Sunday, 19 April 2015

Limousine in USA! | San Francisco


if on the first day of the conference I skip half of the conference to go for a walk to see the Bay Bridge, on the second day on the other hand, the topic that were being discussed intrigue me sooo much that I stay until the end...muahaha,,.proud of myself! >.<

on that day itself, the other group of preterm labour lead by Mark Johnson group invited us for a party at their house since they rent a house and stay there with the whole team which consist of 12 people...the party starts in the evening but since me and my supervisor went to the pharmacy to get some medicine for me, so we were left behind by the other labmates from our group...lucky us that my main supervisor still haven't left us behind and ask us to go together with him...

we gather at Hilton hotel at 8pm...upon reaching at the hotel, we discussed on our mode of transportation since there were 7 of us...the initial discussion that I heard pointing out that we will take few taxi and will depart together...but somehow when we left the hotel, while I was busy playing with my phone and talking to other people, we were walking towards this!!!



I was soooo excited as I alwayz wana experienced myself sitting inside the actually happen! and some more, its in San Francisco!!! 

feeling sooo like an artist! haha...and thats the guy that is responsible making my dream comes true...this is the only best shot that were taken by my labmate...sigh~ its blurry but when he said that the blurry effects gave the idea that you are actually in the limousine and not in a car model, it makes sense...hahaha...fine! =D

it was supposed to be a short journey but the driver got lost because he thought that we were going to a restaurant and so he was searching a restaurant instead of a house from the name that was given to him...when we still haven't reach our destination within that 15 minutes, we ask him again and thats the point he knew that he went to the wrong direction...haha! >.<

while waiting for him to bring us to the right house, he told us something regarding the house around the area when we were actually guessing of the design of the house there which resembling the houses in UK in Queen Victoria era...he told us that when they were planning the city years ago, the houses there were scattered without proper when they were rearranging the city, instead of destroying or abolishing the houses, they carry over the house from one area to another with the aim of preserving the design and the history...I have no idea at all that we can carry a house! another chapter of SF that I learned that day! such a fruitful journey


the party~ (need to cover the face as I didn't ask their permission)  

I left the party early, around 11pm with my main supervisor...and the rest stayed until 2am...pfftt! now I know how Brits partying...haha :D

this were waiting for us when I step out from the house! yeah you saw that! the same limo that send us to the house fetch us back to send us to our hotel ^_^ haha

I am super happy! feels like so diva :p
manage to make new friend at the party as well as bonding with my colleague...should do this more in the future~


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