Monday, 6 April 2015

Bay Bridge | San Francisco


continuation from my trip to San Francisco, the next day after I check in into Prescott Hotel, it was the first day of the conference at Hilton Hotel which was just 5 minutes walk from my hotel to O'Farrell Street...the first talk was given by my main supervisor and then it continues with the speech from other people...


the conference was straight from 8am-5pm everyday...but since the topic wasn't that attractive to me during the first day of the conference, after the first half of the conference I went out with 2 of my labmates to check out the scenery around the area...since one of them been there before, so he became our GPS on that day ^_^


while walking I realise that most of the buildings will have the fire escape stairs outside of the building just like in the movie! I once told my supervisor that I love it with no reason...haha


posing with the zero emission bus & the famous cable cars


we walk until we reach PIER 14 from where we can see the 2nd famous bridge in San Francisco after Golden Gate Bridge which is Bay Bridge


The bridge can be seen from the jetty

there were few local elderly were fishing at the end of the jetty with lots of seagull flying over the head..just feel wana stay there a bit longer with the breeze of the sea and the lovely and relaxing scenery~


the scenery around the jetty~  
we stayed there for a while before heading back to continue with the seminar...

thought that I am not going to see the bridge again when my supervisor's cousin who's living in LA came all the way to meet my supervisor in SF on our last day there...she brought me along with her cousin before her cousin drop us at the airport...lucky me when I got to see the bridge again when her cousin brought us to PIER 1 for a walk...I manage to get a beautiful photo with the bridge without needed to selfie due to the generous wife to the cousin happy to take my photo...tq!


I was wondering from the first day itself of why this bridge isn't as famous as Golden Gate Bridge...out of the curiosity, I ask my supervisor's cousin and he told me that Golden Gate Bridge was the first longest bridge build in San Francisco before the existence of this bridge, hence the first bridge way popular than the latter...a lot that I learned about the history of SF after I came here...thats why I love travelling~

stay tuned for other history in SF ^_^


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