because she thought that I knew I cant touch anything in the room...lolz! hope can claim that as well :)


they have FOX! hehe
beside the door, there is a small cupboard where they put all the necessary things including robe! hihi >.< okay I am quite excited lolz!



the bathroom :)

I forgot to snap the lobby area photo...hehe...they serve free coffee at the coffee bar in the lobby as in the morning, while waiting for my other labmate, me and my supervisor will have a coffee at the coffee bar...thats the only thing that's free! haha

as I told you that I was sick the whole duration while I was there, so one day, I used the restaurant room service...yeehaa!


I ask the waiter to pose for me as a proof! ^_^


my supervisor suggested to me to use the room service since I cant even get out from my bed on the 4th night after my presentation...maybe because I was soo tired and not fully recovered yet from the previous cold added with the recent cold and the long journey, my body cant endure that anymore, thus I need to use the room service for the first time! hehe...excited once again eventhough I was shocked when he issued the bill @_@"

I ordered Salmone (pan seared wild atlantic salmon with ragout & basil oil), creme brule and orange juice...but since I was sick, cant even finish the Salmon, can only eat quarter of it and the whole creme worry, no food was thrown away as I ate the leftover as my breakfast ^_^v

love it & I enjoy the stay!

Bye Prescott! ^_^v

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