Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Time!! :D


April is a starting month for spring...spring is very synonym for 2 things...the famous and most awaited moment is the blooming of the flowers (Im waiting for that too~~ hehe) and the other one is the thing that I am scared off at the beginning but when it comes, oooh its nothing...haha...which is the long day light...huhu

now I know what is that mean by that...even its already 8 pm, the sky is still bright...its as bright as if its still dawn...pfftt~~ ^^,

but I like the environment....

these blooming flowers are along the road to my campus...beautiful~ :D
it makes my day every morning when I walk to my campus...^_^'

while these beautiful flowers were at Soho Garden when I had my big lobster on my last weekend...we came across this garden when we were searching for the restaurant...since its soo beautiful and blooming so nicely, we stop a few minutes and start taking some pictures...but no roses...wuwuwuw~

wondering when can I have the chance to see tulips before its too late...oh ya you cant find tulip in London...need to go to Amsterdam, etc...oh my supervisor please let me have some holiday to see tulips...

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: just wana share how its looks like during spring time..hehe~~

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