Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cable Cars, Coit Tower & Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco


me and my other 3 colleagues have plan ahead that we want to try the Cable Cars to go to Coit Tower right after my poster presentation =D

while waiting for the Cable Cars ^_^ - super excited!


the Cable Car approaching the stop


inside the Cable Car
the fees is $6 for one ride :)

when first I realise that there was no one infront of the Cable Car navigating it, I was wondering who's controlling the Cable Car until I realise the man in the red hoodie in the middle of the Cable Car ^_^

he is the one controlling it with the break at his feet and a lever at his hand navigating the Cable Car


the view while riding the Cable Car =D



can you see the road???! thats the road that we need to climb to reach the tower! pfftt~
whenever I watched any movie where the scene is at San Francisco, I alwayz wonder how that feels to climb such a hilly road to reach your destination...now I know how that feels! its tiring tho! -_-"

eventhough you can see as if its sunny in the picture, but actually its quite windy and cold...but in the middle while climbing the road, I need to take off my jacket...im sweating! haha


not only the road, on top of that, we need to climb this stairs to reach the tower...not one, but 2 of the same kind of height! pffttt again~! but, its soooo worth it! 

they say that you can see the whole San Francisco from this tower...


(left) part of the whole San Francisco picture that I snap and (right) the Bay Bridge   


(left) the famous Alcatraz prison and (right) the famous Golden Gate Bridge  

as well as this road (after I zoom it) they call it as The Most Crookedest Road in the world ie Lombard Street

my plan is to go near to the Golden Gate Bridge as near that I went for the Bay Bridge, but somehow its quite far from our area which took us around 1 hour by bus...and since there is no one had the vision same as me, and people who knew me would know how bad I am with direction plus my bestie already advice me in advance not to do anything that will put me in trouble, so I had to cancel my plan...so thats the nearest view I had with Golden Gate Bridge ^_^v

infront of Coit Tower >.<

it was nice indeed to experience myself San Francisco view from this tower...I could see the whole town of it from here...till we meet again somehow-someday-maybe Coit Tower!


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